The Dangers of Synthetic Cannabis (Spice/K2)

We all like cannabis for certain reasons. Maybe it’s because you like to get high. Maybe it’s because it can treat a certain medical condition that you have. Or, maybe it’s both! Whatever the case is, chances are you like cannabis if you are checking out Reefer Post. After all, it is only a plant and offers many benefits to our bodies. That is when it is left as a plant, and nothing has been added. Once that plant has had non-natural chemicals added to it, however, it may no longer be beneficial. It may now be very harmful. Cannabis that is not 100% natural should not be smoked, or even used at all. Just let nature do its thing because it already makes weed great as it is!

Unfortunately, cannabis with non-natural chemicals added has already been introduced to the world. It was first introduced to find a new way to create psychoactive effects similar to the ones given off by cannabis. It would get you high and be legal (keeping cannabis illegal). However, as more and more people tried it, many began to uncover the true horrors of this “fake weed”. Today, those who know enough about it know to stay away from it. It is formally known as synthetic cannabis, but can also go by the names “spice” or “k2”. Be careful when you see these, and it’s best to avoid them at all costs (we’ll explain why).

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What Is Synthetic Weed?

First off, let’s talk about what the word “synthetic” means. Anything synthetic is made by chemical synthesis to mimic a natural chemical. In this case, our natural chemical is THC. Synthetic cannabis is supposed to copy the same effects and traits as real THC. However, this was soon discovered to not be the case. While this synthetic cannabis can get you high (similarly to cannabis), it comes with a cost. One big difference between synthetic compared to real stuff is that synthetic cannabis can kill you! That’s right, you can overdose and die on it, unlike real cannabis.

So why would anyone ever want to smoke that stuff? Well, if you take a look at it, it sort of looks like cannabis (maybe some bottom-shelf). In some places, synthetic cannabis is sold on the black market and is marketed as real cannabis. Those who are unfamiliar with cannabis and are new to it may be tricked into thinking they are buying the real deal. This is an easy way for an illegal drug dealer to get their customers hooked on a drug, forcing those hooked to continue purchasing more. Now, we do not promote the buying or selling of cannabis on the black market. To play it safe, and legal, always buy your cannabis from legit, trusted sources. And do your research! If you think you may have accidentally purchased some synthetic cannabis, then it’s best to not take your chances and leave it alone.

Another reason why someone might use synthetic cannabis is that they live in an area where cannabis is illegal and/or hard to come by, but synthetic cannabis is not. Again, we do not promote any sort of illegal activity. These facts are stated to bring awareness to them so that the selling of synthetic cannabis can hopefully slow down, and eventually stop completely.

What It Can Do To You

So, I’ve made synthetic cannabis seem not all that great; and there are many reasons for that. This post was written to tell people that synthetic is not the same as real. Here are some side effects that come along with synthetic cannabis that do not come along with the real stuff:

  • can be addictive and easily abused
  • possibility to rapidly increase heart rate
  • has a chance to cause nausea or vomiting
  • can kill you

Do those points make you want to try that stuff? Not me. But what about the immediate effects of synthetic cannabis? While you may not ever try it (and you shouldn’t), it’s okay to be curious about those effects. So, here they are:

  • short, but intense high
  • relaxed
  • improved mood
  • altered perception
  • feelings of psychosis (delusional thinking)
  • anxiety
  • confusion
  • paranoia

Some of those effects are very similar to real cannabis, right? That’s how synthetic weed was supposed to turn out, just like the real stuff. But, when these negative effects were discovered, it was realized that synthetic does not always mean good. Unfortunately, it was already too late for some when the truth about synthetic cannabis got out. Several deaths have been linked to synthetic cannabis use, and we can only hope those deaths stop.

How To Identify It

Now you may think “Well, I don’t want to accidentally buy some of this junk.” So what are some ways to identify it? First of all, if you know what regular cannabis looks like, you should be able to point out some synthetic cannabis if you see it. At a glance, you may not tell the difference. But always look closely when purchasing cannabis. Synthetic weed almost looks like some bad-quality weed. And who goes out looking to buy some bad quality? Check out this picture of some synthetic weed:

Pile of Synthetic Cannabis

Take a close look at it. Sort of looks like some shake, right? Synthetic cannabis does not look appealing at all (in my opinion). Additionally, if you know how to tell the quality of your cannabis, then you will never accidentally purchase synthetic cannabis.

What is the difference between natural marijuana and synthetic cannabis?

Natural marijuana is a plant that has been used for centuries to treat a wide variety of ailments. Synthetic cannabis, on the other hand, is an artificial product made from chemicals and designed to imitate the effects of marijuana.

The key difference between natural marijuana and synthetic cannabis is that natural marijuana contains over 400 chemical compounds, while synthetic cannabis contains only one or two.

Click here to learn how to tell the quality of cannabis.

In no way is synthetic cannabis good for you. It cannot benefit you. It can only bring about negative effects and compromises to your health. If you live somewhere that has yet to legalize cannabis, then unfortunately this synthetic stuff is most likely in your area. Just remember to stay away from it! Take a vacation somewhere that has legalized cannabis, so you can legally enjoy cannabis. This is just another reason for us to fight for the worldwide legalization of cannabis, the real stuff.

FAQ: Synthetic Cannabis’s Dangers

Q1. What is Synthetic Cannabis?

A1. Synthetic cannabis is a chemical compound made to mimic the effects of natural THC found in cannabis but with much more powerful and unpredictable effects. It can come in a variety of forms including herbs, waxes, oils, and liquids, all of which are sprayed or mixed with a synthetic cannabinoid. 

Q2. What are the immediate health effects of using Synthetic Cannabis?

A2. The immediate health effects of using Synthetic Cannabis range from nausea and increased heart rate to vomiting, seizures, and even death. 

Q3. Are there long-term health risks associated with using Synthetic Cannabis?

A3. Yes, long-term health risks associated with using Synthetic Cannabis may include cognitive issues, paranoia, depression, and addiction. 

Q4. Is Synthetic Cannabis more dangerous than regular cannabis?

A4. Yes, Synthetic Cannabis is considered more dangerous than regular cannabis due to the chemical compounds used to create it, which can be more powerful and unpredictable than the natural THC found in cannabis.

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