Are Joint Rolling Machines Better Than Hand Rolling?

Joint rolling machines have been around for quite some time now, though many stoners may not know much about them. Those who do know them understand how easy they make joint rolling, especially for beginners. However, some joint rollers have a special way of doing things or get creative with their rolls. Some even enjoy the process of rolling a simple joint. What do you prefer: hand roll or let a joint machine do it?


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How To Use A Joint Rolling Machine

At first, glance, using one of these rolling machines can seem tricky. Luckily we’ve put together step-by-step instructions on how to use one. You can also click here to watch a short video tutorial.

Step 1

First, open up the rolling machine and place a joint filter at one end. Now fill the rest machine with a broken-down bud. Spread out the bud evenly inside the machine, but not over the joint filter.

Step 2

Once you fill the machine with your preferred amount of bud, close it by pushing the two ends together. Now roll each end of the machine two times. This allows the bud to completely spread out.

Step 3

Place one end of a joint paper into the rolling machine, with the gum-line side up. Roll the paper into the machine until about 1 centimeter is left showing. With only the gum line showing, lick the entire line then continue to roll in the rest of the paper.

Step 4

Give the rolling machine a few more rolls to complete the joint. Then, open up the machine and you should see a perfectly rolled joint! If yours did not come out right, please refer to the video above.

Pros of Hand Rolling

Scorpion Shaped Joint

Not every stoner likes to use rolling machines, however. Some simply enjoy the classic art of hand rolling. After all, rolling up before the smoke sesh is still a part of the sesh. Even if you do not love rolling up, there are a few other reasons why hand rolling is better.

Sure, a rolling machine fits easily into your pocket, but not every stoner wants to carry one around all the time. Sometimes you might forget it at home, or get so high and accidentally lose it somewhere. For times like these, it’s best to know how to hand roll. For on-the-go smoking, sometimes it’s best to leave the accessories at home and keep it old fashion.

Let’s say you don’t like to roll up the common joint that looks like a boring stick. All over, stoners are becoming creative with how they roll up, just like in the image above! You could watch some DIYs on the internet, or simply experiment with rolling papers. Most likely you will rip a ton of them, but it will feel accomplished when you finally finish a creative roll!

One downside about joint rolling machines is that they often only allow for one size of joint to be rolled. Though the typical joint contains one gram, some stoners prefer more or even less. Those who enjoy micro dosing may only want a joint with half of a gram in it. On the other hand, many experienced stoners roll joints with 2-4 grams in them! These stoners will need to hand roll their joints, for the sake of different sizes.

Pros of Joint Rolling Machines

Rolling a Joint With a Joint Rolling Machine
Using a rolling machine takes only a few minutes.

Though some experienced stoners prefer to do things by hand, in some cases a rolling machine can still come in handy. And not even for saturated stoners, but newbies to the cannabis world can find rolling joints easy by letting one of these little machines do the messy work. No more ripping through a bunch of rolling papers!

For the party smokers out there, try a rolling machine. Sometimes you need to roll around 5-10 (possibly more) joints for a group of stoners. This can be extremely tedious, and after about 5 joints your hands could be aching. Not to mention the amount of time it would take to sit down and roll many joints. Instead, make the process faster and simpler with a joint roller!

In recent years, many elderly consumers have been turning to cannabis, and some enjoy smoking it. However, with aging and aching hands, joint rolling could be a painful or uncomfortable process. Many users who enjoy marijuana for medical uses often use it to help with arthritis, though rolling a joint could only make it worse. With achy or stiff fingers, elderly users can allow a rolling machine to roll for them.

With these little machines, there’s no longer an excuse to not have a joint. Roll up, spark up, and keep your rolling machine around for the next smoke sesh! In addition, these machines are very affordable. So if you lose or break yours, getting a replacement is very easy! Have you tried a joint rolling machine before? Tell us about your experience in the comments below. Thanks for reading!

Raw Rolling Machine
RAW automatic rolling machine.

FAQ: Are Joint Rolling Machines Better Than Hand Rolling?

Are joint rolling machines easier to use than hand rolling?

Yes, joint rolling machines are much easier to use than hand rolling since they automate the process for you. They also allow for more uniform rolling and the rolling of larger amounts at once.

Are joint rolling machines more expensive than hand rolling?

Joint rolling machines can be more expensive up front than hand rolling, but they often pay for themselves in the savings from the time and materials they can help you save when rolling multiple joints.

Are joint rolling machines more precise than hand rolling?

Yes, joint rolling machines are far more precise than hand rolling. With a machine, you can achieve perfectly even rolls every time as opposed to the occasional misshapen joints that will happen when rolling by hand.

Is there a difference in the smoke quality between machine-rolled and hand-rolled joints?

Generally, no. The difference in smoke quality between joints rolled by the machine and hand should not be noticeable. The important thing is to make sure the rolling itself is even and done correctly regardless of the method used.

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