How Long do Marijuana Seeds Last

For those who want to grow their own cannabis plants, there is a lot to learn about the growth and cultivation of the plant. One issue that is not clear among most growers is how long do marijuana seeds last. Honestly, there are no concrete answers as to how long do weed seeds stay good, but storage is one of the main factors that influence the longevity of reefer seeds.

The specific strain of cannabis, total time, surroundings, etc., also affects marijuana seeds. In this blog, we will discuss how long do marijuana seeds last and some of the best methods for marijuana seed storage.

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Factors that Affect the Longevity of Cannabis Seeds        

A typical cannabis plant can produce hundreds of seeds if the pollination process takes place properly. The type of strain also contributes because different strains produce different numbers of seeds. After harvesting, how long do pot seeds last – this depends on the following factors –


Cannabis seeds germinate through relative humidity, and it is a vital factor when it comes to seed longevity. Seeds are delicate during the early stages, and low relative humidity ensures they don’t germinate accidentally. Climate plays a huge role, with dry, high-humidity regions influencing weed storage.

High humidity can kill the seeds or cause problems like seed sweating, fungi, insects, etc. In humid regions, cannabis seeds should be stored in low-humidity containers, and the humidity range should be maintained between 20-30% RH.


The containers that store your marijuana seeds should block out all sources of light. Light plays a major role in the probability of a cannabis seed germinating or not. More than necessary exposure to light can weaken the seeds and hinder their ability to germinate at the right time. Marijuana seeds that germinate in excess light can even have a hard time starting their further growth.


Air, especially Oxygen, is another natural element that influences a cannabis plant and its seeds’ life. It is vital for the seeds to germinate, but the excess presence of oxygen can also lead to the growth of microorganisms like bacteria and other parasites.

If there is too much oxygen, harmful microorganisms will thrive and put your cannabis seeds in danger. You can’t remove oxygen out of the picture, so the best option is to put the seeds in a bag and vacuum seal it.


The heat level should be controlled when you store cannabis seeds because excess heat can lead the seeds to germinate and eventually rot. The temperature should be around 5°C so that the heat is low.

When seeds sense heat, it signals the growing season for them and prompts germination. Make sure the heat is low so that the seeds don’t germinate prematurely.


To store cannabis seeds short term, try to keep them somewhere where the temperature remains stable, and there are not too many temperature changes. Seeds should be kept in a black bag or container so that outside light does not affect them.

To store cannabis seeds long term, you can keep them in a small weed refrigerator with temperatures ranging between 6 to 8°C. Try to keep the temperature low and constant, and don’t open the fridge again and again.

How Long Do Weed Seeds Last?

How long do weed seeds stay good varies for every grower and depends a lot on various factors and level of care. If you protect the seeds from excess light, humidity, and heat, their centers stay dormant, and their longevity goes up. In such cases, you just have to soak the seeds in water overnight, followed by placing them in damp tissues, and they will germinate normally.

You have to ensure proper marijuana seed storage and carefully protect them so that they last longer. A weed-growing fridge is a great option to store cannabis seeds and ensure the best possible conditions around them.

Which are the Best Methods of Storing Cannabis Seeds?

how long do marijuana seeds last

A cool, dark place is the perfect place to store cannabis seeds. To store seeds short term, you can put them in an airtight container and keep them in the basement. Make sure the container is airtight and vacuum sealed so that Oxygen does not enter it.

Remember to put the container with your cannabis seeds inside a dark bag so that it is not exposed to excess light. If you want to store weed seeds for a longer time, then refrigerating them is the best choice. Place the seeds in an airtight container, put them in a dark bag, and place them in your weed refrigerator or weed-growing fridge.

Keep them in a fridge you don’t often use so that there are no temperature or humidity shifts inside it. Airtight or zip lock bags are perfect, but you can even add some uncooked rice in the fridge to absorb extra moisture and keep the seeds safe inside the fridge.

FAQ: Marijuana Seeds

Q: How long can I store marijuana seeds?

A: Marijuana seeds can be stored for up to two years in a cool, dark, and dry place.

Q: What happens when marijuana seeds get too old?

A: Over time, marijuana seeds can become less viable and less likely to germinate. It is best to use marijuana seeds within two years of purchase to ensure the highest germination rate.


Just like gardening, every person has their own method for growing cannabis plants and storing their seeds. What works for someone may not work for someone else. Many people wonder how long do marijuana seeds last, and to ensure higher longevity, it is essential to keep them in the right conditions and take proper care of them.

Make sure that the light, air, heat, and humidity around the seeds are ideal so that the cannabis seeds don’t deteriorate. There are many ways of storing cannabis seeds, but we recommend using a weed refrigerator to store seeds long-term.

Please choose your preferred strain, the quality of its seeds, and a nice storage space to provide a longer life to your marijuana seeds.

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