The Best and Right Way to Stop a Joint From Canoeing

What do you think about when you hear the term canoe? A calm clear river, an oar, and a straw hat? You are not alone. While that image sounds like fun, having your joint canoe is not. Rolling a perfect joint is a work of art, and the last thing you want after you light it up is interruptions to your smooth smoke. This is why we will show you what causes your joint to canoe and give you tips on how to avoid it.

What is a canoeing joint and why it happens

Canoeing is a term used to refer to a blunt or joint that burns unevenly, causing one side to get burnt and the other to curve in the middle shaping the joint’s tip like a canoe. This is also called “running”, and can be very frustrating to the user.

How to stop a joint from canoeing

If you notice that your joint has started to canoe, act as quickly as you can to stop the effects. Canoes rarely stop without assistance and it might just ruin your whole experience.

Below are some things you can do:

1. Apply a little water to the side that is canoeing

At the first sign of canoeing, drop a little water on the side that’s burning too fast to slow it down and allow for more even burning. You should however be careful not to apply too much as this might put the joint out completely.

2. Apply a few marijuana concentrates drops to slow down the burn

An even better substitute for water is marijuana concentrate if you have some. Water might soak the joint and make it soggy while the concentrate will not affect the slowly burning side, allowing it to catch up.

3. Use a lighter to burn the section of your joint that is untouched.

This is usually not the most recommended method as it leads to weed wastage. It is however effective as it allows the lagging side to catch up and sorts out issues like air pockets and uneven grind, solving the canoeing issue in an instant.

4. Puffing away gently at the remaining joint until the burning evens out

There are instances where you might not need special intervention to slow the canoeing of your joint. If your joint was made of quality stuff and does not contain stems, chunks, or seeds, pinching off half the mouthpiece and puffing gently on the open end should line up the unburnt portion.

5. Even out the bottom of the joint by cutting off with scissors and reignite the joint

This is as radical as option 3 but in this case, you can save the weed you cut off for future use instead of watching it burn away. The cut-off edge now allows you to start afresh.

how to stop a joint from canoeing

How do you make a joint burn evenly?

The best way to ensure that your joint burns evenly is to grind your weed thoroughly. Also, ensure your fingers do not form pockets of air as you roll the joints.

How do I stop my joints from burning on one side?

A very effective way of ensuring that your joint does not burn on one side is by rotating it as you smoke. The rotating action will prevent one side from getting more burnt than the other depending on factors such as wind etc. Slowly and gently rotating your joint is enough to get the job done. Most times you share a joint with friends, this happens without you even noticing.

What burns faster? Joints or blunts?

While a joint is a weed rolled in paper, a blunt typically refers to a cigar or cigarillo whose tobacco has been taken out and replaced with “legal buds”. Joints could burn up to twice as fast as blunts as they use thinner paper.

What is the best way to stop joint canoeing?

The reasons why your joint might canoe are as many and diverse as the fingers on your hand. Poor rolling of the joint, improper grinding, and uneven air flow through the joint are major reasons why this may happen. Other reasons that have nothing to do with your technique could be a windy day or a strain that’s a little sticky. To minimize the chances of canoeing, roll your joint right, light it right, and smoke it right.

FAQ: Stop a Joint From Canoeing

Q: What is canoeing?

A: Canoeing is a term used to describe the appearance of a garment when the fabric of the body and the sleeves do not match up correctly, causing the sleeves to curl up.

Q: What causes a joint to canoe?

A: Canoeing is usually caused by incorrect pinning and/or stitching of the garment.

Q: What is the best way to prevent canoeing?

A: The best way to prevent canoeing is to use the right tools, carefully pin and mark the fabric, and use the right stitch length and tension when sewing. Additionally, use a presser foot with a center guide to help keep the fabric aligned.

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