How Can I Smoke In My Shower Without It Smelling?

Though it is the 21st century, smoking weed is still taboo in many cultures. This is why people try to smoke in privacy to avoid the judgy eyes around them. Also, when children are around the house, you don’t want to influence them negatively.  

Thus, some people sort to other measures such as smoking weed in the bathroom. They believe that the ventilator outlet or a hot shower would remove the smell from the enclosed space. However, hiding the odor that remains in the bathroom is not as easy as it seems. Here we have some tips and tricks on how to smoke in the bathroom so you can easily hide the smoke smell while enjoying your personal space.  

If I smoke in the shower will it smell?

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It is commonly believed that shower smoke can help hide weed smell. The steam from the hot shower neutralizes the smell, which eventually gets sucked out of the bathroom vents. However, most people don’t know that steam moistens bathroom walls and mirrors, which captures the smoke particles and their smell. So even though the process helps ease the smell, it does not eliminate it altogether. And the vents actually circulate the smell to rooms close by, failing the main purpose. 

Steps to smoke in the shower without smelling

Use a towel to seal door gaps: The gap below the bathroom door usually sweeps out a lot of smell. To avoid that, you can use a rolled-up towel. Lay it from end to end, pressed tightly against the door gap. This will prevent the smoke from leaking out.  

Pretend to take a shower: To cover the smoking odor, you can take advantage of a shower. The steam covers up the smoke smell and also allows you to hide the little sounds of lighter or puffing and exhaling. However, don’t forget to actually take a shower to avoid suspicion. You can also wash your hair and use shampoo fragrance to suppress the smell. 

Spray some air freshener: A strong air freshener will be the utmost tool to neutralize any remaining smell. Spray lots of it once you finish smoking and are about to leave the bathroom. If the freshener is not enough to do the job, you can also use cologne, body spray, or perfume instead. 

Will it smell if I smoke a cigarette in the shower?

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You must be wondering: if I smoke in the shower will it smell? Well, smoking a cigarette is no different than smoking a blunt in the bathroom. The smoke seeps into walls, ceilings, or through gaps under the door, taking the easiest and fastest route. The solid smoke particles float until they settle on any surface through which the smell is sustained in the air. However, you can still neutralize the odor by following some basic hacks. But don’t forget that it only masks the smell to a limit and does not completely extinguish it. 

Can I vape in the shower?

Vaping is a comparatively better choice if you love smoking but want to do it discreetly. It tends to leave behind a less intense aroma than smoking weed in the toilet. So, when you vape in the shower, it is easier to mask the smell using techniques like shower steam. Even the bathroom fan or spoof can easily cover the smell of vaping. Thus, vaping is an ideal option to enjoy a smoke and also keep it a secret. 

How do you smoke in a hotel room shower?

Since many hotels are switching to non-smoking rooms, it becomes difficult for many travelers to comfortably enjoy a good smoke after a long trip. So, exhausted, the only resort they find is to smoke a little weed on the couch in the bathroom. 

To avoid getting caught, you must follow the tips mentioned above. They work for hotel bathrooms as well. For example, the shower method works efficiently if you close all other exits and keep just the window or vents open. As the steam dissipates slowly, along goes the smoke. In addition, you should recheck the bathroom after 30 minutes to ensure no smell is left. 

Final note

Smoking weed can be tricky if you want to hide it from everyone. The bathroom is a very convenient option for smoking in secret. However, getting caught smoking in the toilet or showering while high is easier. So, ensure you follow the right hacks to create a perfect disguise for your ‘me time’.  

FAQ: Shower Without It Smelling

Q: Is there a way to smoke in my shower without it smelling?

A: Yes, there are several methods you can use to minimize the smell of smoking in your shower. You can try using a scented candle or essential oil to mask the smell of smoke. You can also try using a dryer sheet to absorb the odor. Additionally, you can try using a fan to push the smoke out of the shower and keep the smell contained.

Q: What kind of precautions should I take when smoking in the shower?

A: Smoking in the shower can be dangerous and precautions should be taken to ensure safety. Make sure the shower is well-ventilated and that the fan is running properly. You should also be aware of the possibility of fire, so keep any combustible materials away from the shower. Additionally, be sure to clean up any ashes or debris afterward to avoid clogging drains.

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