The Healthiest Way to Get High

A few weeks ago, a post was dropped titled “Smoking Weed and Staying Healthy.” In that post, the healthiest way to smoke marijuana is discussed. However, smoking marijuana is not the healthiest way to get high. In fact, there is a way to get high that does not include having smoke or any harmful chemicals enter your body.

Many medical marijuana patients turn to this method in order to avoid smoking. When it comes to smoking marijuana, it is not particularly unhealthy, however any type of smoke that enters your lungs is not healthy or completely good for you. So, using the healthiest way to get high can also be more beneficial to your health and still get you that high that you need.

So, what is this “healthiest way to get high?” The answer to that is eating marijuana edibles.

If you are a fan of Reefer Post, then you know that there is a whole section of posts dedicated to making edibles. There, you can find ways to make edibles in ways that you may have never tried before. To check out the edibles category, click here.

How It Is The Healthiest Way

So how is eating edibles the healthiest way to get high? Well, this is because it does not require you to inhale any smoke. As mentioned above, smoke in the lungs is not completely harmless. Edibles allow you to skip the smoking part of getting high, and just digest the weed.

On the other hand, it depends on which type of edibles you eat when talking about staying healthy. Many edible recipes can make great tasting weed treats, but can be unhealthy. Making edibles is quite simple, you just need to add marijuana to a food or drink item. This can be any snacks, meals, beverages, candies, or anything else that is edible (hence the name edibles).

Turning a healthy beverage or food item into an edible is the best way to go if you are concerned about your health. For example, a marijuana smoothie or marijuana banana edible is probably healthier for you compared to a marijuana cookie or marijuana brownie edible. If you do want to try any of these marijuana edible recipes, however, then click on one below:

Smoothie Recipe.

Bananas Recipe.

Cookie Recipe.

Brownie Recipe.

Keep It Healthy

So, if you make healthy edibles, then you can use weed and stay healthy. Just think about what healthy edible products you like (food or drinks), then turn that into a marijuana edible! All you need is some cannabutter or canna oil to add your food or drink to make it get you high.

It is nice to enjoy a tasty, unhealthy treat every once and awhile (like some junk food), just make sure that you do not eat unhealthy treats all of the time. Keep those treats healthy, and your body will appreciate that later.

As mentioned before, medical marijuana patients tend to use edibles instead of smoking due to the health risks of smoking. These patients typically make (or purchase) edibles that are healthy, and not always buying chocolate or sugary marijuana edibles. In fact, most turn to candies and suckers in order to get their medication.

Some candies and suckers are actually the healthiest way to get high. They do not need to be chewed up and digested like other foods. You can just suck on them to extract the flavor, and the THC of course. The THC is absorbed into the bloodstream through mouth membranes even before being digested. This means that candies and suckers also do not take as long to kick in compared to many classic edible recipes.

When I say candies and suckers, I really mean candies such as lollipops and candies that you only suck on (like Jolly Ranchers). You can create your own candies that are infused with marijuana to get you medicated. the good thing about making your own is that you can use any flavor and any amount of sugar that you’d like! This allows for someone to make low-calorie, no sugar candies that have marijuana inside!

For a great recipe on marijuana-infused lollipops, click right here.

So remember, stick to healthy edibles if you are concerned about your health. Also, if you are not hungry or want to get high quickly, then try a lollipop or sucker to get you medicated. Thanks for reading, and happy smoking (or edible eating)!

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