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Welcome to Reefer Post! This website includes just about everything you need to know about marijuana. We strive to bring you a wide range of information and news regarding this popular plant. And with legalization becoming a reality, more and more people are opening up to it!

Whether you are here to learn the basics of marijuana, want to learn some tips and tricks, or simply love reading about it, we probably have what you are searching for. We have never aimed to simply give little information on topics such as “how to smoke weed”, come on, that’s pretty basic. However, we do want to help stoners discover the many wonders of cannabis and what it can really do for us. Anything from CBD, cultivation, edible making, dabbing, medical patients, legalization and everything in between, Reefer Post covers it all.

So if you enjoy marijuana (don’t lie), then you are most likely going to find something on this site that you like. Feel free to subscribe to our email list to be notified when we post something new (located at the bottom of this page)! We only send out emails for new articles and one recap email each week. We promise Reefer Post does not spam emails!

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Sit back, relax, and enjoy the beauty of this blog. Oh, and spark one up while you’re at it! Should you find a topic we have yet to add, let us know on our Contact Page and we’ll gladly get to it! We are constantly searching for the latest and greatest in the cannabis world, and are open to new ideas! The Reefer Post team is always expanding and reaching new audiences! We hope you enjoy Reefer Post!

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Evan Weston

Evan Weston is a contributor to Reefer Posts, a growing community for exploring the developing market of Cannabis and CBD-related products. He spends a lot of time researching the development of health-related products that utilize Cannabis and CBD oils. He also keeps tabs on the developing legal environment regarding medical, recreational cannabis use, and production.

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