Smoking Tricks: How To French Inhale

When it comes to smoking, there are many different tricks that you can do with the smoke. These tricks are just for fun but can make the smoke look cool. Some people have come up with creative ways to make the smoke do tricks. Don’t believe me? Just go to YouTube or Google and search “Smoking Tricks.” You’ll be amazed.

This post will go into a simple, yet entertaining smoking trick called French inhaling. It can easily be done by anyone, all you have to do is be smoking!

Quick Facts

So before we get into how to french inhale, let’s talk about what french inhaling is. This smoking trick is done when smoke leaves your mouth and enters your nose simultaneously. It is not as easy as it sounds, however, which is why we will give you some instructions on it below.

Why is it called French inhaling? Well, the funny this about this is that it has nothing to do with the French, or even France. This trick has never been proven to originate in France, or if it is even most popular there. The only explanation for this trick being seen as French is that smoking is popular in France, but the trick itself has never proven to be popular there.

How To French Inhale

Anyway, enough of that talk. Let’s get into how to do this trick. There are only a few steps to it, and once you try it a few times, you’ll have it down for good.

When it comes to how you should be smoking, there are a few ways that will work. Ideally, you should smoke out of a blunt or a joint. However, you could french inhale with small glass pieces, such as pipes and bubblers. You do have to smoke weed, however, because wax does not produce as much smoke, therefore making it much harder.

Start by taking a decent-sized hit of weed, not too small of a hit, but not too large. However, the larger the hit, the more smoke that will pass through during the trick. Just make sure you do not take too big of a hit that you cannot handle, or else you’ll just end up coughing and ruining the trick.

Once you take the hit, do not inhale it. Leave it in your mouth. Then, open your mouth slightly and move your jaw forward, so that it is positioned more under your nose, once you do this, begin to inhale through your nose. The smoke will leave your mouth and travel straight up your nose. You have now successfully french inhaled!

Try it many times to get it down just right. Soon you will be impressing your friends with this cool smoking trick! They’ll be wondering where you learned to do that. Just make sure you send them over to Reefer Post!

That’s it for this smoking trick tutorial. Did you enjoy it? If so, let us know in the comments. This is the first smoking trick on the website, and more will be posted shortly. Happy smoking!

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