How To Determine Good Cannabis Seeds From Bad

Before you start growing a cannabis plant, you first need to determine whether or not the seeds you are using are good. If not, you could waste much time and effort planting a bad seed without knowing, just to find out days/weeks later and dig up the bad seedling. Instead, using a few tricks you can make sure that your cannabis seed is good, and not bad.

You should make sure that you are getting ahold of quality seeds in the first place. Just because a seed is good does not mean it will be of high quality. This means that seeds you find in your stash are not a good option. Seeds that get sold with buds are bad for a variety of reasons. One of those reasons is that these seeds indicate that the female-producing plant was invaded by a male plant, causing the female to produce less THC and more seeds. This also means that you obtained less weed than what you paid for, as the seeds make up a good portion of the weight.

What Good Seeds Look Like

Good Cannabis Seed
This seed is a dark brown, indicating good.

When you first get those cannabis seeds, lay them out and do a thorough inspection of them. There are a few things you can look out for to detect potentially good seeds. Now, this will not determine that the seed is 100% a great top-quality seed. However, these indicators will help weed out the seeds that are for sure not good at all.

Use these indicators to determine good seeds:

Color: First look at your seed carefully. What color is it? A good seed should be a dark brown or black color.

Patterns: Next, how does the seed look all the way around? Any patterns? Your seed should have some spots and/or stripes on it.

Shading: For this indicator, you will need some good lighting. Place the seed under light and check to see if it is shiny and appears “polished”. If so, that is a good sign.

Density: Now try to squeeze your seed. Do not squeeze too hard, however, just enough to apply some slight firmness. If you cannot easily crush the seed, then it is good to use.

Smoothness: Lastly, you will need to look over and possibly feel your seed. Do you notice any cracks or even holes? This is a bad sign, only use seeds with no holes or cracks.

What Bad Seeds Look Like

A bad cannabis seed
This seed is whiter than usual, indicating bad.

Now that you know the indicators for good seeds, let’s go over what you would look for in a bad seed. These indicators below are practically the same as above, the only difference being a focus on bad seeds. As a cannabis cultivator, you should very well know how to spot a bad seed, not only good ones.

Simply put, bad seeds look and feel as such:

Color: If the seed is white or even green, it is probably bad.

Patterns: A blank seed is a sign of a bad seed. Your seed should have spots and/or stripes on it.

Shading: Put the seed under a light source. If it does not shine, throw it away. Dull and unshiny seeds are bad indicators.

Density: If you can easily crush the seed between your index finger and thumb, it was a bad seed anyway. It should not take a whole lot of pressure, only a slight firmness.

Smoothness: If you see any, and I mean any, cracks or holes, do not use that seed.

The Best Testing Method

The floating seed test
This seed test is the best and easiest around.

Once you sort the good seeds from the bad and toss the bad ones out, you can bring your good seeds onto the next test. There are a few methods out there to test whether or not your seeds are good, however, there is one in particular that has been proven to be the best: we call it the Floating Seed Test.

In addition to being the best method, it is also one of the simplest. All you will need for it is your seeds (of course), some warm water, and a cup. That’s it! This test also works on most other plant seeds, not only for cannabis.

Before you begin this test, you must know one thing. Only do this if you plan on germinating your seeds very soon after. By wetting your seeds, you sort of “activate” them and let them know that growth has begun. They will now be ready for germination. If you do not germinate them soon after this test, they may become harmed and even die.

Use these steps to complete the Floating Seed Test:

Step 1: Start by filling up your cup with warm water. Make sure to only use warm, and not hot, water. Also, use spring or distilled water if possible, as it is better for the seeds.

Step 2: Once your cup is full, drop your seeds in it. Leave them there for 2-3 hours undisturbed.

Step 3: After those hours have passed, come back and check on your seeds. Any seeds that are floating are bad. The ones that have sunk to the bottom are the good ones. And that’s it!

Next Steps

By now, you should have tossed some bad seeds and only have left the good seeds that passed all of the above indicators and the Floating Seed Test. What’s next? Well, if you completed the test and your seed was exposed to water, it is time to begin germination.

Try to begin germination very soon after doing the Floating Seed Test. The best possible time is right after the test. Germination alone is the ultimate method for determining good seeds. If it can germinate, it can surely grow into a big and healthy plant. We have previously uploaded a video explaining how to germinate, watch it if you are unsure how to:

Check Out Our Video On How To Germinate Your Seeds By Clicking Here!

After germination has been completed, you can move on to actually planting and growing the seedling. Congratulations, you can now determine good seeds from bad and only plant the best. Thanks for reading! If you found this article informative, please share it with others.

FAQ: How To Determine Good Cannabis Seeds From Bad

Q1: How can I tell if a cannabis seed is bad?

A1: You can tell if a cannabis seed is bad if it is discolored, cracked, or generally misshapen when compared to other seeds. If you can identify a musty smell, the seed may also be bad.

Q2: Are there other signs of bad cannabis seeds?

A2: Other signs of bad cannabis seeds include a lack of viability when planting, distorted patterning on the seed’s surface, and the seeds being too light or too heavy.

Q3: What does a viable cannabis seed look like?

A3: A viable cannabis seed should have a uniform color and shape, with characteristics that match store-bought seeds. It should also be firm to the touch and heavy for its size.

Q4: Should I always throw away bad cannabis seeds?

A4: Yes, it is best to throw away any cannabis seeds that show signs of being bad. Germinating a bad seed can weaken the genetics of your plants, so it is best to discard any seeds that are not of good quality.

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