Taking Ice Cold Cannabis Hits

Smoking marijuana may be fun and all, but some stoners do not like the smoke from it. Especially when smoking out of a glass piece. Sometimes the smoke feels too harsh or too hot and can upset someone’s throat. This could cause some smokers to not want to smoke at all.

Did you know that there is a way to make the smoke turn cold before entering your lungs? That’s right, you can inhale cold marijuana smoke that is not as harsh on the lungs compared to hot marijuana smoke. Many benefits come along with ice-cold hits, as well. These types of hits are something to try out.

Benefits Of Cold Hits

First off, let’s talk about the benefits of taking ice-cold marijuana hits. Why should anyone make their smoke cold instead of hot? Well, think about some marijuana smoke and picture it being smoked out of a bong. When you take a hit out of a bong, the smoke can sometimes be harsh. Especially if you take a big hit. Then, as you take more and more hits, your throat may become irritated. Have you ever experienced that feeling in your throat after smoking weed that makes your throat feel itchy? If so, that may be the hot smoke causing it.

Ice-cold marijuana smoke, on the other hand, is not nearly as harsh. When you take a hit of cold smoke, you do not get that burning feeling in your throat. This allows you to take many more hits (and even bigger hits) without coughing as much or having your throat become irritated.

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If you do not have any problems with regular hot marijuana smoke, then you don’t need to worry about harshness or throat irritation so much. However, there are still some benefits for you when it comes to ice-cold hits. For one, it is very refreshing. The cold smoke coming from inside that bong will hit your mouth and send a shivering cold feeling throughout your body. You will then feel as if you have inhaled a glacier and are exhaling a cold, evening breeze.


Well, some people might feel that (if you get high enough). In all reality, cold hits are very refreshing. Have you ever been somewhere that is very cold, and when you breathe in you can feel the cold air enter your lungs? If so, that is what taking a cold hit of marijuana feels like. Some stoners prefer it over regular smoke, and will not hit the weed until the smoke is made cold. Once you try it, you may not want to go back.

Speaking of that, even if the benefits of ice-cold hits do not sound good to you, it is still a fun thing to try out. Especially if you are a frequent stoner (marijuana smoker). I recommend trying it at least once, and then deciding if you like it or not.

Using An Ice Catcher

There are two ways to turn marijuana smoke into cold smoke. One way is to get a bong that comes with an ice catcher. Using an Ice catcher is the easiest and simplest way to get cold marijuana smoke. All you need to do is purchase a bong that comes with one!

Ice Catcher Bong

Once you have your bong with an ice catcher, simply pour some ice down the stem. Fill it up as much as you want; you can even fill it to the top! Just note that as you smoke, the ice will melt, and add water to the bottom of your bong. Make sure you watch that water level so it does not overfill.

Freezing A Glass Piece

Another way of getting ice-cold hits is by freezing a glass piece. Since some bongs do not come with an ice catcher, you may need an alternative way of getting cold smoke. This can be done by putting your bong in the freezer for a while. You can also do this with another glass piece, such as a pipe or bubbler.

Frozen Bong

You must be careful, however, when freezing any type of glass. A rapid temperature change can cause the glass to easily break. Also, I recommend not leaving your glass piece in the freezer for over 4 hours. Allow it to get cold enough for cold smoke, but be careful when you take it out. Frozen glass can be very slippery, and you may end up saying goodbye to a bong just to try this out.

What do you think about taking ice-cold marijuana hits? Once you try it, leave a comment about it down below. Happy smoking!

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