The Coolest Rolls Ever Part 3

Some stoners out there are creative. I have recently been doing research online about these creative stoners, more particularly on the type of blunts and joints that they roll up. These are some of the coolest rolls ever and cool enough to share with you. This article is Part 3 of our “Coolest Rolls Ever” collection. If you don’t see enough rolls in this post, make sure to check out the first two parts!

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Below, I have searched the internet for some of the coolest rolls ever, both joints and blunts. To keep things fair, I have listed three joints and three blunts. At the end of the list, let me know which was your favorite! And again, none of these roles are mine. I have found each image publicly on the internet. So without further ado, let’s get into it:

Grenade Blunt

Grenade Blunt

First up, we have this combustible grenade blunt. I would guess that this blunt can hold an estimate of 4-5 grams of cannabis, what do you think? The bud looks as if it all sits inside the base of the grenade or the green part. The top black piece looks like pure decoration, while the handle on the left side may be where you inhale from. The best place to spark it is most likely from the bottom, and then you would need to hold the grenade sideways while using it.

So watch out for this explosive hand grenade. Once it’s set on fire, there’s no telling how strong the blast will be. Make sure to pass it off to a friend before the final meltdown.

Airplane Joint

Airplane Joint

For joint lovers, here I present a joint that resembles an airplane! It’s a simple airplane, but nevertheless, you can easily tell what it is even without me adding a title to it. Take away the wings, propeller, and tail and you can see it to be an average joint. For the propeller, simply leave enough room to be able to twist the rolling paper that much (meaning you’ll have to give up some room for weed). Judging from the two buds sitting under the wings, I’d estimate this plane to hold 5-6 grams of cannabis.

Attaching the wings and tail would be tricky, but obviously, creative stoners have found a way. You could search up more joints and even blunts that look like airplanes you’ll surely have a bunch to choose from!

Shotgun Blunt

Shotgun Blunt

Next up we have this awesome shotgun blunt! The detail, yet simplicity, of this blunt makes it one of my top favorites. It is one of the smaller rolls, however, holding around 3-4 grams of cannabis. This depends on where the cannabis can be stored. I guess it is to be stored in the stock, base, and top barrel only. The trigger and bottom barrel are purely decorative.

Yet without this decoration, this shotgun might not have made the list! Presentation is key here, as also how the roll will smoke. Light it from the stock and hit it from the top barrel. Have you ever seen someone take a shotgun hit or a hit from a real shotgun? With this blunt, you can do that without the danger of having your mouth blown off!

Cactus Joint

Cactus Joint

Now, I know what some readers may think of this one. “It’s too simple”. Yet sometimes, it’s simplicity that brings home the trophy. In my opinion, complexity can be overdone to the point where the viewer begins to lose interest. So, here’s a super-simple cactus joint! If there is any role on this list that a beginner roller could make, it would be this one.

The role is pretty self-explanatory when it comes to smoking. Just smoke it like a regular joint, but don’t forget to also spark the two cactus tips that stick out! Because of its size, I’d say this little joint only holds a gram or two of cannabis. Of course, you could make one much bigger, or even smaller if desired.



Wow. That was my first reaction to seeing this one. Was it yours? Just take a look at not only the design but the potential potency of this role. The added concentrate on top will surely make this one of the most potent rolls on this list (unless you add some inside another roll). I like to call this one the tri-blunt for its three bowls.

It almost looks like a smoking pipe. To smoke it, you would need to light all three bowls either simultaneously or one after another. This would ensure an even burn. If the blunt is packed with cannabis to the mouthpiece, I’d estimate it to hold 8-10 grams, not including the concentrate.



Last, but not least, we have what I call the multi-joint. Why not get creative by simply sticking a bunch of joints into one big joint? That is what’s happening here. I counted 17 smaller joints sticking into the main large joint, what about you?

If each smaller joint has 1 gram in it, and the main one has around 5-10, with 17 smaller joints you do the math. That’s a lot of buds! This roll holds the most cannabis out of each one on this list! To smoke, start by sparking up the end of the large joint, then light up all of the smaller joints one after another (or simultaneously if possible). Make sure to have some smoking buddies with you, since you most likely will not be able to finish the multi-joint alone.

FAQ: The Coolest Rolls Ever Part 3

FAQ 1: What types of Colorful Rolls can I make?

You can make colorful rolls with various natural ingredients such as vegetables, fruits, nuts, herbs, spices, and edible flowers. You can also mix and match different flavors to create unique and delicious rolls.

FAQ 2: Are these Rolls easy to make?

Yes, these rolls are fairly easy to make. All you need to do is assemble the ingredients together in a roll, then seal it up with a bit of extra vegetable or coconut oil.

FAQ 3: What are the health benefits of these Rolls?

These rolls are a great source of vitamins and minerals, as well as healthy fats and proteins. They are also low in calories and fat, making them great for a snack or light meal.

Now that you have seen all six (of the coolest rolls ever) on this list, which was your favorite? I would say that mine is the shotgun, for its sleek and smooth design. If you enjoyed this post, show a friend! Thanks for reading!

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