Lighter Leash Review

Don’t you just hate it when you lose your lighter? Especially if you are someone who is tight on money and has to buy that lighter that you just lost. Most stoners have been in that situation where they get so high one night, then the next morning they cannot find their lighter. Or they smoke with that one friend who likes to steal lighters. Whatever the case may be, most of us have lost a lighter or two.

If you are tired of that happening, look no further…

Get yourself a lighter leash! Honestly, they do help. Just leave your lighter on that thing and clip it to your pant loop (or whatever else you keep with you). As long as the lighter fits, you cannot lose it. You could even walk around with one on your pant loop even when you don’t need it. Do you know who Kodak Black is? He goes as far as wearing a lighter leash for style. Don’t believe me? Google search “Kodak Black lighter leash” and look at the first image. It’s true.

Lighter Leash Review

The neat thing about these is that you can use the lighter while it is on its leash. Seriously, it has a 36-inch retractable nylon cord. If you are sitting in a car, everyone in the car can use that lighter attached to your leash. Now your friends can’t steal your lighter (thank me later).

I own a black lighter leash (but they come in many colors). Most of the time when I go out to smoke, I just clip it to my pant loop and leave it there. I always have a lighter in it, and when one runs out I simply replace it. If I’m not wearing pants then I usually clip it to my keychain. I just make sure I always have it with me, so that I always have a lighter on me. Every stoner should be prepared to spark up some weed at any time.

Another thing is that it fits most lighters. Now, I have stuck some lighters in there and they did not fit, but most lighters will fit. I know for sure that all Bic lighters will fit. Some off-brand lighters don’t, but I typically use Bic lighters anyway just because they are common, refillable, and good-quality lighters.

Furthermore, if you are someone who always has a lighter on them (or always loses them), then this is a good buy for you. Lighter leashes are not even expensive, and can even save you some money from repeatedly buying new lighters. So give one a try, I mean why not?

If not, that’s okay, you can also buy a pack of lighters so that you have some to lose.

Let me know what you think about lighter leashes in the comments below. And as always, happy smoking!

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