What To Do If Your Friend Gets Too High

Smoking weed or even eating edibles with some friends is always a good time. What’s not fun about sitting around with some of your best buddies, getting high, and telling a few jokes? Then, go out and do your favorite activities with them while stoned. That always calls for a great time! Getting high with friends is good for all social stoners. That is when someone doesn’t get too high.

Sometimes, friends might cheer on other friends to smoke more or eat another edible. And sometimes, due to peer pressure, that friend does consume more cannabis than they can handle to the point where they feel sick. That’s called being too high, or greening out to some. If that happens to one of your friends, you should know what to do when the time comes.

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Below, we have some tips on helping your friend out when they’ve gotten too high. Helping them out can not only comfort them through the process and ultimately stop it, but hopefully stop it from ever happening again. Getting too high is never fun, so help them bring it down so everyone can have a good time. Check it out:

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The first step in helping out someone who has gotten too high (even if it’s yourself) is to check out our post on calming down a too-intense high. In that post, we discuss what to do in a situation where you got too high and need to calm down. Read that post, then apply some of the tips in the post to your friend. That should help them begin to feel better.

Distract Them

If someone gets too high, it can oftentimes be a very uncomfortable and sometimes miserable experience. It can be so bad sometimes that they just want to die (but don’t worry, it can’t kill you). The best thing to do is to get that person’s mind off of the unpleasant feelings. That means you need to distract them. If you are in a house, think about things around that house that you can both do to keep their mind off of the negative feelings.

Look around for some board games or playing cards. You can play a few rounds of your and your friend’s favorite game(s) for a while. You can also play your favorite video games together. Don’t like to play games? That’s fine, watch some t.v. shows or even movies. Throw some Netflix on or any other film platform that you might use. Or, if you guys are out and about, you could even go to the movies and watch one. Just be careful with that, as sometimes being too high makes a person uncomfortable around others. It may be best to stay in the house for that one.

If you and your friend are not in a house, and you are at a park or something of that nature, then it may be a little bit more difficult to distract them. But you can still do it. As long as you both have smartphones, then you can download a two-player game from your app store and play that together. Or, if you are in a car, sit back and play some of your friend’s favorite songs. In the outdoors, you can get a bit creative. Use your surroundings to come up with something for you and your friend to do. The bottom line is to get them away from thinking about those negative feelings that they are experiencing.

Take Them For A Walk

Another way to distract your friend from being too high is to go for a walk with them. This does not have to be on a walking trail or in the woods. Simply walk outside and go down the sidewalk for a bit. It can be a twenty-minute, fifteen-minute, or even just a ten-minute walk. The whole objective is to just get them out and get them moving.

Not only will going for a walk distract your friend, but it can also help remove bad feelings. This is because when the body gets active, it can begin to get rid of any negative or unwanted feelings. Think about exercising. Those who do not exercise at all may experience more negative feelings in their bodies compared to those who moderately exercise and stay healthy. Being healthy is key in life, and it can also help when it comes to being too high. Getting out and getting active may be what your friend needs to feel better.

Get Them Food or Water

If you read the post that I recommended above, then you will notice how staying hydrated and fed is important when overcoming a too-intense high. Sometimes not eating enough or drinking enough water could be the main reason why someone got too high. Drinking water is vital when attempting to stay healthy. And eating food is, well, if you’re still alive then you know that it is pretty vital, too. But consuming cannabis on an empty stomach is never a good idea. If your friend has done this and does not feel well, then try getting them to eat something. Getting full produces great relief (in my opinion) and could ultimately get rid of those negative feelings.

If you are away from home and cannot make some food, then try fast food. While it isn’t the healthiest option, it can quickly get the job done. Drive your friend to their favorite fast food restaurant and order their favorite meal. Or, if you have time and they are good with it, go to a sit-down restaurant and enjoy some good food. That’s always fun when you’re stoned, especially when the munchies kick in.

Water is much easier to access than food, most of the time. The best thing to do is always bring some water to your smoke sessions, or even when you are just going out. If your friend is too high, try getting them to drink some cold water. That may bring them some temporary relief, which is sure better than nothing.

Comfort and Calm Them

While you are doing all of the above steps, make sure to continuously comfort them and try to calm them down. This should especially be done for those who suffer from high anxiety and/or paranoia. While cannabis can help treat these issues, it can also cause them to trigger in the right person. Just being there for your friend may bring down their anxiety and help get rid of that too-intense high.

One way of comforting your friend is by letting them know that everything will be okay. The bad high will not last forever, and will soon end. If you are good at telling jokes, why not tell your friend a few and try to get them to crack a smile? Tell them a good memory that you two have together. Anything to get them to calm down and smile will help.

Once you complete all of these steps, your friend will be on their way to recovering from a too-intense high. Then you guys can wait a few hours and smoke again! Just make sure not to go over your limits, and make sure your friend doesn’t go over theirs. That’s all for this post. Thanks for reading!

FAQ: What Should You Do If Your Friend Gets Too High?

Q: What should I do if my friend resists or refuses help?

A: If your friend resists or refuses help, make sure they are in a safe place and keep an eye on them. Do not force them to do anything against their will, but instead remain calm, supportive, and informed of their condition.

Q: What signs can I look out for to know if my friend is getting too high?

A: Signs of someone getting too high may include behavior changes, impaired coordination and balance, difficulty expressing thoughts, and signs of anxiety or paranoia.

Q: What should I do if my friend isn’t feeling better after a few hours?

A: If your friend isn’t feeling better after a few hours, seek professional help immediately. Consider calling a doctor, hospital, or poison control center for assistance.

Q: How can I help my friend feel better while the effects of the drug are wearing off?

A: To help your friend feel better while the effects of the drug wear off, create a calming environment, speak reassuringly, provide them with non-caffeinated liquids and snacks, and be patient.

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