How to Take Cannabis Tincture

Tinctures are a common way of consuming cannabis and have been used for over 200 years. Now, they can easily be found in stores and come in different varieties.

Since it’s an innovative way of taking cannabis, tinctures are gaining popularity in recent times. Here’s everything you need to know about how to take cannabis tinctures.

What is Cannabis Tincture?

Before learning how to take cannabis tinctures, you must first know what it is. Cannabis tinctures contain THC and CBD, along with other other plant compounds. These tinctures are weed extract. Cannabis flowers are soaked in alcohol or glycerin, which extracts the cannabis’ active components in a few days.

What is Cannabis Tincture

Tinctures usually come in 30ml glass bottles. A dropper is included so that you can take consistent and low doses. Cannabis tinctures can reach higher than 100 mg THC content since they are technically not considered a food product. Tinctures offer an easy and comfortable way of getting high, which is the key reason behind its popularity.

Understanding Dosage and Potency

Since cannabis tinctures are concentrated THC and CBD, it’s crucial to learn about the dosage. For general purposes, we can use a 30ml tincture of 300mg THC to better understand the dosage:

  • A dose of 3mg or 0.10 ml is a microdose that induces a very low high.
  • 7.5mg or 0.25 ml dose will give a low high and generally enough for sensitive consumers.
  • 15mg or 0.50 ml dose is the standard dose for intoxication.
  • 30mg or 1 ml is considered to be a relatively high dose.
  • A dose of 60mg or 2 ml is very potent and is only recommended for experienced consumers. People with serious ailments also take this dose for medicinal purposes.

Everyone has a different tolerance level for cannabis. Some people get high after taking in a puff, while others can smoke for hours. It is the same with tinctures. Setting a recommended dose is something you can figure out yourself. To figure out what dose works for you best, you can try microdosing.

Dosage Guidelines

This is when you consume small amounts of cannabis extract and wait a few hours to see the effects. Though it does sound time-consuming, it is a sure-fire way of finding the comfortable dose for yourself. For microdosing, you can start with 3mg THC content or 0.10ml tincture intake. You can slowly increase your intake after that.

The Proper Way to Take Cannabis Tincture

The cannabis tinctures you find at dispensaries will contain adequate dosage information and instructions in the packaging. Cannabis companies are bound to make these pieces of information abundantly clear. In the case of THC-free tinctures, these policies are more lax. These are the three best ways of consuming cannabis tinctures:

Proper Way to Take Cannabis Tincture

Sublingual Absorption

Here, the THC compounds are absorbed through the mucosa tissues. You apply the tincture under your tongue and leave it there for about half a minute. You will begin to see the effects in about 10 to 15 minutes.

Topical Absorption

THC can also be absorbed through the skin. Rubbing the extract on your skin will alleviate inflammation and pain, but it will not get you that high.


Cannabis extract is also used for cooking edibles. You only have to make sure the heat doesn’t go above 240 degrees Fahrenheit because that’s when you start burning off the THC compounds.

Potential Side Effects and Precautions

The side effects concerning cannabis tinctures are mild and very unheard of. But it is a psychoactive substance, so precautions should be taken, of course. Some things you have to keep in mind are:

  • Unexpectedly high doses may induce anxiety and paranoia.
  • Suddenly stopping after regular consumption can trigger withdrawal symptoms.
  • Impaired motor and cognitive functions are expected.
  • Anyone suffering from schizophrenia or other psychotic issues should not take cannabis tinctures, as THC might amplify their psychosis.

Storage and Shelf Life

Cannabis tinctures infused with alcohol have a shelf life of about ten years. High-proof alcohol solution conserves the cannabinoid compounds and keeps them from degenerating. Oil-based cannabis tinctures are not long-lasting, though. They stay usable for about two years or so.

You can check for unfamiliar smells and textures to determine whether or not the cannabis extract has expired. In some cases, you might even see some mold.

FAQ: Proper Way to Take Cannabis Tincture

What is the most effective way to take tincture?

The most effective way of taking tinctures is orally. Sublingual absorption is fast and easy. It is easy to control the dosage and will give a better high.

How many drops of Tincture per day?

It is generally recommended to take no more than 5mg of cannabis extract at a time on a one fl oz bottle that’s about a quarter of the dropper.

Does tincture high last long?

Cannabis tinctures can keep you for about 4 hours at a time.


Consuming cannabis through tinctures is safe and convenient. Though figuring out the dosage might be a bit tedious but, it is worth it once you figure it out. Tinctures also allow you to consume it in different ways, some more comfortable than others. Because of its versatility, it has garnered some traction in the weed culture.

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