The Coolest Rolls Ever Part 2

A few months ago, Reefer Post published a post titled “The Coolest Rolls Ever“. In that post, we took a look at three blunts and three joints that are extraordinarily rolled up in crazy, cool ways. That post was loved by many of our viewers, so we decided to make a Part 2! After all, there are enough of these rolls out there to make an entire book out of, and many more are always being created.

As before, each of the rolls below was found from various sources on the internet (mainly Instagram). Some of the images even include the roller’s credits if you would like to check out more of their work! To roll these up, you may need to be a professional, or at least have a good amount of experience (and failures) at attempting to roll something as crazy as what you will see below.

Assault Rifle Blunt

Assault Rifle Blunt

To start things out, we have the assault rifle blunt. I would estimate it to have at least five grams of cannabis inside, most likely even more. It seems as if you would light it from the stock (or butt) of the rifle and inhale from the muzzle. After you finish the stock, you will get to the majority of the bud. Once you reach the magazine, you will surely have felt the effects of smoking the first half.

Ever played Call of Duty? For those who have, here’s a bonus question. This rifle blunt was modeled from one of the guns in one of the Call of Duty games; which gun was it? If you know, drop a comment below!

Hearts Joint

Hearts Joint

If you have a stoner boyfriend or girlfriend, this may be a great gift for them. Surprise them with this and they will surely enjoy it. Even better: this would make an amazing Valentine’s Day gift for a stoner. Now there’s an idea for next year.

Adding to the fact that this single joint is the equivalence of three normal joints is the concentration on the sides. That wax will give the joint a boost in THC potency. To smoke it, light the top of the joint where the green is sticking out, as well as the end of both joints that are meeting in the middle. Then, puff away!

Dragon Blunt

Dragon Blunt

Next up we have this dragon blunt. Of all the rolls on this list, this one is arguably the largest. Judging by the size of this blunt compared to the person’s hand who is holding it, I would say that it contains at least fifteen grams, possibly more or less. But imagine fifteen grams! Could you smoke that by yourself in one session?

The design of this dragon is remarkable. From the chest to the small claws on the wings, the little additional features help to make the design stand out. From a simple look, it seems that only the teeth on the dragon contain no marijuana; the rest does.

Rick Joint

Rick Joint

For Rick and Morty fans, may I present to you the Rick joint? Roll this up with about 3-5 grams and smoke it like a regular joint. One benefit of this roll compared to others alike is that it is simple in its shape, meaning that you can light one end and puff on the other without lighting multiple ends or worrying about one side burning faster than the other. But not with Rick.

Of course, the head seems to be only for looks, and most likely does not contain any cannabis. But you can smoke away at the rest of Rick, and it looks like his neck is a ready-to-use mouthpiece! Spark the feet and enjoy!

Octopus Blunt

Octopus and Ship Blunt

For our final blunt on this list, we have the Kraken. Okay, maybe not him, but it sure does look like him. He’s even sinking a ship! By the way, the ship is detachable and possibly contains no cannabis (only for looks), but it adds so much to the image. Without it, I may have never thought to call this octopus the Kraken, since he would simply look like a regular octopus without the ship right there.

Expect around 6-8 grams of bud in this blunt, if you attempt to roll it. If you attempt to roll any of these, I would personally love to see the results. Feel free to share any!

Squirtle Joint

Squirtle Joint

And last, but certainly not least, we have the Squirtle joint. Ever been a fan of Pokémon? Me too, many years ago. However, I was more of a Charmander type of player (sorry not sorry), but I would choose Squirtle over Bulbasaur. Nevertheless, this Pokémon is by far one of the most popular of them all.

As a joint, it would smoke very well. It is similar to the Rick joint above in the sense of the head and neck. I would estimate at least four grams in this joint, maybe more or less. The roller did do well with the added detail in the chest and most notably the face. What do you think?

So that was three blunts and three joints that are rolled up by those who can take their time and create a masterpiece. Do you think you have what it takes to roll something similar to one of these? Maybe your role can be featured in Part 3! Thanks for reading!

FAQs for The Coolest Rolls Ever Part 2

1. What type of roll should I make?

A. For this recipe, you will need to use sushi-grade salmon and tuna.

2. Do I need special tools to roll the sushi?

A. Yes, you will need a rolling mat, a sharp knife, and a few pieces of wax paper.

3. How much rice should I use?

A. This recipe calls for 1 cup of cooked sushi rice per roll.

4. What type of seaweed should I use?

A. You will need to use nori, which is a type of seaweed paper.

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