Marijuana Leaf Necklace Review

Do you wear clothing and clothing accessories that match your interests? Many people do; for example, people who like flowers may wear a sweater with a flower on it. Or, those who enjoy the beach might get a necklace with a beach shoreline in it. What about a marijuana leaf necklace?

If you like Reefer Post, then you probably like marijuana! So, why not wear a necklace with a marijuana leaf pendant on it? It shows what you like, and also is stylish. But this post is not a sales pitch, only a review (but can you tell that we like it?).

Weed Leaf 1


Recently, Reefer Post has decided to partner up with eBay and showcase products. This means that Reefer Post will soon offer a variation of cannabis-related products that are being sold on eBay. Anything from clothing to smoking utilities, we’ll have all the good stuff!

This is not Reefer Post’s official shop, however. This is only a deal that we have with eBay. So, while these products are not exactly from Reefer Post, they are referred from us! Enjoy!


This necklace was chosen so that all cannabis fans can express their love of cannabis by wearing a symbol of it. Since we chose the necklace for our fans, we wanted to offer it at a very low price (so that everyone has the chance to buy one). So, that is why we are selling them for cheap! That’s right, just about two dollars and it’s yours.

The Marijuana Leaf Necklace is available in three colors: gold, silver, and black. In the picture above, the gold and silver colored necklaces are shown. But, if you’d like to view the black version, then check out this picture below:

Weed Leaf 4

The necklace is 780mm long. The pendant, however, is 42mm long and 50mm tall. The necklace and pendant together weigh 35 grams. Other facts include, well, the fact that it looks good! What else needs to be said about this necklace?


Overall, Reefer Post gives the Marijuana Leaf Necklace a great review. Anyone who likes cannabis deserves to wear one of these. In addition, they are affordable! And don’t forget to choose the color that you want, since there are three different options.

Don’t miss your chance to purchase one; they are only available while supplies last! If you do not want one, why not still go check it out and leave a comment below on what you think about it? That’s all for this post, hope you enjoyed it. Here’s the link to go check out the necklace:

Click Here To View The Necklace.

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