How to Smoke Marijuana With Nothing to Smoke Out Of

Have you ever had some marijuana on you, and you wanted to smoke it, but did not have anything to smoke out of? Well, this post is going to give you some options that allow you to smoke without a smoker (what you smoke your weed out of). Maybe you ran out of rolling papers, or blunt wraps, or your bong/pipe shattered. Even though those scenarios aren’t good, there are ways to still get high!

Apple Pipe

Apple Pipe

The first way to smoke without a smoker is the classic apple pipe. Yes, you can make a pipe out of nothing but an apple (and something to poke a hole in it). First, twist off the stem. Next, carve out a bowl where the stem was located. You are going to want to only carve about halfway through the apple to keep the bowl air-tight. The next step is to carve out the mouthpiece on the face of the apple. Connect the mouthpiece to the bowl (keep the connecting hole small). An optional step is to poke through the apple from the mouthpiece to create a carb and allow airflow through the bowl and mouthpiece.

That’s about it, you now have a working apple pipe! You don’t necessarily need to use an apple, there are other fruits and vegetables you could use, but apples just seem to be the classic way to make a homemade pipe. And the good thing about this pipe is you can eat it when you’re done smoking to fight those munchies.



Want to make a homemade bong instead of a pipe? Well, I got one of those for you too. You can make a homemade bong using a pen (one that can be taken apart), a plastic bottle, a metal bolt, and a lighter (you’re going to need one to smoke anyways). First, remove the cap from the bottle. Then, using the lighter, burn a hole in the side of the bottle. Make the hole as big as the pen you are using, no bigger. As for placement, put the hole where a downstream on a bong would be, so towards the bottom. You can also refer to the picture below to help you. Next, disassemble your pen so that you only have the long, hollow base (this is going to be your downstream). Stick it in the hole in facing down, and attach the metal bolt to the outside end. If it does not stay on by itself, you may need to tape it on. The bolt will serve as your bowl. If you don’t have a metal bolt to use, you could also make a bowl out of some tin foil. The last step is to add some water about halfway up to the hole. Now pack some weed in the bolt and use the top of the bottle as a mouthpiece.


Rolling Joint Cones
How many joints can you count?

What if you don’t have those things to make a homemade pipe or bong, or you just don’t want to smoke out of those? Well, you can also make a homemade joint by simply using regular blank paper, some tape, and some construction paper. Disclaimer: smoking regular blank paper may not be as safe for the lungs as using authentic rolling paper. It won’t significantly harm you, just make sure you use blank paper and not paper with ink on it.

The construction paper will serve as your filter. A filter is not required, but it makes rolling and smoking a joint a little bit easier. First, tear off a piece of your blank paper to the size of a rolling paper (or however big you want your joint to be). The more weed you have, the bigger you are going to want the paper. Next, cut off a piece of construction paper about 1/3 the size of the paper you are going to use for your joint. Fold the construction paper piece into small flaps until you have something that fits inside your paper. Refer to the picture below.

 Smoke Marijuana

Insert your filter into the bottom of your paper. Then fill the rest up with weed and roll it like a joint. Now, obviously, the paper won’t stick with saliva, so that’s where the tape comes in. Only place the tape where the filter is (because the tape will not burn). For the rest of the joint, leave some space at the top so you can twist it, and that will hold the weed in. Now you have a rolled-up joint made out of household items!

If you smoke cigarettes or just have one handy (I do not promote or advise the use of tobacco), you could dump out the tobacco and replace it with weed instead. Cigarettes already have a filter, so all you need for this type of joint is an empty cigarette and some marijuana. We can call this the weed cigarette!


How to Smoke Marijuana With Nothing to Smoke Out Of

That’s not the only homemade smoker you can make. You can also make a homemade steamroller. For this, all you need is a paper towel tube, some tin foil, a pin to poke some holes and scissors. The first step is to cut a hole near the end of the paper towel tube. Make the hole the size that you want your bowl to be, then push in a piece of tin foil so that it is dented in (this will be your bowl). Using a pin, poke some small holes in the bottom of the foil to allow airflow. Lastly, tape the foil in place. That’s it! To smoke out of it, fill the foil with marijuana and cover the far end of the tube with your hand. Light up the marijuana, suck it in, then take your hand off the end of the tube and suck in the last bit of smoke. You now have yourself a homemade steamroller!

So, whether it’s a homemade pipe, bong, joint, or steamroller, you can smoke your marijuana without buying an actual smoker. These homemade smokers are easy and cheap to make. You don’t even have to save them. If you want to, you could make a new one for every smoke session. I hope you found some of these ideas useful, and if you make your own using any of these steps, send me a picture! Thanks for reading!

FAQ: How to Smoke Marijuana

Q1: What can I use to smoke marijuana if I don’t have a pipe or bong?

A1: You can use a homemade device such as an apple pipe or a gravity bong. Alternatively, you can use rolling papers to make a joint.

Q2: Is there a difference between smoking marijuana in a pipe or bong and smoking it in a joint?

A2: Yes, smoking marijuana in a pipe or bong generally produces a smoother smoking experience, whereas smoking marijuana in a joint tends to be harsher on the throat.

Q3: Is it safe to smoke marijuana without any kind of filter?

A3: It is not recommended to smoke marijuana without any filter as it can be harsh on your throat and lungs. If you do not have access to a pipe or bong, you can use a rolling paper with a filter tip.

Q4: Are there any other methods of smoking marijuana without a pipe or bong?

A4: You can also use a vaporizer to consume marijuana without having to smoke it. Vaporizing marijuana is considered to be much healthier than smoking it.

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