How To Handle Harsh Dab Hits

Taking dabs can be fun and all, but sometimes they can be quite harsh. What is a dab? Well, a dab is when you take a hit of a cannabis concentrate. For example, this could be hash, wax, or a different type of concentrate. For this post, we’ll go with wax (since it is the most common concentrate used when dabbing). Wax is much more potent than regular weed, therefore it is easier for it to get you too high. Not only that but if you take a dab that you cannot handle, then the feeling can be horrible. Following the steps below can help eliminate that harshness and keep the fun of dabs going.

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First of all, if you are a beginner when it comes to smoking marijuana, then I highly suggest that you do not start with dabbing. This could get you a very strong high that you are not used to. Instead, try some regular weed. You could also build up your tolerance so that big dabs are no problem for you. Click here to learn how you could build up your weed tolerance.

Start Small

If you are trying to build your tolerance, then you might want to start with small dabs. For beginners, the smaller the better. Don’t try to outcompete your friends if you cannot handle it. Take it easy, and build up. This goes hand and hand with building up your tolerance. For the first time you dab, serve yourself dabs that are half or even a quarter of the size of a normal dab. Once you feel comfortable with those, make the dabs bigger. Soon you’ll be taking fat dabs like a champ. In addition, you won’t need to worry about harsh dabs so much.

Don’t Inhale As Much

When taking dabs, you do not need to inhale the smoke as much as you need to with regular weed. Wax is much more potent and stronger, meaning the high from it will hit you quicker. That means that it is unnecessary to inhale as much wax as you would with weed.

When it comes to smoking weed, you typically need to inhale a lot to get the full potential of that hit. Inhaling a lot helps you be more efficient with your weed. However, wax does not require all of that inhaling. Do not try to continuously inhale the entire dab, or you could experience a coughing attack.

Drink Water

Whenever you smoke any type of marijuana (weed, wax, vape, etc.), it is a good idea to keep some cold water with you. This is just in case you start to cough, your throat becomes itchy or irritated from the smoke, or you get cottonmouth. Fresh, cold water can help with any of those problems.

Drinking plenty of water and staying hydrated may allow you to enjoy smoking marijuana even more. Not only that but fat dabs/bong rips can take a toll on your throat or lungs. So if you keep water with you, you can start preventing irritation right when it occurs. Water also allows you to take more hits/dabs since you can use the water to cool down with.

Use Good Quality Wax

Good quality wax can also play a big role when it comes to harsh dabs. The better the quality of wax that you are using, the smoother the hits will be. Therefore, it makes sense to use the best quality of wax that you can get.

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Try Cold Hits

Another thing to try when dabbing is to take cold hits. Some dab rigs come with an ice catcher. This is a part of the stem that prevents ice from passing into the base of the rig, hence “catching” it. That way you can inhale cold smoke. If you have never done this before, I highly recommend it. Cold smoke feels way better than hot smoke does on the lungs. Also, you can usually take bigger hits/dabs when inhaling cold smoke.

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Don’t Overdo Yourself

One key point to make when it comes to dabbing is: never to overdo yourself. Taking too many dabs/too big of dabs can result in several things, including:

  • sore throat
  • irritation of lungs
  • coughing attack
  • too-intense high

This section is very similar to the “Start Small” section above. Don’t be afraid to start with small dabs. Work your way up to handling bigger dabs, instead of trying to look good and just end up getting too high or coughing too much.

If You Get Too High…

Last, but not least, if you do get too high, you should know the steps that it takes to calm down that high. One of the worst things ever is getting too high, especially when under uncomfortable circumstances. So, learning the steps to calming down a too-intense high can save you a lot of time and stress.

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That’s all for handling harsh dabs. Remember to start small and learn your limits. Happy dabbing!

FAQ: How to Deal with Harsh Dab Hits

Q1: Is it safe to inhale dab hits?

A1: Dabbing is considered relatively safe as long as you use appropriate meters and self-monitor your consumption levels is monitoring your dosage. Always start by taking low heat, limited quantities for a safe experience.

Q2: Can a dab hit make me cough?

A2: Yes, dabbing can often result in dry coughing fits, especially if you do not regulate your intake. An excessive level of heat or burning the concentrate can also cause a coughing reaction.

Q3: How long do dab effects last?

A3: This will depend on the dosage taken and your own body Metabolism. Generally a hit of highly concentrated cannabis typically lasts around 2-3 hours.

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