Hemp Oil vs CBD Oil for Dogs: Which is Better for Your Pet’s Health?

Hemp Oil vs CBD Oil for Dogs: Looking after our pets involves more than providing food and a cozy home; it also means that you ensure their overall health. This is where pet supplements play a role. Think of them as treats or particular vitamins that enhance the well-being of our friends. It’s not about pampering them, but also about ensuring their optimal welfare in every possible way.

Due to the availability of various supplement-related products, consumers are perplexed regarding what’s best for their dogs. Recently, CBD-based products such as Hemp and CBD oils have gained attention from pet owners. However, the main question remains as to which one is more suitable for their pet. 

This article will discuss each of these products, their benefits, and their effects to help you make a thoughtful decision.  

What is the Difference Between Hemp Oil and CBD Oil?

Hemp oil is believed to be a rich source of essential fatty acids such as omega-3 and omega-6. Moreover, It is extracted from the hemp plant seeds via steam washing, then cold-pressed in various oils. Another good fact is that hemp seed oil contains no cannabinoids or terpenes; it is without THC and totally free from CBD. It is THC that produces the psychedelic effect in marijuana, and by avoiding it we avoid our pets getting high. 

Meanwhile, the production process of CBD oil involves extracting the active ingredient from flowers, leaves, and stalks. Hemp and marijuana both contain cannabidiol. However, most products from the market are hemp. The cannabidiol in CBD oil eases dogs’ anxiety without acting as a hallucinogen. Also, it helps with other things, such as inflammation and anxiety.  

Most of the content found on the two products is derived from the same plant. Yet the main difference lies in how they are processed. Regarding nutritional value, hemp oil is superior, while CBD oil aids in achieving calmness and tranquility.

How does CBD oil or Hemp oil Benefit Dogs?

CBD oil has numerous benefits for dogs. One of the main reasons to try it is that it may have an anti-inflammatory effect on arthritis in dogs; such inflammation can put a strain on the joints! It also improves the mood of dogs dealing with anxiety or pressure. 

Hemp oil contains dietary-rich proteins and fatty acids. These help in making your pet’s coat shiny and their skin healthy. It goes beyond the appearance. It also benefits their heart and keeps their stomach in shape. It’s high in vitamins and antioxidants, making it a superfood for your pet’s overall health.

How to Choose The Best CBD Oil for Your Dog?

Since there are a lot of options for CBD products available in the market, it can feel extremely daunting. There are several parameters you need to consider regarding your dog’s preferences and health condition. Therefore, it’s always the best option to ring your vet. They will give you more insightful information. 

Now, onto the nitty-gritty of CBD oils. Always be on the lookout for high-quality products. In this case, organic hemp emerges as the winner. Making sure that it is third-party tested contributes to its purity and strength. Don’t forget to start administering your dog with smaller doses and see how they handle it before making any changes. Keep an eye on the ingredient list as well to avoid unnecessary additives and fake flavors. 

The method by which they extract the CBD is also important. Choose the CO2 extraction method as it is the gold standard. It increases the chances that the product is pure and highly concentrated, free of harmful chemicals. 

Keep an eye on the THC content, as you need to aim for it to be as close to zero as possible. It should be below 0.3% to make sure your dog doesn’t feel any weird effects. Check out what other customers are saying in reviews. Get recommendations from other pet owners or your vet since real experiences matter. 

Success Stories of Pets Benefiting from CBD Oil

Hemp Oil

Beth Ann Corr from Boston, Massachusetts, discovered the benefits of CBD oil when her 14-year-old Sheltie Tamu was diagnosed with sarcoma and arthritis. Tamu was dealing with oral chemo. Beth Ann was looking for an effective solution without any added effects for arthritis. 

That is when she came upon a news story about someone using CBD biscuits for their dogs.  After finding a reliable supplier, she introduced CBD to Tamu and saw some really good results.

Beth Ann said that Tamu hadn’t used the stairs for more than a year. However, she started going up the steps like a champ after just two weeks on CBD. He even got back the ability to jump into the car. CBD also helped her regain her appetite during the chemo treatments. Tamu had passed away very recently, but Beth Ann adopted another Sheltie named Jazz. Jazz had some serious fear and noise issues, but Introducing Jazz to CBD made a big difference in his behavior.

After seeing these positive changes, Beth Ann decided to go on an entrepreneurial journey and help others in the process as well. She and a business partner set up their website after all the motivation they received. The success of their business is a step toward showing the benefit of such CBD-based products. 


Before you decide between hemp oil and CBD oil for your dog, it’s key to grasp their differences. Hemp oil is like a nutrition champ, supporting overall health, while CBD oil might bring therapeutic benefits such as handling anxiety and specific health stuff. The better pick comes down to what your dog specifically needs. It’s smart to chat with your vet to make a choice that fits your furry pal’s unique needs. With the right call, you can add to your dog’s overall joy and health.

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