Hemp Wraps Review

Smoking blunts has been around for many years. In the 1990s, it became very popular when cannabis users began using cigarillos to roll up their weed. Since then, several cigarillo producers have designed their products to easily be used as blunt wraps (great marketing if you ask me). You can buy these wraps at most places that sell cigarettes and typically come in a pack of two. Do you know which cigarillo brands I am talking about?

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Blunt wraps may be handy and all, but many stoners do not want to be smoking tobacco. I love myself a good blunt. However, I recently stopped smoking tobacco altogether. Therefore, no more blunts for me. But I love smoking blunts, that’s how I started smoking weed in the first place! Luckily I came across a relatively new creation in the cannabis community, and have turned to it to satisfy my blunt needs. What I am talking about is hemp wraps.

What’s a Hemp Wrap?

For those of you who don’t know, hemp wraps are a fairly discovery. They substitute the tobacco in blunt wraps with, well, hemp of course. That way you can smoke a blunt without worrying about smoking tobacco. They also look and feel like tobacco wraps, as well as smoke-like them.

If you don’t know what hemp is, let me explain. Hemp is a version of cannabis, just like marijuana. Cannabis refers to a family of plants, which includes its two most popular: hemp and marijuana. But what makes them different? Will hemp wrap add to your high? Technically, no.

Hemp is categorized as cannabis that contains 0.3% THC or lower. Since THC is what gets you high in cannabis, that level of it is nowhere near enough to affect you. Instead, hemp is used more industrially. It can be used to make rope, textiles, packaging, and even reusable fuel. Did you know that Henry Ford, the founder of Ford Motor Company, once made a car that ran on hemp oil instead of gasoline?

Hemp also provides several benefits to our health. Now, this does not mean that smoking hemp wraps will provide these benefits. The best way to acquire these benefits is through the use of topicals or oils that are infused with hemp.

We made an entire post on the difference between hemp and marijuana. Click here to check it out.

Now that you know what hemp is, you can probably guess a lot about hemp wraps. But are they better than using tobacco wraps? Are they even worth the switch? Find out below!

Are They Better Than Tobacco Wraps?

There are many differences between tobacco blunt wraps and hemp blunt wraps. The ultimate choice is up to the user, and which they prefer to smoke. If you want to learn every detail about the differences and even the similarities in each type of blunt wrap, check out our post on it:

Link to Hemp Wraps vs. Tobacco Wraps Post

For those of you who don’t want every single detail, and only want a summary, we’ve got you covered.

Pros of Tobacco Wraps:

  • Tend to burn slower
  • Better chance of finding these in stores
  • Help with quitting tobacco use

Cons of Tobacco Wraps:

  • Harsh for beginners
  • Contain nicotine
  • Can cause addiction to the nicotine

Pros of Hemp Wraps:

  • Typically cheaper
  • Slightly healthier
  • More flavorful

Cons of Hemp Wraps:

  • Slightly harder to roll
  • Doesn’t satisfy a nicotine addiction
  • Does not give off a “head high”

There’s the summary. Does it clear things up? If not, click on the post stated above. It goes into full detail about each point.

Healthwise, smoking hemp wraps is the better option. They do not contain nicotine, which is an addictive substance found in tobacco. Nicotine can not only cause addiction, but has been linked to many health conditions such as heart disease, lung cancer, and many others. And, of course, nicotine addiction can lead to death. Many of these reasons are what led me to quit smoking tobacco and switch over to hemp wraps. The switch was easy, and I can keep smoking my blunts!

On the other hand, if you are not concerned about nicotine addiction or the health risks it poses (you only live once anyway, right?), then feel free to smoke tobacco wraps. After all, these are only potential risks. Everyone is different, and many tobacco-wrap smokers do not acquire any conditions throughout their years of smoking. Just be mindful of the potential that tobacco has. I think tobacco wraps burn and smoke much better than hemp wraps. If it wasn’t for the nicotine in them, I’d be smoking tobacco wraps every day. However, I still have many friends who do, and they love it.

Should You Use Them?

The ultimate question is: should you use hemp wraps? As stated above, it’s all up to you! Honestly, which do you think is better for you? Once you figure out which it is, smoke those! If you smoke tobacco wraps for a while, and you begin to see negative changes to your lungs, breathing, or heart conditions, then it may be best to switch to hemp. However, if you have good health, then why not enjoy some tobacco wraps here and there?

I know I sound 50/50 when it comes to hemp and tobacco wraps, but I attempt to stay as neutral as possible. After all, Reefer Post accepts anyone who smokes any form of cannabis!

Due to my situation, I will have to choose hemp wraps over tobacco wraps. If it wasn’t for the tobacco, I’d smoke any wrap. And, in all reality, they are very similar. Just by looking at them, too. I just can’t do the tobacco.

Without looking at the effects and risks unseen during and after smoking, hemp wraps and tobacco wraps are virtually the same. Their small differences seem to set them far apart from each other, creating a group of users for each. Even with that, there are still many stoners out there who either don’t know any differences between the two or don’t care and will smoke any type of blunt wrap that you give them.

Want to purchase your hemp wraps? Check out my favorite type, Juicy Hemp Wraps, below:

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Overall, hemp wraps get a great review. Even if you smoke tobacco wraps, you can still enjoy a nice hemp wrap blunt from time to time. You should especially try hemp wraps if you are a stoner who has never done so. Why not? Give it a shot and see what you think about them! Drop a comment below about your experience with hemp wraps. Thanks for reading!

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