How to Make Marijuana Edibles With Cannabutter

Have you ever tried a marijuana edible and wondered how you could make your own? You do not have to be an expert at cooking to be able to make one, some recipes are very simple. There are many different types of recipes for marijuana edibles out there, check out our vast collection for them! There are gummy edibles, chocolate, sweet, sour, fruity, and many other types of edibles. This post is a recipe for making cannabutter (what you use to put the marijuana in edibles).

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Step 1: Choose Your Strain

The first step in making marijuana edible is choosing which strain to use. Different strains will cause the edible that you make to give off different effects, so do some research first and choose wisely. If you are looking for a more relaxing, sedative type of edible, then choose an Indica strain. Alternatively, for an edible that will boost your creativity and get you more stimulated, choose a sativa strain. If you are making edibles for medical purposes, then use an indica for pain and anxiety, and a sativa for exhaustion or fatigue. Besides choosing which strain type to use, I recommend starting with your favorite strain.

Step 2: Decarboxylate

After you have chosen your strain, you are going to decarboxylate it. This means you are going to bake your weed on a baking sheet at 240 degrees F (115 C). Bake it for 25 minutes to an hour, depending on how much weed you are baking. The reason you want to bake the weed is because baking it will concentrate the marijuana and convert more cannabinoids into THC, allowing the weed to unlock psychoactive effects. Once the weed has been decarboxylated, it should look something like this:

(left- before baking, right- after baking)

Step 2: Decarboxylate

Step 3: Make Cannabutter


To make marijuana edible, you need a base ingredient, such as cannabutter. But don’t worry, it is not hard to make. All you need is three ingredients:

  • 1 cup of water
  • 1 pound of unsalted butter
  • 1 ounce of decarboxylated marijuana

The amount of each ingredient you use may vary depending on how much cannabutter you want to make, but those amounts listed above are about average for a good-sized batch of edibles.


First, put your decarboxylated marijuana and unsalted butter in a pot with one cup of water (so the butter will not burn). Let that heat on a low simmer for about 3 hours, stirring occasionally. As long as the butter does not burn, then you can continue to heat it. This is because the longer you heat it, the more cannabinoids you will get in the butter. Once you are done heating the butter, strain out the plant material so that you only have the hot mixture. You can use a cheesecloth or a coffee filter for straining. Next, cover the mixture and place it in your refrigerator to harden. Once it hardens, the butter will separate from the water and you can use a spatula or similar cooking tool to remove it.

Step 3: Make Cannabutter

You now have some potent cannabutter! You could eat the butter alone if you wanted to (yes it would get you high). However, it would not taste great and should instead be added to an edible recipe. Most edible makers use cannabutter to create larger, more tasteful treats and dishes. Find some recipes that fit your needs.

Step 4: Add Cannabutter To Your Recipe

If you decide to use your cannabutter in a recipe for marijuana edibles, then find a good recipe and follow it! Unless you are a good cook and do not need recipes to whip up some tasty treats, then you can use the cannabutter as regular butter in a recipe. Reefer Post also has a large collection of recipes: from food dishes, snacks, drinks, and much more!

For a simple brownie edible, mix some store-bought brownie mix with your cannabutter, and cook it for 30 minutes. Brownie mix is not as good as making homemade brownies (in my opinion), but it is a quick and easy solution to an edible. For a recipe on some better homemade brownies, click here.

Eating any treat made with the cannabutter recipe above will be potent and if you eat enough of it, will get you high. It is not the same kind of high that you get from smoking marijuana, however, but it does last longer and has a slower approach on you. Be careful when dosing your edible: the more edibles you make the better you will get at it.

Hopefully, this post helped you understand how to make cannabutter and other marijuana edible recipes! If you enjoy making edibles, make sure to check back whenever new recipes are posted. Don’t want to miss out? Subscribe to the site and you’ll never miss when a post gets uploaded (scroll down). Thanks for reading!

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  1. I make my own cannabutter from plants I grow. I do not bake my weed first , nor do I use water. And my butter is quite potent. 1 lb butter to 1 Oz. Weed (choose preferred strain) simmer in crockpot on low for at least 8 hrs stirring occasionally through the day. I usually make a 3 lb/3 oz batch of butter . And I simmer the butter for more than 24 hrs, usually about 72 hours & I turn the temp down to warm after the first couple hours. Strain/press through a metal China cap or cheese cloth or run through a juicer(fastest option). Measure to desired portion(¹/² c or ¹/³ c increments) and freeze. I use the silicone baking moulds that expand to a full cup. Wrap in saran wrap after frozen & keep in frozen until ready to use.

  2. Everything I’ve read has been quite appreciated. Plan to spread my wings. Hard candy is all I’ve played with but its wonderful. My lungs truly enjoy the benef.


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