Ways To Enjoy Cannabis While Stuck At Home

In these recent times, staying at home has been ideal. The recent coronavirus outbreak has seen many places around the world go on lockdown, forcing people to stay home from work. Also, those who believe they may have the virus or are highly vulnerable to it should self-quarantine, a.k.a. stay at home for the majority of the time. You could, as well, not be affected by the virus at all and simply like staying at home. Whatever the case is, here are some ways you can get creative with cannabis and avoid boredom.

Sure, you could always get simple and smoke weed regularly, but where’s the fun in that? Below are some better, more interesting ways of using your cannabis. You can turn a straightforward smoke session into an enjoyable process, possibly more enjoyable than the high itself.

Get Creative With Rolling

Do you typically smoke blunts or joints? If so, try to switch things up. Once you master the craft of rolling up, the process may tend to become tedious and repetitive. If you roll every day, it can even be quite dull after many times. Instead of rolling a simple blunt, roll in a way that you never have before!

If you surf the web, you can find tons of crazy designs for blunts and joints. Check out this one:

Rolled Blunt Helicopter

Imagine smoking that!? Let alone, imagine rolling that? I would honestly be very proud of myself if I could roll something like that. With my rolling skills, however, I have no chance…

This design in particular may be far-fetched, but there are some simpler designs that you can try. You could even make up some of your own! Getting creative is the key here, so you may need to smoke a little bud before you being your elaborate roll.

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Not very creative? Try something with blunts and joints you may have never tried. Instead of rolling two separate blunts, roll them together, side-by-side like a shotgun barrel. Then, try smoking two at a time!

Make Some Edibles

Sometimes, smoking weed all the time can seem more like a habit and less like an activity. If the only way you use cannabis is by smoking or vaping it, why not try eating it? Making edibles alone can be a fun activity, especially if you enjoy cooking. You can make food dishes, drinks, desserts, snacks, and anything else edible.

Here at Reefer Post, we have tons of edible recipes to choose from. Some are easy and only take a few minutes to complete, while others may take much longer and require more steps. If you want to whip up something quick, try an easy recipe. You could even try your recipes out. All you need is one main ingredient infused with cannabis, then use it in your recipe. Cannabutter and canna oil are two common ingredients that can be used to infuse foods with cannabis.

After you finish making your edibles, have people around your house (if any) try them out. Just make sure you let them know that they are infused with cannabis, as a surprise edible is not always a good experience.

Try A Weed Game

Besides regularly sparking and smoking your stash, why not turn it into a game with friends? By a game, I mean a board, card, dice, or similar game. You can even turn popular games into stoner games!

For example, you have most likely heard of the game called Jenga. If not, quickly look it up. This fun yet simple game can be incorporated with cannabis to allow you and your friends to play and get high. How do you go about doing this? Fortunately, we have a post on it.

Another fun stoner game is called Smokin’ Dice. In this game, you roll dice to see what action you must take. One dice has actions such as “take 2 hits”, another dice has actions such as “spin in a circle”, a third dice lists who will do the actions, and the final dice has an additional ending action, such as “laugh as hard as you can”. After a few rounds of this game, you will be plenty high and have had much fun playing with friends!

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Finally, you can always read more Reefer Post. This is one of the easiest things to do since it is the only option that doesn’t need actual bud. You can sit back and learn so much about cannabis! Maybe you have some buds, and you want to try out something new with them. Our How-To Category can give you tons of ideas on trying new things with marijuana.

Additionally, Reefer Post also has a Youtube channel. Most of our videos are either informational or simply for entertainment. Click here to check out our channel!

Reefer Post has a wide selection when it comes to cannabis strains. Every week, new strain reviews are published on all types of strains, varying in terpenes, effects, medical benefits, and more. You can view our many strains and find some that you may want to try out for yourself!

Overall, this website has tons of information on cannabis. Every single week, two new blog posts are published. Instead of being bored and stuck at home, make some use of it by educating yourself on this amazing plant. Getting high off weed won’t be the same after you get high off reading too much Reefer Post.

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No matter what, the overall goal while being stuck at home is to stay busy. Instead of a quick smoke sesh, you can make the process slower, yet more exciting. First, read up on what you can do. Next, smoke a small amount so you get a good buzz/some creativity. Then, get creative and have fun. Hope you enjoyed this post. Thanks for reading!

FAQ: some ways you can get creative with cannabis and avoid boredom

Q: What are some ways to enjoy cannabis while stuck at home?

A: Some ways to enjoy cannabis while stuck at home include making edibles, taking CBD baths, or simply taking a few hits off of a joint or bong.

Q: Is there anything else that I can do while enjoying cannabis at home?

A: Yes, you can also watch movies, play video games, listen to music, read books, write stories, etc.

Q: Are there any activities that I should avoid when enjoying cannabis at home?

A: You should avoid engaging in any activities that require much physical or mental exertion, such as driving and operating heavy machinery.

Q: How can I get the most out of my home cannabis experience?

A: To get the most out of your home cannabis experience, make sure you set the right environment, with low lighting, comfortable seating, and relaxing music or white noise.

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