Foods That Will Increase Your High

Have you ever been eating something and felt as if you were getting high from it (and it didn’t contain cannabis)? That feeling of euphoria you get is only present in certain foods. Think about it, what food(s) have you eaten before that gave you a feeling that was similar to being high from weed? If your food is not in the list below, drop a comment about it!

So, if these certain foods give off a feeling that is similar to being high, then what would it feel like to combine that feeling with actually being high? Would your high get stronger? Would it last for longer? Well, let’s take a look at six foods that can enhance your high, but in different ways.


If you like to eat your greens as much as you smoke greens, then try eating some broccoli before your next smoke session. Especially for those with inflammatory pains, as broccoli has been known to treat that. It can ease those pains and help you mellow out. Broccoli is also good for relieving pain in general. And if you use medical cannabis to help with pain, combining broccoli with that will surely help even more.


Another option that can help to increase your high is to drink some beer. Now, be careful, as this isn’t always a good thing. Keep in mind that beer contains alcohol, which is a mind-altering substance of its own. Sometimes, mixing alcohol and cannabis can lead to issues. If you do not stay at your limits, then you could end up getting too drunk, high, or even both. This can lead to nausea, vomiting, and even a bad hangover in the morning.

If you can control your limits, then mixing weed and alcohol may not be so bad for you. If you enjoy the effects of both, then it can lead to a good time. In fact, a study on this proved that people who were under the influence of both alcohol and cannabis had a significantly higher blood THC level.


If you want to drink something to increase your high, but don’t want to get drunk (or drink any alcohol at all), then try some tea. Tea contains antioxidants that can bind with cannabinoids to increase your mood and relaxation level.

You could even sip on some cannabis-infused tea and smoke some cannabis. That would definitely improve your high, as you would be ingesting two forms of cannabis. Click here to check out our recipe for some cannabis-infused tea.


Mangos may possibly be the best when it comes to foods that enhance your high. When you consume mangos and cannabis, their chemical compounds work well together. That is thanks to something known as myrcene terpenes, which are found in mangos (but not most fruits) and cannabis. So, if you are someone who can get ahold of more mangos than you can marijuana, then you can use this as an advantage to eat more mangos and smoke less marijuana.

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The best way to get the effects from a mango and some marijuana is to eat the mango(s), or drink mango juice, one hour before you smoke. This way, you allow yourself to fully digest the mango(s) and get those full effects. The one hour before method has been proven to work, try it out for yourself.

Mangos are also a much healthier alternative to most munchies out there. That is, in terms of popular foods to eat when high, pizza, cookies, candies, crackers, donuts, and many more. Mangos and the other foods listed on this post (besides beer) are healthier for you than what you may be craving after you smoke some marijuana.


Here’s another one for you: nuts. That’s right, put some nuts in your mouth and let it enhance your feelings. Not sure what type of nuts you are thinking about, but we are talking about: peanuts, cashews, almonds, walnuts, and those sorts. These nuts can actually cause your high to last longer, and hit much faster. Omega 3 fatty acids are present in nuts, which are healthy and bind with cannabinoids to increase the effects. Nuts also help support a healthy heart, and who doesn’t want that? Plus, the more nuts you eat, the longer you’ll get to enjoy your high!

Sweet Potatoes

Last, but not least, we have sweet potatoes. With the help of Vitamin E and Vitamin B, sweet potatoes have been scientifically proven to improve a person’s mood. Most marijuana strains already do that. Now imagine eating some sweet potatoes before or after you smoke some weed? You’d feel great, and you can kiss depression goodbye. When pairing sweet potatoes with cannabis, you can expect to feel happy and wanting to consume even more. Plus, they can help cure the munchies, and are yet another healthy alternative.

Which was your favorite on this list? Try some out, and pair it with cannabis to get the effects that we talked about. Drop a comment below about your experience! Happy smoking.

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