How To Play Smokin’ Dice

Did you know that there are a ton of games out there that you can play and associate with marijuana so that you can get high and have fun? Yes, there are many weed games out there, Reefer Post has even posted some in the past.

This post is going to talk about a game called Smokin’ Dice. It’s very easy to learn and quick to set up. And, the best part is, you can have a great time with friends and get super high while you at it! At the end of this post, there will be a way for you to purchase a set of Smokin’ Dice for yourself!

How To Set Up And Get Started

Setting up Smokin’ Dice is very easy. All you do is open its package and set the dice out. Of course, you’ll also need something to smoke. The best way to smoke for playing this game is to either smoke bowls or take dabs. Once you have your weed ready, set it to the side of the game. Now it’s time to play!

Sit in a circle with everyone that will be playing. Decide who will go first, then go clockwise. If you can not decide on who will go first, you could choose by birthday. Or, to spice things up, see who can take the biggest hit before you start playing. That person could start the game.

On your turn, you roll all four of the dice. Then, put them in order in the way that they make sense. Do the actions that the dice says. Sometimes, you will be the one doing it. However, if you roll a “player of your choice”, then you can choose who will do that action. These actions can be all sorts of things, including:

  • sing a song
  • laugh as hard as you can
  • take 2 tokes
  • spin in a circle
  • and many more.

Get High

Since this game is so easy and fun to play, you could sit there and play with friends for hours (as long as you have enough weed to smoke). So, that means this game could get you high! For some smokers, this is a goal every time they go to smoke. If this sounds like you, then you might want to try this game out.

If you and your smoking buddies are looking to get as high as you can from this game, then there are a few ways that you can do that. These ways of playing Smokin’ Dice are not necessary, however, they can spice things up and make the game more interesting.

Smoke wax when playing. 

If you smoke wax instead of smoke bowls when playing Smokin’ Dice, you will get much higher. This is because wax contains more THC compared to regular weed. You can smoke wax in many different ways. Three common ways of smoking wax are by dabbing, using a wax pen, or using a nectar collector.

Take the biggest hits possible.

Whenever you roll a “take 2 tokes” or any other smoking action, then make those tokes last. Take big hits to get high quicker. Also, on your last hit, you could hold it in for a few seconds longer. Holding in hits has been proven to increase a person’s height.

Double the hits. 

If you think that you and your smoking buddies are too experienced for this smoking game and it is not getting you the high that you want, then try doubling the hits. Instead of taking 2 hits, take 4. And don’t forget to take big hits and hold on to the last one.

Skip the extras. 

You may be thinking “I don’t want to sing or spin or do any of those extra actions, I just want to smoke!” If this is you, then don’t do the extras. Skip them! Only use the player and smoking dice (the top 2 dice). This way you can play the game even faster, and you are only smoking instead of doing extra stuff. While that can add fun to the game, I know that some stoners may not like it.

Own a Set of Smokin’ Dice

Now that you have read all of that above, what do you think about Smokin’ Dice? Does it sound like a cool weed game? Does it sound like a game that you and your friends want to try?

If you do like this game, then get a set of your own! That way you can play whenever and wherever. One nice thing about this game is that it only consists of four very portable dice. This means you can take them to any of your favorite smoking spots. Just don’t forget the weed! Check out your local board game store and see if they carry it!

Here’s what the complete game looks like:

Smokin' Dice Game

Once you try it out, leave a comment below about your game experience. Thanks for reading!

Want to purchase your own Smokin’ Dice game? Click here!

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