How To Fix An Uneven Burn

When it comes to blunts and joints, one of the worst things that can happen is an uneven burn. This is when the end of the blunt/joint does not burn evenly, and instead, one side decides to burn quicker than the other. This can result in wasting a bunch of weed or messing up the blunt/joint as a whole. Both should never happen, so here’s what you should do to prevent it.

How It Happens

There are a few reasons why an uneven burn may occur. Figuring out the root problem could solve it all. If uneven burns are a common issue for you, then yes, this will surely help.

The first possibility for an uneven burn is how the weed was broken down before rolling it up. When this is not done properly, the rolled blunt/joint may never burn right. It might not even burn at all if it’s that bad! Often when breaking down weed with hands, it is easy to let some bigger-than-desired buds slip through with the finely broken-down weed.

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The second most common reason for an uneven burn is due to the blunt/joint not being rolled tight enough. If the roll is too loose, the burn will not be able to evenly catch on. Additionally, if one side is somehow packed tighter than the other (which is possible), this will cause the tighter side to burn faster.

Because of these two recipes for uneven burns, they continue to persist in the stoner world. However, following the tips below can end those nasty burns once and for all.

What To Do

Let’s say you are reading this post after you got the uneven burn, and it’s too late to unroll and start over. In that case, you’ve come to the right place. Luckily for you, we have ways to correct that.

First, start by holding your blunt/joint up vertically, with the burning side on top. With your lighter, spark the side that is uneven, or has not caught up yet. A flame should catch on and make that sideburn faster than before. This is normal, and you should allow the flame to do its thing. Be patient! Don’t put the flame out, it will put itself out once it catches up.

If that does not work, then you’re screwed. No seriously, there is not much else you could do besides unroll it and start from scratch. But what you could do is develop some good habits for future roles, allowing you to never make that mistake again. Check out these tips for rolling upright.

Consider using a grinder when breaking down weed. Grinders allow you to break down the weed much more finely than with your hands and make the process easier. This way, the weed will surely be broken down even without any bigger buds slipping through.

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While rolling up the blunt/joint, make sure to roll it tight enough. The best way to learn the proper tightness is simply through trial and error. After you roll and smoke a few blunts or joints, you‘ll know what is too tight and not tight enough. Also, never roll it too tight, or you won’t even get any airflow!

If you use filters in your blunts or joints, there is another trick you can try. It’s called the Ten Taps Trick. The trick is in the name. Simply tap your blunt/joint on its filter after it has been rolled. Hold it up vertically, with the filter on the bottom being tapped on a hard surface (ten times). Make sure you are tapping, and not smashing, as too much pressure will ruin the whole thing. Be careful and be patient! Tapping causes smaller bits of weed to fall through your blunt/joint and fill in any tiny, empty spots.

What You Shouldn’t Do

Of course, there are some things you should avoid doing when you see an uneven roll. These things should be avoided because, well, they could make the uneven burn even worse.

If you attempt to fix an uneven burn using the flame method, do not manually put the flame out. Also, make sure you only light the uneven side. If you follow these instructions, the flame will put itself out once it catches up with the other side. Putting the flame out too early will just keep your blunt/joint uneven.

Lastly, if you continue to experience uneven rolls and cannot fix the problem whatsoever, then express the fact that you simply cannot roll. Pass the rolling onto someone who knows what to do, who is experienced enough to get a good roll in. Because while doing the rolling may be fun and all, what’s more, important is that you have something good to smoke.

That’s all for this post. What did you think? Hopefully, uneven burns are never an issue for you again. Thanks for reading!

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FAQ: How To Fix An Uneven Burn

Q: What causes an uneven burn? 

A: An uneven burn can be caused by improper packing of the bowl, too high of a flame, or too much airflow. All of these factors can prevent the flame from properly and evenly heating the herb, leading to an uneven burn. 

Q: How can I prevent an uneven burn? 

A: To prevent an uneven burn, you should ensure that the bowl is properly and evenly packed, use a low temperature/flame, and control the airflow by using a carb or airflow control. This should result in an even burn of the herb with no harshness or wasted material. 

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