Does Smoking Weed Make You Look Older?

No matter the type of smoking, weed, tobacco, or any other form, it affects human health in many different ways. Some people believe that smoking marijuana is considerably healthier than smoking tobacco or cigarettes. This is true in some sense, but one thing is certain, smoking of any kind does affect human skin.

Recently, an accomplished esthetician posted some knowledgeable content related to smoking and skin aging. In this blog, we will answer the question, does smoking weed make you look older. More and more places are legalizing recreational marijuana, and we will discuss how you can minimize marijuana effects on the skin.

Scientific Explanation of the Relationship Between Marijuana and Aging

does smoking weed make you look older
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Smoking excess amounts of weed or tobacco are harmful to your lungs, heart, skin, and most other organs. Smoking too much leads to oxidative stress through free radicals on your skin. This can destroy existing collagen and decrease the building of newer collagen. Smoking damages elastin, the material providing elasticity and shape to your skin, which can cause a dull, weed face.

However, research shows that weed smoke has lower aging effects when compared to cigarette or tobacco smoke. Marijuana has several compounds that cause aging, but it also has several compounds that can improve your skin health and reduce the risk of skin cancer. Weed skin definitely looks younger and better than a heavy tobacco user’s skin.

Factors Influencing Aging in Humans

To better understand the correlation between weed and skin aging, you must know about the factors that influence physical aging –

Nutrition – Maintaining a healthy diet slows down aging. Consuming unsaturated fats decrease the amount of aging and dryness caused by UV. Proper vegetable and fruit consumption also reduce skin wrinkling.

UV Exposure & Air Pollution – Increased exposure to air pollution and UV light have a harmful effect on human skin. Traffic-related particles, air quality index of your area, soot, ozone layer density, etc., contribute heavily to skin wrinkling. Heavy exposure to UV light speeds up skin aging.

Genetics – The effect of genetics on human skin varies from one individual to the other. A human’s skin composition is based on their genetics, and this determines how they manage various stressors and factors that lead to skin aging. A study shows that there is a connection between aging and ethnicity and the sex of a human. Male individuals from a certain ethnicity may show aging signs sooner than another person.

How Does Weed Smoke Influence Human Skin?

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Tobacco and cigarettes increase the skin aging process in humans as they contain hydrocarbons causing tissue damage and inflammation. Weed smoke does have some compounds found in tobacco smoke, but it is different in several ways. There are both positive and negative effects of marijuana and aging. 

Positive Influence of Weed on Human Skin

Many compounds in weed smoke improve the health of human skin, and many cosmetic products are now using cannabis-derived substances. Cannabis smoke has anti-inflammatory properties, which improve acne swelling and redness.

This also maintains the right balance between the loss and growth of skin cells. Cannabinoids also help treat psoriasis by making sure that skin cells do not overgrow. Many skincare products include CBD because it prevents water loss from the skin and prevents skin dehydration. Do edibles make you age faster, it is not entirely accurate, as weed does have a positive influence on human skin.

Negative Influence of Weed on Human Skin

Cannabis smoke, in particular, has multiple benefits to the skin, but generally, any type of smoke does damage the human body and skin to some extent. The presence of hydrocarbons in cigarette as well as marijuana smoke has negative effects. On a genetic level, cannabis users can experience aging, and this effect is irreversible, affecting almost every cell.

Smoking weed also boosts the age of blood vessels and the heart. This decreases the amount of nutrients reaching the skin cells and can lead to aging. Exposure to secondhand weed smoke is also harmful to blood vessels and the skin. The more a person smokes, the chances of developing smoker’s lines on lips increase.

Moreover, people who smoke constantly reduce oxygen availability inside their bodies which is another factor leading to skin aging.

Do edibles make you age faster?

Although there is no direct relation between cannabis edibles and aging, research shows that people who smoke weed or consume edibles age faster than a normal human being. Long term use may increase the rate at which a person ages.

Will you look younger if you stop smoking weed?

If you stop smoking weed, you may not look younger but you will definitely age slower than if you smoke. There is no direct relation between the two and smoking weed has also shown some positive effects for some people’s skin. However, some people age faster when smoking weed and stopping will improve this.

Can secondhand marijuana smoke harm the skin?

Just like any other smoke, exposure to secondhand marijuana smoke may have harmful effects on your skin. It will not directly cause you to age or harm your skin, but there are certain factors that can harm the skin when exposed to marijuana smoke on a regular basis.

Final Note

Skin aging depends on many environmental and individual factors, with smoking being one of them. Smoking weed does have a positive influence on the skin, but any type of smoke causes aging to an extent. To reduce this effect, you can consider consuming edibles, gummies, etc., instead of smoking.

Does smoking weed make you look older, the answer to this question is not clear as it can be both yes or no. For those worried about their skin health, we recommend using antioxidants and protecting yourself from UV rays. If your skin is aging rapidly, getting chemical peels or laser resurfacing treatment can help you get bright, new skin.

If you like using cannabis and are a regular smoker, try to keep a balanced diet, and drink plenty of water to improve your skin health.

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