Recognizing Dog CBD Overdose Symptoms: What Every Pet Owner Should Know

Experts are using cannabidiol, also known as CBD, on dogs for various medicinal purposes. The remedies are common in both humans and pets, especially dogs. However, CBD must be dosed appropriately and carefully. Overdosing it can cause various symptoms in humans and canines alike.

You probably already know how CBD calms your nerves and keeps you cool even during dangerous moments. The substance has the same effect on our canine friends as well. Especially since dogs tend to get overexcited or concerned in various situations, pet owners are using CBD as a means of calming them.

However, while it seldom happens, dogs can indeed overdose on hemp CBD, like humans. Although, the method is slightly different. If you are looking for what to do when your dog has eaten a high amount of CBD treats or what the symptoms are, this article is for you.

What Constitutes an Overdose

Dogs don’t overdose on CBD in a similar fashion as us. It is so because only a certain amount of CBD can stay in the systems of a dog. So, usually, when you accidentally overdose it, the excess just gets dissipated.

Moreover, CBD doesn’t negatively impact a dog’s respiratory system or tamper with their brain receptors. So, the risks associated with the usual overdose are low. However, the following may still cause overdose symptoms in canines-


Well, as expected, while dosing higher CBD than necessary for dogs may not be an issue in most cases, it doesn’t mean it will always be the case. The correct canine CBD dosage for every kg of a dog’s weight is 30 mg. So, the higher you dose past that, the more chances there are for overdosing side effects.

Usually, when you give a higher amount of CBD oil to your dog than necessary, it won’t cause serious issues. Yes, you may notice your dog being sleepy and taking a nap afterwards, but that is necessary. So, let them sleep to get rid of any negative impact of the excess amount.

Overdosing usually occurs when the dog has too much of the substance to the point its system fails or struggles to metabolize them swiftly.


First things first, your dog should never consume marijuana or any form of it in any way. The THC in weed can be toxic to them. As such, human CBD concentrations are mostly a terrible choice for your canine companion.

Hence, you must pick hemp-derived CBD with a THC percentage of less than 0.3. Remember that the matter concerns your dog’s safety; as such, it is mandatory to buy CBD concentrations for them carefully.


You must also know about toxicity and how it is different from overdosing. You see, some substances are naturally toxic for dogs, regardless of how much you dose them. Meanwhile, overdosing means a dose of a substance higher than its safety limit.

If your dog consumes something toxic to them, it may poison them. It can be life-threatening, and you should immediately take your dog to a vet.

Common Symptoms


When it comes to CBD overdose between humans and dogs, the symptoms are pretty similar. Here are some common side effects you may notice in your dog after getting a CBD overdose-

  • Drowsiness: In order to prevent any adverse effects of the overdose, your dog may feel sleepy and proceed to take a nap. It is so because CBD lowers their blood pressure and calms them down. Lethargy is another associated symptom.
  • Lacking Appetite: Changes in appetite are common in dogs with CBD overdose. Your dog will most likely eat less or stay too hungry for a while when the symptoms are present.
  • Weight Loss: Overdosing of CBD may often cause liver toxicity when it raises the liver enzymes. A loss of weight of the dog usually follows it. However, liver toxicity is rare and may also happen due to a higher THC amount in the CBD than the safe limit.
  • Vomiting: Similar to the previous, liver toxicity can cause vomiting in dogs. And CBD overdose may cause such gastrointestinal upset.
  • Diarrhoea: Again, an increase in liver enzymes can potentially cause diarrhoea in dogs. However, it may only happen when the overdosing is very high. Having CBD oil with cannabis in a higher dosage may also cause diarrhoea.
  • Dry Mouth: CBD influences the cannabinoid receptors in the salivary gland. As a result, CBD overdose can be a reason for dry mouth in your dog. As you can probably guess, the same may also happen to humans.
  • Lower Blood Pressure: As we previously mentioned, CBD lowers the blood pressure in the body. It is usually not a risk when the CBD is within the safe limit, or the overdosing is not too high. However, if overdosing reaches a dangerous limit, which is rare, lower blood pressure can be a thing of concern.

Steps to take if overdose suspected

If you see that your dog is suddenly drowsy and tired, consider letting them rest and nap and don’t let them run around. Usually, the harmful effects will go away after it sleeps a bit, and the dog won’t need any treatment.

Make sure that the dog has enough water to drink. Both humans and dogs should have ample water when they are on CBD overdose. If you are unsure about what to do and there are severe symptoms like gastrointestinal upset, consult the vet.

Prevention Tips

Here are some ways you may avoid CBD overdose in your dog-

Correct Dosing

In order to prevent any unfortunate CBD overdose, you must make sure to dose it correctly according to the dog’s size and weight. The correct dosage for dogs is 1-5 mg of CBD for every ten pounds. It may also depend on how much susceptible the dog is to CBD. If it is new, a lower dosage is ideal. 2 mg every 10 pounds is a safe amount to go for.

The correct dosage of CBD for your dog may also depend on their age. If the dog is young and stays excited or stressed regularly, they may require a higher dosage than average. Meanwhile, if the dog has health issues or is old, you may want to dose it lower.

If your good boy is big, weighing over 30 pounds with enough resistance to CBD, you may consider dosing it 15 mg.

Choosing the Right CBD Product

You can find CBD products for dogs on the market. There are so many options available, true, but you must keep your dog’s age, weight, and health condition in mind when picking one. Make sure that the product contains less than 0.3 THC in it.

If the product doesn’t mention the dosing and amount of CBD and other ingredients, avoid them. It is ideal to go for reputable sellers or brands instead of unknown sources.

But that is not the only concern here. Many CBD products you find will have excessive sugar, coffee, chocolates, pesticides, heavy metals, or solvents. All of these can seriously harm dogs, which may even poison them. As such, look for CBD products without many other ingredients in them.

Store It Properly

Veterinaries and experts often hear calls from pet owners claiming that their dog has accidentally consumed many CBD gummies. The issue here is improper storage. As a responsible pet owner, you must keep your CBD products away from your dog’s reach so that it can’t eat them.

When to Consult a Vet

There should be no compromise on your dog’s health, so if you notice any more symptoms than average, like sleeping longer than usual after taking CBD, it’s better to talk to your vet. You may consider decreasing the dose if the drowsiness lasts longer or is frequent. If the symptoms persist, consult the vet.

In a severe case, like toxicity or such (often happens when the dog consumes human CBD or cannabis-induced substance), hospitalization may be necessary. It may also need supportive care and love to get rid of any mental stress or trauma.


CBD oils are growing in popularity among pet owners for their dogs. However, overdoing it may lead to many unpleasant or harmful side effects, albeit rare. The symptoms may also appear due to poor quality CBD products or higher amounts of THC than what is safe.

Keep your good boy hydrated, and let it sleep off the effects. For severe health symptoms, go to the vet or consider hospitalizing it. Make sure to provide your friend with plenty of affection.

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