How to Properly Pack a Bowl & Snapper of Marijuana

Some people like to smoke their marijuana out of glass, whether it be a pipe, bong, bubbler, steamroller, or even a glass blunt. However, some people do not know how to properly pack a bowl of marijuana. So this post is dedicated to those who need help with good bowl packing. Also, this post will explain small, individual bowls known as snappers.


On our Instagram (@reefer_post), we have a picture of a glass pipe, owned by Reefer Post, that gives a good visual demonstration of a proper bowl size. Take a look at the picture below:

Pipe Full of Weed Being Used
Lighting a bowl of bud.

As seen in the picture, you do not want your marijuana to be overflowing inside the bowl. Make it look good. Same thing with food, wouldn’t you rather make food look good to eat and not like a mess? Make your marijuana bowl look like a bowl!

Additionally, do not pack your bowl too tight. This will prevent airflow from traveling through the pipe (or whichever glass piece you are using) into your lungs. In other words, the piece will not hit. When breaking down your tree, I suggest using small popcorn nugs or shakes. Make sure your weed cannot fall through the small hole in the bottom of your bowl, and also will not clog it.

You also do not want your marijuana to be too loose. This could cause it to not burn right or not cherry. If a bowl is cherried, that means it is still burning and can still be hit even after the user has stopped hitting it (and it looks like a little cherry in the middle). If you don’t pack your bowl tight enough, the burning cannot spread throughout the weed, meaning you might have to spark it more than usual. Besides that, if you are smoking outside and a gust of wind picks up, you might lose your marijuana in the bowl to the wind if you don’t pack it tight enough.

Another thing that you want to avoid is overfilling your bowl, as I stated above. If you have too much marijuana for a bowl, then save some for another bowl! Unless you have some kind of one-time-use bowl, then you can always pack another one. This might be common sense, but I have seen some people add too much to a bowl, and then try to stuff it all in there. That could result in your piece not hitting and you wasting some weed.


Besides bowls, you can also pack snappers. A snapper is a bowl designed for one person. Usually, one popcorn nug is enough for a snapper. Most people define a snapper as not only a bowl to one person but a bowl taken in one hit. So to finish a snapper, you have to finish it in a single hit. Luckily, snappers are smaller than regular bowls. But be careful, too many snappers in a row could leave you coughing for a while.

See how the bowl is not full? That is a snapper. The same tips that go for packing a bowl also go for packing a snapper. If you want to get high very quickly, then only smoke snappers. This is a good way to get the most out of marijuana. Maybe you are by yourself and want to smoke quickly, or with some smoking buddies and the next rotation is snappers. Whatever the case may be, snappers always deliver a good high!

These are some tips on how to get a proper marijuana bowl or snapper packed. Try some of these tips out for yourself, they might help you out. Want to pack a proper bowl or snapper out of a homemade piece? Then click here!

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