Glass Dab Rigs Under $50 Reviews in 2023

Glass dab rigs can provide a heavenly sensation while smoking, but their high price can be your reason for still not getting one for yourself. Fortunately, you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars for a decent dab rig made of glass, as some good ones are available for under $50. Don’t worry; just because they are cheap doesn’t mean they suffer from a lack of quality, as these rigs are well-crafted and have a good reputation among users. Here are the best glass dab rigs you can find under $50 –

Glass Dab Rigs Under 50

Classic Shower Bend

6" Classic Shower Bend Dab Rig

The 6” Classic Shower Bend from Stoned Genie can elevate your smoking sessions to a whole new level with its simple yet color design. Dab rigs are not only supposed to be functional but also look marvelous, both of which are nailed by this one. The single percolator is excellent for satisfying and smooth hits, whether you’re enjoying some flower or dabbing concentrates.

This one comes with quartz and a bowl, and the additions make a great set for a peaceful smoking experience. One of the challenging aspects of using this dab rig is the cleaning, as it can be a bit tricky. We recommend using baking powder and vinegar for the best DIY cleaning approach. All in all, this is a decent option for the money while looking stylish as well.

Fumed Twisted Neck Color Changing

6" Fumed Twisted Neck Color Changing Dab Rig

Boasting its twisted glass design and color-changing fumed glass, this dab rig stands out among regular options found in the market. And for such a low price, having an eye-catching option like this feels like a steal. The rig comes with a remarkable high-quality quartz glass banger, which looks and feels sturdy. Moreover, similar to the Classic Shower Bend, the Twisted Neck option from Stoned Genie has a single percolator inside, making the hits feel much smoother.

In terms of functionality, there isn’t much difference between this and the classic option. However, a lot of people prefer this one due to its color-changing ability, which often results in a magnificent glow under a light that looks surreal when you are enjoying a smoking session. Lastly, the twisted neck is not only for aesthetics, but it can also help cool down the smoke much better compared to regular tubes. 

Tornado Recycler

6" Tornado Recycler Dab Rig

Our last pick from Stoned Genie is the Tornado Recycler, which also has a stylish and sleek design. The 6” rig is compact for carrying, and the recycler feature adds a touch of sophistication to the overall look. Coming with a 14mm male bowl and a quartz banger, the rig is suitable for both dry herb users and concentrate enjoyers.

The tornado-like action of the water in the rig created a mesmerizing visual effect when smoking, and along with making the smoke look magical, it also serves a purpose by cooling down the smoke, making the hit feel much smoother. The tornado effect, along with the recycling feature, are the unique aspects of this rig, not to mention the cheaper cost, allowing beginners to invest in a better smoking experience.



Looking at the Shower Head Mini, the first thing that will stand out to you is the incredible design with its translucent body with a shimmering-colored bent neck. As a result, it achieves one of the most important parts of a dab rig – elegance. The rig features a 14mm female joint with a 90º joint angle, which provides a strong connection for both the glass bowl and quartz banger nail.

Having the showerhead perc inside the rig provides a gentle and smooth heat, cooling down the smoke quickly. Moreover, the honeycomb perc adds to the experience. The thick borosilicate glass not only speaks for the rigid construction of the piece but makes it look very elegant as well. Lastly, the Maria rings help with holding the rig while you enjoy an evening of smoking. 



A borosilicate glass construction with a 2.5-inch base, the MJ Arsenal’s Royal Mini Rig features a classic Fab-Egg design, incorporating a percolation system that enhances the flavor of smoke. The quality of this piece is better-enhanced thanks to its flared mouthpiece and a 10mm female joint, making each hit feel smooth. The rig comes with a 10mm male banger nail which has an ideal build quality for a glass piece like this.

Compared to bigger rigs, the Royale Mini Rig has a very unique flavor. Moreover, dabbing with this is also viable despite its smaller size. One thing, though, is that you need to be careful while handling the rig due to its Fab-Egg design, as it can be pretty fragile.



Standing at just 5 inches tall, the Nano Inline Perc Oil Rig is one of the smallest options out there, making it an ideal travel bubbler. One of the most notable features of the rig is the multi-slit inline perc, providing excellent filtration to your every hit. If you like smoking dry herbs, the rig comes with a 14mm male glass bowl. 

The rig has a clear borosilicate glass construction, making it look clean and allowing you to watch the vapor percolate and stack bubbles. One of this rig’s primary issues is its size, as the small stature of the piece can be harsh on the throat. Moreover, some users prefer a different nail than what’s included in the rig. Nonetheless, this is a well-rounded option for beginners considering the minimal cost.

Tips for Purchasing Dab Rigs Under $50

Just because you are spending a little less than the market norm doesn’t mean you have to suffer from getting a poor rig. Here are some essential tips to make your under $50 purchase worth every penny –

Durable Material

Get a dab rig that’s made of high-quality glass, such as borosilicate, known for its resistance to thermal shock. Make sure to avoid anything made of acrylic or plastic, as they can affect the quality by a great margin.

Percolation and Filtration

Percolation is essential for enjoying smooth hits as it cools down the vapor while filtering it. Go for dab rigs that are equipped with simple percolators like inline percs or showerhead percs since these are the most common options in rigs under $50. Tree and honeycomb percs are certainly on the more premium side.

Joint Size and Type

Make sure the rig’s joint size matches the size of the banger or nail you have. Otherwise, you will have to buy extra parts. For example, most under $50 rigs have a 14mm joint. Moreover, check if the joint is male or female to match your accessories accordingly. 


During a smoking session, the aesthetics of a glass rig can go a long way to alleviate the experience. Anything with beautiful design choices, colorful glass, or unique shapes to appeal to the eyes can be good. 

Types of Dab Rigs 

Glass Dab Rig

5 common dab rigs are available in the market based on the components used to make them. Here they are –

Glass Dab Rigs

Dab rigs made of class are suitable for smoking shatter, wax, or rosin dabs and are also great for people who are new to dabbing. These rigs can be anywhere from 6 to 12 inches tall and are usually made from borosilicate glass. 

Silicone Dab Rigs

While glass rigs can cost a pretty penny, silicone ones are more affordable and also long-lasting due to the flexible material. Moreover, it is pretty easy to clean as you can take apart the accessories. 

Recycler Dab Rigs

Recycler dab rigs are known for their smooth hits. They are larger rigs featuring hourglass-shaped designs and are favored among seasoned dabbers. These premium features come with a hefty price tag, though. 

Mini Dab Rigs

If you are looking for cheaper dab rigs, mini rigs can be found under $50. These rigs are suitable for low-key tokers but do not compromise on the smoothness. However, cleaning these rigs is also harder due to their small size.


Portability is the word with electronic dab rigs, as you can take apart the entire kit to carry around. You can have the best smoking session with excellent temperature control and heat settings if you know your stuff. 

Sources for Quality Dab Rigs

Here are some of the most prominent dab rigs supplier in the market right now –


Even though your budget may be limited, more than enough vendors can provide suitable rigs under $50. And looking at the reviews, you have a good understanding that spending less doesn’t mean you have to suffer from the lack of quality. 

These cheaper options are usually smaller in size and have a few different types of percs, but they are good enough for a nice dabbing session with quality hash. 

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