The INHALCO Nectar Collector Review

INHALCO Nectar Collector Kit Review

Recently we received a nectar collector kit from INHALCO. At first glance, the packaging was superb, and the fragile glass was well-kept during shipping. The kit was very organized and contained everything needed to dab or smoke out of. If you are not sure what a nectar collector is, please click here for a better understanding of them.

Product Description

INHALCO Nectar Collector and Container
This silicone nectar collector comes with a matching container.

This nectar collector kit includes a lovely silicone and glass piece, and they even throw in a matching silicone container to store your concentrates in! The piece itself its pretty lightweight and fits smoothly in the hands. Using it is quite simple: Heat up the metal tip and place it in your concentrates, inhaling through the mouthpiece. Use the matching container and you could get some cool photos while dabbing!

The nectar collector can also hold water, allowing for smoother hits. INHALCO has featured a spill-proof design into it, meaning you can tip the piece over and it will not spill. Use water for both dabbing and smoking flower.

Some nectar collectors require a separate stand to be either crafted or purchased. These stands serve to not allow the hot metal tip to touch or burn anything. However, this nectar collector comes with octagonal ridges that stick out farther than the piece itself, allowing you to set it down anywhere without the hot tip touching anything.

The metal tip on the piece is detachable, which makes storing and cleaning much easier. In addition, if the tip breaks, you only need to order a new one and not a whole new piece. The tip is also detachable to allow a downstem to be inserted, and a bowl on the end of that. That’s right, you can also smoke flower out of this nectar collector. The kit even includes a glass downstem and bowl (see the image below)!

Trying It Out

Glass bowl on INHALCO nectar collector
The INHALCO nectar collector can also hold a bowl.

Our first test was done using concentrate with the nectar collector. The lightweight feel of it makes handling very easy. Dabbing from it made the smoke very smooth, especially once water was added into the filter. We found the metal tip to heat up very quickly, adding to this product’s ease of use.

One concern was if the metal tip would stay put while heating it up. One of the last things you want is an extremely hot metal tip falling out. Luckily after inserting the tip, it held perfectly and never moved around while using the nectar collector. Though the tip cools down fast, it also heats up quickly.

Next, we tried smoking flower from it. Personally speaking, water is more necessary for smoking flower than dabbing. The water filter can take away from the harshness of smoke, so keep it full! Using this piece for smoking flower is very similar to using a simple bong.

Also, if you are going to use this piece to smoke and dab from, we highly recommend keeping it clean. When you smoke and dab from the same piece, residue from each substance can be left over and tasted in the next smoke sesh. However, keeping this nectar collector clean should be quite simple due to its small size and simple design. Either way, Reefer Post recommends keeping all glass pieces clean!

The Review

Using the INHALCO Nectar Collector
INHALCO’s metal tips heat up quickly.

So is this nectar collector worth the buy? Should the average stoner include it in his/her collection? Certainly!

The simplicity and ease of use makes this product excellent. The kit is straightforward, and once you assemble your nectar collector, disassembling and storing it is just as easy. Each piece of the kit has its own slot and could be switched out with similar pieces of different design. For example, you could swap out the simple glass bowl for one of more design, if desired. Make sure you get the right size if you swap out pieces.

This kit is also very affordable, and with proper care, it can be in use for years. As a nectar collector fan, this is one that should be used frequently, and not collect dust on some display.

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We were excited to not only add this cool nectar collector kit to our collection, but also have a new piece for the Reefer Post team to try out! Testing the product was very fun, and once we decided we enjoyed it the piece was here to stay. Thanks for reading!

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