Marijuana Quality: How to Tell the Good From the Bad

If you smoke marijuana, then you know that different strains have different qualities to them. Some are better than others, and vice versa. But do you know how to tell between good and bad marijuana quality, and why it is important? If not, then keep reading to learn more!

If you are a rookie smoker, then marijuana quality probably does not matter to you. But if it does, or you smoke often and know your strains, then quality most likely matters to you. If so, that is a good thing! Who wants bad quality of just about anything? Most things in life have good or bad qualities, and typically we strive to get those good qualities. Am I right?

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Why It Matters

Marijuana quality matters for a numerous amount of reasons. First off, it affects how high you get! That alone should tell you that you should aim for good quality. Second, bad quality weed can contain chemicals that are harmful to the lungs and possibly other parts of the body. Another reason that quality matters is because it can change how the nugs look. This is for cosmetic reasons only, but actually matters to a lot of stoners (believe it or not).

The better the quality of the weed, the more high you will get. This is just a straight fact. Bad quality marijuana can still get you high, but obviously not as high as some good quality. So if you are looking to get the most out of marijuana, then stick to some good quality marijuana!

If some marijuana nugs are in bad quality, they have the possibility of containing harmful chemicals. How? Well, if the person who grew the marijuana plant used such chemicals to grow the plant, it could make it look good, but actually be bad quality. And you do not want to smoke those chemicals, as they can damage your body if you are exposed to them for long enough.

If you are into the way that your marijuana nugs look, then you are going to want some good quality. This really only goes for those who sell marijuana, but some stoners love to see some good nugs! If you sell marijuana, then selling marijuana that looks good and is good in quality will sell better than nugs that look like some bad quality.

Ever heard of low shelf, mid shelf, and top shelf? Well these are all slang words used to describe the quality of marijuana. As you probably expect, low shelf is bad quality, mid shelf is some not good but not bad quality (some “okay” quality), and top shelf is the best quality. So when you are out buying some good quality weed, ask your seller for some top shelf, and avoid the low shelf.

How To Determine The Quality

So how do you go about determining the quality of marijuana? Well there are many different ways to do this, let’s take a look at some!

The first way to know your marijuana quality is to know your strains. This means knowing which strains are top shelf and which ones are sitting on the bottom of the shelf (if you catch my drift). Whenever you come across a strain that you like or that got you a good high, it is smart to remember that strain so you know that you can come back to it and you will be satisfied. For a list of some really good strains to keep coming back to, click here.

Another way to tell the quality of marijuana is the through the texture of the nugs. This includes the five “quality checkers” that we put together in order to check the quality of some marijuana nugs:

  • Density
  • Moistness
  • Stickiness
  • Colors
  • Shade

How do you check for all five of these? Well, let’s break it down. First off, you are going to need some marijuana nugs (obviously). Take a close look at these nugs. Once you have some top shelf nugs, you will know what to go off of. But for starts, look for these characteristics:

  • Density: Squeeze the nug. Is it really fluffy? Or is it really stale? Both of these are signs of bad quality. You want nugs that are not stale, but not too fluffy or squishy. Try to find a balance between the two.
  • Moistness: Feel the outside of the nug. Is it damp? Or is it really dry? Again, both show that those nugs are bad quality. Nugs that are not damp, but also not very dry, are good quality.
  • Stickiness: When you break down the nugs, are they sticky? Believe it or not, the more sticky nugs are, the better the quality of them (unless you dropped them in honey or something). Even though it is an annoyance that your fingers or grinder get all sticky, you are actually breaking down some top shelf.
  • Colors: Look at the nugs. If you see small white spots on the outside of the nug, this is good. These white spots sort of look like a frost on the nugs, which is what they are nicknamed. Also, if you see any purple hairs in the nug, this is usually a sign that it is good quality.
  • Shade: How dark is the nug? Typically, the darker the nug, the worse the quality. So if you have a nug that is a light shade, it is most likely some good quality. Also. if the nug looks like it just came off the plant, and wasn’t trimmed or prepared properly, then it can be some bad quality.

Let’s use these pictures below as an example:

Marijuana Quality: How to Tell the Good From the Bad
How To Determine The Quality

Can you tell which picture shows some top shelf and which shows some low shelf? That’s right, the top picture is top shelf, and the bottom one is low shelf. How can you tell? Well just look at them! Most people can tell just by looking at them and not using the “quality checkers” above. But using the “quality checkers,” you can see that the bottom nugs are much darker than the top, and look more like the plant it came from compared to some actual nugs. The top nugs are a lighter shade, and also have a light frost.

Using these five tips to examine some marijuana nugs will definitely help you determine the quality of your marijuana. So make sure you are sticking to some good quality so that you can get a good high, and stay away from weed that looks like that bottom picture. That’s all for this post, check out some more, and thanks for reading!

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