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  • How Long Do Edibles Stay in Your System?
    Edibles can be detected in your system usually for 1-3 days, even though the effects might wear off in a few hours. However, some tests can detect THC in your body even if you have consumed edibles within 90 days. There are specific factors determining how long the THC in … Read more
  • Why Don’t Edibles Work for Me?
    Edibles do not work the same way for every individual. That’s why some people may feel minimal or no effect at all after consuming edibles. There could be many reasons for this, ranging from the quality of the edibles to your own body’s metabolism. In this guide, we will briefly … Read more
  • Why Are My Marijuana Leaves Turning Yellow?
    It can be really disappointing to suddenly see your marijuana leaves turning yellow, even after taking great care of them. Under normal circumstances, they should be green and look very lively. However, there are many reasons why the leaves may lose their glow. If you are worrying about the quality … Read more
  • Should I Tell SSA That I Use Medical Marijuana?
    Applying for SSDI benefits while you use medical marijuana is a common thing nowadays, as physicians are prescribing them more recently. However, letting SSA know about your medical marijuana use doesn’t guarantee a denied claim. But it is not an ideal move always, as the act may make SSA suspicious … Read more
  • How Can You Create a Homemade Liquid Marijuana? A Step-by-Step Guide 
    There are so many different ways to consume marijuana. But a tincture of cannabis with its THC released and its extracted liquid can beat many of them. It is turning into a well-known method among both weed and cocktail enthusiasts alike.  But many may not opt for them solely because … Read more