The Coolest Cannabis Products You Can Find on Ebay

Being a cannabis user is awesome. I mean, what stoner doesn’t like to kick back, play their favorite tunes, and smoke weed in whatever way they love? Personally, I like to switch things up here and there. Sometimes I might smoke a blunt, sometimes I might take some bong rips. Also, sometimes I might feel brave enough and take a few dabs. But if I want a chill smoke sesh, I might just stick to a good ol’ blunt or joint. What is your favorite way to spark up? What about the cool cannabis stuff on Ebay?

Some stoners (including myself) like to try out new ways of smoking. Especially the stoners that have been smoking for years, and just need something new. Maybe it’s a new way to smoke. Maybe it’s a new way to break down your weed. Or, maybe it’s just some cool new lighter. Whatever the case is, I think most of us enjoy trying something new here and there, and getting high to it.

Below, we have put together a list of the coolest cannabis products on Ebay that you can incorporate into your smoke sessions. And, since we are affiliated with Ebay, we have also provided you with the link to each of these cannabis products on Ebay. Feel free to follow any to their website, learn more and even possibly purchase any of these cool weed products. Alright, it’s time to check them out!

Smoking Bracelet

First on our cannabis on Ebay list, we have the smoking bracelet. This thing does great for on-the-go smoking. Only have a few minutes to get a smoke in? Take a smoking bracelet with you. Don’t have room to carry around a pipe? Wear a smoking bracelet. It actually works as a pipe, in the sense that you load a bowl up and hit it from the other end. Check out how it works:

Red Smoking Bracelet Being Worn

Here you can see the bracelet being worn. Looks like a normal bracelet, right? That’s another beauty of these; they can blend in well and not even look like a smoking device. They also come in a variety of colors, for all your red haters.

Red Smoking Pipe Bracelet

The bracelet is then detached to reveal the bowl and mouth piece. The silver bowl at the top is used to pack weed into, while the yellow hole at the bottom is where you would inhale the smoke from. Simply use it as a pipe, dump it out, reattach it together and go about your day!

Link to Smoking Bracelet

LED Ashtray

Ever had an ashtray that accidentally spilled over? That is the worst! Especially when it happens right after a smoke sesh and you are too high to clean it up. If that sounds like you, then you need a reliable ashtray. One that sits good and can’t tip over. One that allows you to easily ash without holding onto it at the same time. Maybe even one that lights up when you open it? If so, check out this LED ashtray.

LED Ashtray Preview
LED ashtray sitting in cupholder

Personally, this seems like one of the best ashtrays out there. For one, it fits most car and truck cup holders. In addition, you don’t even have to put it in a vehicle! Throw it in your office, home, porch, or wherever you like to spark up. Notice the light on the inside of the lid? That indicates when the ashtray has been opened and is in use. And to top things off, it just seems like a very fancy ashtray. Sure, you could always go the conventional route, but if you have a few extra dollars to spend, then why not step up your stoner accessories a bit?

Link to LED Ashtray

Smoke Buddy

This next product is one of those you use when you don’t want others to know that you have been smoking. It’s great for not only hiding the scent but also hiding the smoke. And, it’s small so you can easily transport it around with you. We call it the Smoke Buddy.

The Smoke Buddy has actually been discussed about by Reefer Post before. In our post titled “How To Eliminate Smoking Odors,” we discuss how to, well, eliminate the odors that come along with smoking cannabis. One of the methods listed is to use a Smoke Buddy. This is because they can work great at simply hiding the fact that you even smoked at all. And they are super simple to use! All you do is take a hit of whatever you are smoking, then blow the smoke into the Smoke Buddy. Then, let your Buddy to its magic. And that’s it! Crazy, right?

Smoke Buddy

Link to Smoke Buddy

Hemp Wick Lighter

Lighters are an essential part of smoking cannabis (unless you are using a concentrate). So, since you always need one, any stoner should always have one. But did you know that inhaling the smoke from a lighter can actually be harmful to your lungs? If you use a regular lighter to smoke weed, the chances are you inhale lighter smoke here and there (even without you knowing about it). Luckily for us, some creative stoners got together one day and invented hemp wick! Hemp wick is an alternative to using a lighter, and does not contain the harmful chemical (butane) that normal lighters do. So, the smoke from hemp wick is not near as bad as the smoke from lighters is. If you are one to be concerned about your health, then I suggest switching over to hemp wick.

Click here to learn more about hemp wick.

Hemp wick is great and all, but it cannot light itself. You still need a lighter no matter what. Most people that use hemp wick will light it with a lighter, set the lighter down then use the lit hemp wick to take a hit or spark up. This is always an option. But imagine if the hemp wick and lighter were put together as one? In fact, that has happened, and it’s a thing! Hemp wick lighters allow you to light your hemp wick without using an external lighter. And the coolest thing about these is that you can add your own lighter; it’s only a case for one! Check it out:

White Hemp Wick Lighter

Almost looks like a regular lighter, right? But if you notice at the top, hemp wick is causing the flame, not the lighter. The lighter is only there to light the hemp wick; which offers another cool feature, you don’t have to hold down the lighter button to keep the flame going. Who else is tired of doing that?

Link to Hemp Wick Lighter

Rolling Machine

Lastly, we have the rolling machine. This is the one for all of you stoners who like to smoke joints, but don’t like to roll them. This includes myself; rolling joints seems so tedious to me sometimes. Especially after a long day of work, I just want to come home and smoke it! That’s where the rolling machine comes in. Let it do the rolling for you! And it’s pretty simple to use. Check out this video created by the inventor of these rolling machines, Josh Kesselman (founder of Raw):

Click here for the Rolling Machine Tutorial!

So, what do you think? Is this rolling machine something that you might use? After all, any joint roller should try it out at least once. Unless you really love rolling joints, in which there’s no shame in that (roll on!).

Raw Rolling Machine

Link to Rolling Machine

(Reefer Post is in no way affiliated with Raw, we just love their products!)

So, that is five of the coolest cannabis products that you can find on Ebay for stoners. Which one was your favorite? Thanks for reading, and happy smoking, stoners!

FAQ: The Coolest Cannabis Products Available on eBay

Q. What is the difference between smoking weed and using cannabis products? 

A. Smoking weed involves combusting the flower of the cannabis plant and inhaling the smoke, whereas using cannabis products such as edibles, capsules, or topicals uses extracts from the plant to produce an effect. 

Q. Are cannabis products on Ebay legal? 

A. It is important to remember that the legality of cannabis products vary from state to state, and international laws are constantly changing. While cannabis products on eBay may be legal in your state or country, it’s important to check your local laws before making a purchase. 

Q. Are there any risks associated with using cannabis products? 

A. As with any substance, there are risks associated with using cannabis products. These include the risk of negative reactions due to interactions with other medications, overconsumption of THC, and unwanted side effects. It is important to always talk to your doctor about potential risks before using any cannabis product. 

Q. How can I tell if the cannabis product I am buying on Ebay is safe? 

A. It is always important to purchase from a reputable seller. Reading user reviews and researching the product can help you determine if the product is safe to use. You should also make sure the product is laboratory tested for quality and safety.

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