The Coolest Rolls Ever Part 4

Looking all over the internet, you can find some pretty cool things that stoners have done simply with some weed and a rolling paper or blunt wrap. Some stoners are very creative! Because of that, Reefer Post has piled together most of these amazing rolled blunts and joints to start a collection of them right here for our readers. This is Part 4 of our “Coolest Rolls Ever” collection. Check out the first three posts below:

For this post, we have handpicked six rolls (three blunts and three joints) that were rolled uniquely. Each image was taken from all over the internet. Some of them contain the username of the original creator. After viewing them all, let us know which one was your favorite!

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Rocket Blunt

Rocket Blunt

Let’s start with a rocket blunt! Blast off to the moon when you smoke this big thing. There is not a large amount of bud in this roll compared to the many others that we cover. However, there is still around 5-10 grams of cannabis in it. The side wings seem to be only for looks and have no bud in them (yet add some good detail).

Holy Joint

Holy Cross Joint

Wow. This is one of the largest (in the amount of weed) that we have ever covered. That thing must weigh pounds! Let alone, it may have pounds of weed in it! Shaped like a cross, we called it the holy joint. The filter tip alone on this joint must be the size of a full sheet of paper! How long would this joint take you to smoke?

Tangled Blunt

Tangled Blunt

This blunt was quite difficult to name. We ended up with the “Tangled Blunt”. Can you think of a better name for this role? Anyway, it’s pretty unique, and the amount of patience and delicacy needed to roll it would be a lot. Spark it up at five different ends, and watch it slowly burn in a maze of blunt wraps! Watching this blunt burn would be fascinating, as it would look like a twisted maze unraveling. There looks to be around 4-7 grams in this role.

Pipe Joint

Pipe Joint

Here we have a joint that resembles a smoking pipe. There is a lot of weed in this one, we estimated around 8-12 grams! You can also notice that a layer of kief has been sprinkled across the top, and even some concentrate balls have been added in. This all would make the pipe joint very potent, so beginners beware. Also, be careful not to turn it over and dump out all of the goodies!

TIE Fighter Blunt

TIE Fighter Blunt

For all the Star Wars fans (including myself), here is an awesome TIE Fighter blunt! Reach the skies and soar through space as you get high with this one! Think of about 10-15 grams in this role, with the cockpit and wings included. The black parts on it seem to only be for looks, which do well at adding in some detail. Light it from all four wing corners and hit it from the back as you become one with the force!

Wax Joint

Wax Joint

And last, but certainly not least, we have the wax joint. For all the 710 lovers out there, here is your joint. First off, who knows how much concentration is inside this rolling paper? It seems like a typical joint size, so maybe about 1-2 grams of flower in it. But that’s not what makes this role stand out. After it was rolled, a line of concentrate was twisted around the outside. Then, for a great presentation, the end of the joint was prettied up and held a concentrated ball in the center. This joint must be very potent!

FAQ: The Coolest Rolls Ever Part 4

Q1: What recipe is included in The Coolest Rolls Ever Part 4?

Answer: The Coolest Rolls Ever Part 4 includes a recipe for Cheesy Garlic Monkey Bread.

Q2: How long do The Coolest Rolls Ever Part 4 take to make?

Answer: The Coolest Rolls Ever Part 4 typically takes around 40-45 minutes to make.

Q3: What other ingredients will I need to make The Coolest Rolls Ever Part 4?

Answer: The ingredients you will need to make The Coolest Rolls Ever Part 4 include butter, garlic powder, Parmesan cheese, parsley flakes, and canned biscuits.

After seeing those six rolls, which one was your favoriteMinene was the TIE Fighter blunt, simply because I’m a huge Star Wars fan! Let us know your thoughts in the comments below! Thanks for reading!

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