Strain Review: Gelato

In different parts of the world, different strains of cannabis are very popular. While there is a list of popular strains worldwide, some strains are only popular in certain areas. For example, in the United States alone, some strains that are popular on the West Coast are not very popular on the East Coast, and vice versa. In addition, some strains that are popular throughout the entire United States may not be popular at all in places such as Amsterdam or the UK. The strain being reviewed in this post, Gelato, is one of those.


Gelato is one of the most popular cannabis strains known to man. Named after the Italian ice cream, this strain was created in the Bay Area, California by crossbreeding the two strains Sunset Sherbet and Thin Mint GSC. Cookie Fam Genetics created this hybrid strain to gain the best out of both parent strains. And it worked! Gelato alone is much more popular compared to both of its parents combined. The main reason for its success and popularity is due to its potency. It is very strong! Rookie smokers may not want to try this one out just yet, as it may cause too strong of a high for newbies.

In the United States, Gelato is very common. Areas in the US where cannabis is legal may find it easy to acquire this strain. Go outside of the US, however, and it may be much more difficult to obtain. For example, you can find Gelato in Amsterdam, but it is much more expensive compared to the US. In both the US and Canada, you can typically buy a gram of Gelato for $20. In Amsterdam, though, you’re looking at about $40 just for one gram of Gelato. So make sure you like it if you are going to buy it over there.


Due to Gelato’s potency, its effects are felt very strongly. This strain contains about 25% THC, while most hybrid strains contain around 13%. First off, it can deliver a heavy feeling of euphoria. A strong feeling of relaxation might run over you as well; however, thanks to Gelato’s sativa parent you won’t get too tired and can still be productive if needed. More effects of Gelato include (but are not limited to):

  • happiness
  • relaxation
  • euphoria
  • creativity
  • uplifted

As a hybrid strain, Gelato offers a 50/50 balance in effects between indica and sativa. The 50% of India will kick in and send relaxation throughout your body, while the euphoric reinforcements come in right after. But before sleepiness can overwhelm you, the 50% of sativa kicks in, and saves the day by making you feel uplifted and creative. This unique blend is one major reason why many cannabis stoners love Gelato.

Medical Benefits

Not only can Gelato satisfy recreational users, but it can also help out with some medical conditions (just like most cannabis strains). For one, Gelato is known to be a great stress reliever. As mentioned above, it makes you feel happy and uplifted. Therefore, there is no room for stress when you’re high off some Gelato! This strain also kicks depression and pain out of the window. Here’s a full list of conditions that Gelato can help with:

  • insomnia
  • lack of appetite
  • depression
  • pain
  • stress

If you use cannabis for medical purposes only, then Gelato might not be the best option. Especially if you use it only to treat conditions and not to get high at all, because this strain will get you stoned. If you do need a better medical-only strain, then click here for some ideas. Gelato is more for those who enjoy getting high, but also want to treat one of the conditions on the list above. So be aware of this; if you smoke some to reduce stress be ready for a high to rise shortly after.

Flavors and Scents

Smells and tastes should always play a part in choosing a cannabis strain. Good thing Gelato is popular for those too, right? This strain has more of a sweet aroma, that can remind you of your favorite dessert (especially when the munchies kick in). Another one is citrus. Do you like oranges and lemons? Well smoke some Gelato if you do and you’ll almost think you just bit into one (okay, maybe not bit into a lemon). This strain can also taste earthy as Mother Nature herself gave it to you. After all, it is a plant.

What did you like about this strain review on Gelato? Was there anything that you did not like? Drop a comment below! I like Gelato, but only when I’m trying to get high or reduce some stress. That’s all for this post. Hopefully, you learned something about the great strain of Gelato. Thanks for reading!

FAQ: Gelato Strain Review

Q1: What are the medical benefits of the Gelato cannabis strain? 

A1: Gelato is known for providing a creative and uplifting high that can help to reduce depression, stress, and even chronic pain. 

Q2: How can I tell the difference between Gelato and other cannabis strains? 

A2: Gelato has a strong smell of lavender, herb, and blueberry, and the buds are usually dense, round, and slightly purple.

Q3: Is Gelato suitable for novice cannabis users? 

A3: Gelato is considered a medium-strength strain, making it suitable for most novice cannabis users. However, those new to cannabis should start with a low dose until they get used to the effects. 

Q4: How does Gelato affect appetite? 

A4: Gelato is known for its intense munchies, and this strain can lead to an increase in appetite. It is recommended that you have healthy snacks available to control your calorie intake.

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