How to Smoke Weed with No Paper?

Smoking papers have many alternatives, including pipes, vaporizers, blunts, etc. Did you know that you can even make smoking devices yourself at home?

Smoking, dabbing, and directly consuming- there are so many different ways to consume weeds. Among them, smoking is the most common and preferred method. But when it comes to that, papers are the first choice for many. But of course, you may suddenly run out of them.

You may also be considering exploring your other options. This article will cover different ways you can smoke weed without paper.

How to Smoke Weed Without Paper: Pipes, Vaporizers, and Blunts 

Pipes, vaporizers, and blunts are popular alternatives to smoking papers. They each have their own pros and cons too.

  • Blunt- The good old blunts are marijuana wrapped in cigars, hemp, or tobacco paper. They are a tad bit different from joints or spliffs. The smoking process is the same; you light it first and breathe in the smoke. It is wise to drink plenty of water or any non-alcoholic drink before and after the consumption.
  • Pipes- If you want an easy solution for weed enthusiasts since you don’t need to bother yourself with rolling anything. While you can find pipes at any gas station, getting one you like online will be a good deal. They come in different shapes, designs, and materials.
  • Vaporizers- Vaporizers are self-explanatory. They vaporize the weed to ready them for vaping. You may also call them vape. Vaporizers are available in different price ranges with unique features, looks, and benefits. But they are usually costlier than pipes. The popularity of vapes is rising.

Smoking Without Pipes, Blunts, and Vaporizers: Comparison of the Benefits and Drawbacks of Each Method 

As mentioned, the three options above have different benefits and drawbacks. You may need to choose them according to your need and preferences. Check the following table out-

CostCheapest of the ThreeComes in different costs but usually not that pricey.Also comes in different cost but can be costlier than pipe.
Style and DesignsNoneDifferent and unique styles, including S-shape ones.Has a diversity of designs, shapes, and sizes. You can even find a pen-shaped vaporizer.
SafetyThe mixture of tobacco leaves and cannabis makes them way more harmfull than normal weed consumtion.Way safer than blunt.Safest of the three since it doesn’t produce smoke but only vapor.
Mobility and PreparationEasy to move but requires you to roll it.No rolling needed and small in sizePreparation is the easiest among the three and is mobile.

Tips for Smoking Cannabis without Papers: Tips for Preparing and Storing Cannabis for Each Smoking Method 

Smoking Cannabis without Papers

While smoking with any of the above methods is easy, following some tips may enhance your experience and give other benefits.

Tips for Smoking Blunts-

  • Smoking blunts can make you hungry. Keep some food beforehand.
  • Try holding the smoke in your lung for a count of two or three before releasing it to get an even deeper high.
  • Stop smoking when you are already on your best high. Do not make it a goal to finish or even go till three of a blunt. It is dangerous.

Tips for Smoking with a Pipe-

  • Do not pack the bowl of the pipe completely. Only fill it halfway for an easier hit.
  • Check whether your pipe has a carb or not. It is a small hole to any side of the bowl. If there is one, cover it during your first inhale and release it afterward. Then take in the emitted smoke. Repeat as such.
  • Use rubbing alcohol to clean the mouthpiece before every use.

Tips for Smoking with a Vaporizer-

  • Use dry weed and grind it, but don’t turn it into fine powder.
  • Preheat the vaporizer.
  • Pack the vape tightly.
  • Unlike blunt or other smoking methods, take shallow and relaxed inhales. And don’t hold it.
  • Keep the temperature right. It is wise to keep it from 340 to 410 degrees F.

What to Do with Used Cannabis 

You can try the following with used cannabis-

  • Use a series of fine cannabis to separate the trichomes and dab it. You will get pure items from this process, called dry shift.
  • You can trim and turn it into edibles like cannabutter if you have enough of it.
  • As we mentioned above, you need dry weed for vaporizers. Try using your old weed here.
  • If you are 710 friendly enough, you can turn the old weed into concentrate.


What can I use at home for joint papers?

You can use a cigarette or rolling paper, including hemp and wood pulp.

How do you smoke buds without a pipe?

Instead of pipes, you can smoke buds with blunts, joints, spiffs, smoking papers, etc.

Can you use normal paper as joint paper?

You can’t use regular paper as joint paper since they are different in terms of burning.


Many first-timers and even experienced ones often go for papers when smoking buds. But with the many options you have, why not explore them too? After all, you won’t run out of your pipe or vaporizer, albeit you may break it.

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