Marijuana Edibles For Beginners

If you do not know already, smoking is not the only way to ingest marijuana. Marijuana can be smoked, digested, and even taken as a pill! All around the world, different people use marijuana in different ways to reap the benefits. There are so many ways to consume cannabis that it would be hard to put them all on one list! To narrow things down, this post will focus on a marijuana edibles review for those who are new to edibles, or even marijuana as a whole.

My Story

When I tried my first marijuana edible, I was still new to marijuana. I didn’t even know marijuana could be eaten, all I knew was to spark the green and inhale through the other end. Until one day my friend decided to buy one for both of us. He had tried a few in the past, but this was my first time. It was one of those marijuana edibles meant for two people. Other than that, I don’t remember what kind of edible it was or who made it (it wasn’t important at the time). We split it in half, ate it, then sat back and waited for the effects to kick in.

Don’t Learn The Hard Way

One time a good friend of mine decided that he was going to buy some edibles instead of smoke with the rest of us. He bought two that were both very high in dosage, but he always acted as if he was immune to getting too high. First, he ate one and after about thirty minutes he claimed that it did not affect him at all. He said that he was going to eat the second one. We told him not to since each edible was meant for separate servings. But about twenty minutes after he said he wanted to take the second one, he started throwing up the first one (and his lunch). We helped him clean up, of course after we finished telling him “I told you so”.

Examples like that are a prime reason why I do not take edibles. They can make you sick to your stomach and cause you to lose your appetite. And in my friend’s case, he did not even know that he was sick and would only throw up right before he realized that he was. This lesson is an important one to always allow your edibles to kick in, and never take too high of a dose!

The Edibles Review

In my opinion, marijuana edibles give off a much different high than smoking marijuana does. The effects take much longer to kick in, yet when they do it can be quite intense for some rookies. Edibles can also be much stronger than smoking flowers. Pay attention to the dose of THC in every edible you buy. If you have never tried an edible before, start with around 2.5 to 5 milligrams. And always allow at least one hour before consuming more. Eating too much of a THC dose could result in nausea and/or vomiting.

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Most edibles are made by heating “raw” weed and turning it into something called cannabutter. This is marijuana-infused butter that is perfect for adding to almost any dish to infuse it with weed. Other recipes use different base ingredients, such as cooking oil, honey, flour, and more. Pretty much anything edible can be turned into a marijuana edible! Meals, drinks, and of course the classic brownie edibles are all examples. Here’s a look at some cannabutter:

Once you have your base ingredient infused with cannabis, the rest is all about finishing the recipe. Need some ideas? You should check out our vast collection of edible recipes!

Edibles are not for everyone, but some people do love them. I have met people who absolutely love edibles and would rather eat than smoke their marijuana. After all, it is much healthier compared to smoking. Edibles simply have that difference of ingestion and level of high that set it so much apart from smoking marijuana, in my opinion. Do you prefer edibles over smoking?

Overall, it’s good to know that edibles are not for all stoners. But then again, this is only my edibles review. If you have lung issues (such as bronchitis) but still enjoy getting high, then edibles may be perfect for you. I suggest at least trying it once, to get a feel for yourself. Who knows, maybe edibles will be your next favorite way to get high. Thanks for reading!

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