Grow Tents vs. Grow Room: Which One is Better for Your Marijuana Cultivation

When it comes to Marijuana cultivation, we hear two terms a lot; “Grow Room” and “Grow Tent,”

Even though they sound similar, they are different in a lot of ways.

So, if you plan to cultivate marijuana, you will probably use one or the other unless you don’t want to grow them commercially.

But how to decide which one is the right choice? And why?

Let’s compare both of them and decide which one is the perfect match for your cultivation.

But before comparing the two, it is very important to understand their meaning and how they work.

What Is A Grow Tent?

marijuana grow tents
Marijuana Grow Tent

A grow tent is a space covered from all directions under which you can control the environment for your marijuana plant. You can grow any plant in these grow tents, but we will talk specifically about marijuana.

Under a grow tent, it is easier to control factors like temperature, humidity, light, etc. The best part about grow tents is you don’t need to start from scratch; there are a lot of readymade tents available on the market.

Grow tent consists of a shell responsible for maintaining the tent’s structure.

These tents are made of cotton or, in some cases, polyester, infused with a reflective layer from inside to reflect your grown lights.

Overall, the grow tents are a very economical and convenient way to cultivate marijuana.

What is a grow room?

marijuana grow room
Marijuana Grow Room

Grow rooms are nothing but spaces in already existing buildings whose only purpose is to cultivate marijuana.

There are three types of buildings utilized for growth rooms: –

Standalone Buildings: These are warehouses that have been converted to grow spaces or some existing greenhouses utilized to grow marijuana. Unfortunately, these buildings are not economical; you are required to spend money on rent, electricity, and other expenses.

Small Stand-alone Buildings: These are small back houses or storage sheds. Although they are not as big as Standalone Buildings, they are still bigger than grow tents.

Smaller standalone buildings generally have an extension cord that brings in electricity from nearby buildings or houses; they have no water supply of their own and are generally made of metal or wood.     

Rooms Inside Existing Building: Some cultivators choose to have a grow room inside their own house. Usually, these rooms exist in the garage or back bedroom.

Difference Between Grow Tents and Grow Rooms/ Which One is Better for Me?

Although Grow Tents and Grow Rooms have some similarities, there are still many key differences between them; let’s look at all those differences.

Size and Capacity

Most grow tents are so small that they can even fit inside an average-sized bedroom or a garage.

On the other hand, grow rooms can be much bigger than grow tents, as they are buildings made of wood or metal, which can be physically bigger and firmer than a tent.

There is no way in which we can fight the physics of it. Grow rooms are a much better solution when we think of the long-term solution.

Larger space equals more capacity for growing crops, ultimately providing you with great profits. So, if you are planning to cultivate marijuana on a large scale, then Grow rooms are perfect for you.


Well, this question does not have a straightforward answer. However, if you were to purchase the grow room, then grow tents will always be a much cheaper option.         

But it will be even cheaper if you already have a spare room in your house that you can utilize for cultivating marijuana. But the cost of the room or tent should not be the biggest expense you need to be worried about, electricity and lighting are the costs that should be considered the most.

Tents do not have light fixtures; while every room has existing basic light fixtures, you probably won’t use basic light fixtures as you grow light.

Both tents and rooms require an investment in lighting. The difference is, how much floor space do you need to illuminate? The fewer plants, the less investment in the lights.


If your house can set up a grow room in your house. You can also set up grow tents in your house. Hence it is also convenient enough.

Grow tent is considered a more suitable option since you can hold these tents in your space without requiring much modification.

If you want to build a grow room, you have made significant changes in your existing room which you want to convert into a grow room.

Overall, tents are a bit more convenient than rooms.

FAQs: Marijuana Cultivation

Is it better to use a grow tent?

It totally depends on what scale do you want to cultivate marijuana, and if you want to cultivate them on a smaller scale, then grow tents are perfect for you.

Does a grow tent increase yield?

Grow tents increase your yield if fitted with the right equipment and a proper water and electricity supply.

Do I need a grow room?

It is not necessary to cultivate your marijuana in a grow room, but if you plan to cultivate it on a larger scale, then grow rooms can prove to be a better option.

Do Grow Tents reduce smell?

No, grow tents don’t block the smell of marijuana, as the material used in these tents are cotton and polyester, which do not qualify as smell-proof material.

Are grow tents safe?

Safety totally depends on the caretaker of the tents. If tents are kept tidy, electric pieces of equipment are kept away from water and flammable objects, and the circuits are not overloaded, then these tents are safe, and there is nothing to worry about.


Now that you know everything about both the growing spaces, your final decision should be based on your requirements. To give you a simple answer, if you want to grow marijuana on a smaller scale, go for tents. On the other hand, grow rooms would be a perfect choice if you want to cultivate marijuana on a larger scale.

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