The EnviroKlenz Products Review

There are so many people out there who smoke marijuana. If you’re reading this, then chances are you do too! I mean, why else would you be interested in Reefer Post, a blog about marijuana? Unless you are one of those who only likes edibles.

If you do smoke marijuana, however, then you know about all of the positives that come with it. Yet, you also know about the negatives. One of those negatives is the fact that marijuana has a very strong odor. Some people may be asking “How is the smell of marijuana a negative thing?” Well, many people cannot just walk around smelling like marijuana. Those people have to hide the smell, for whatever the case may be.

Recently, I discovered EnviroKlenz, a company that creates deodorizers. I managed to get my hands on a few of their products, and here’s what I have to say about them!

What You Should Know

Before I get into the review of these two products EnviroKlenz gave me to try, first, you should get a good idea about what these products are/ do. EnviroKlenz products are made to eliminate source odors, fragrances, and chemicals. Their products are made from safe earth minerals and include no masking agents. They are quick and easy to use and are also safe to use around your family and pets.

Narrowing down to the products that I am reviewing, the Hand Soap and Laundry Enhancer, both work to eliminate odors. The Hand Soap is fragrance-free and non-toxic and will get the job done. The same goes with the Laundry Enhancer. Both products will deodorize whatever comes in contact.

Now, you might think “This is cool and all, but how does this relate to marijuana?” Well, as mentioned above, marijuana can leave a strong scent on you, your clothes, and even your surroundings. Think about hotboxing; whenever you smoke in an enclosed area, all the smoke stays trapped in there with you. Then, after the hotbox is over, the whole place reeks of weed. So, using a deodorizer would help get rid of that strong scent of weed, and bring the natural scents back.

In the past, I have used deodorizers that guaranteed to remove odors but did not. Some deodorizers do better than others, while some just flat-out don’t work. So, of course, we had to test out these products for ourselves, to see how well these EnviroKlenz products could do to expel the strong odor of marijuana.

Using Against Marijuana Odors

Let’s say that you did want to use a deodorizer to remove the smell of marijuana. Well, luckily for you, we tried out the EnviroKlenz Hand Soap and Laundry Enhancer for ourselves to see if they worked. So, if you would also like to use either of these products, then follow our instructions below!

First, we’ll start with the Hand Soap. Since the hand soap says it’s fragrance-free, we had to smell it to see if that was true; and yes, it has a neutral odor. Using it is simple, if you know how to use regular hand soap then you’re all set. Just wash your hands like you normally would, and let the deodorizer do its magic!

EnviroKlenz Hand Soap In Action

When I applied the Hand Soap to my hands, it felt more like a scrub compared to regular hand soap. By that I mean it has small pebble-like substances in the actual soap, just like a face or body scrub has. After washing the soap off, we had to make sure that it worked. Right before washing my hands, I had broken down some weed, rolled up a blunt, and then smoked it. My hands were smelling like weed. But, once I washed them, the smell of weed was gone and my hands had a neutral odor.

As for the Laundry Enhancer, we tested it by doing more than just smoking a blunt. Instead, we hotboxed a blunt. Then, we threw the clothes that we wore in the hotbox into our washing machine and added some of the laundry enhancer. On the container, it says to add 1/4 cups for a small load, or 1/2 cups for medium to large loads. So, we added just enough for a small load. Then, we turned the washing machine on and waited for our marijuana-stitched clothes to wash.

EnviroKlenz Laundry Enhancer In Action

Once the clothes finished washing and drying, we took them out and checked for the smell of marijuana. It was completely gone. The laundry enhancer not only left our clothes looking clean and fresh but also free of any smell of marijuana.

The Review

So, the real question is, would Reefer Post refer its readers to check out these EnviroKlenz products? Do they work, or are they just a waste of time and money?

These EnviroKlenz products do work and they are worth it if you need to remove a strong scent, in this case, the smell of marijuana. Even if the smell is not marijuana, these products can get the job done.

I like the Hand Soap more than the Laundry Enhancer. I only had to use a small amount of it in my hands to make them clean and fragrance-free. In addition, I had used it after I rolled up and smoked a blunt, and I had small bits of weed stuck in my fingers, which smelled and caused my hands to be sticky. The Hand Soap works as a scrub to get all of that out! Just know that I will be using that bottle after every smoke session from now on.

As for the Laundry Enhancer, it’s still a great product. If you mix in a small amount with the detergent that you use, it will make sure to remove all odors. Which, in the case of hotboxing, is nice. But you do not need to hotbox to use the laundry enhancer. Marijuana smoke can still get into your clothes even if you sit outside in the open. With that being said, I will most likely be using this for every load of laundry I do, just to play it safe.

So, did you like these products? You can check them out by clicking on any picture in this post, or clicking the link at the end of this post. And the best part is, you are a reader of Reefer Post, so if you do decide to purchase a product from EnviroKlenz, you can use our discount code to receive 15% off! Check out the code below:

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Thanks for checking out another review from Reefer Post! Hope you enjoyed this one. Remember, if you need to get rid of that marijuana odor, these products may work best for you. Don’t forget to add our discount code if you pick some up! Thanks for reading!

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