Common Ingredients Used To Make Edibles

Common Edible Ingredients

Any food or drink out there can be turned into a cannabis edible. All that is needed is at least one base ingredient that is infused with cannabis, then the rest is simply following a recipe. You can also make what you typically may make by scratch, but switch out one ingredient with one that is infused. This way, you can create your normal dishes, but they will get you and whoever you serve (21+) high. Let’s look at some common edible ingredients.

Making edibles is as simple as infusing one ingredient with cannabis then using that in a recipe. Click To Tweet

There are a few ingredients out there that are commonly used as base ingredients for creating cannabis edibles. These common edible ingredients can be created in bulk, then used many several recipes, whether those recipes are exactly the same or even different. For example, butter is quite a common ingredient. You can make a batch of cannabis-infused butter, then substitute that in any recipe for regular butter. Now cook accordingly and the final product will include THC! Let’s look into five of the most common base ingredients used to create edibles.


Cannabutter With A Slice Missing
Cannabutter freshly made.

Of course, let’s talk about cannabis butter first, since we already mentioned it above. Cannabis butter, or cannabutter, is simply butter that has been infused with cannabis. Now that you know that, you can skim down this post and realize that the rest of the base ingredients are all hinted at the same way.

Cannabutter is actually one of the most, if not the most, commonly used ingredient in edibles. This is due to how common butter is used in recipes. In order to use this infused ingredient, simply use it in place of butter in ANY recipe that uses butter, and you will have edibles as a result!

Our Recipes That Use Cannabutter:

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Canna Oil

Canna Oil on a Spoon
Canna oil in a plastic spoon.

Secondly, we have canna oil. Can you guess the regular ingredient that is substituted? That would be cooking oil, of course! Cooking oil is, obviously, widely used in recipes. So if you plan on using oil rather than butter, go with this.

One good thing about canna oil is that various types of cooking oils can be used to make it. The choice is really yours to make! Some examples of different oils are: olive, coconut, canola, vegetable, peanut, and others. Sometimes you need to pick an oil that best suits the recipe you are making. But other times this does not matter, and you can go with the one you prefer. Coconut oil is looked at as a healthier option, if it suits your recipe.

Our Recipes That Use Canna Oil:

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Cannabis With Honey
Cannabis & honey.

Need a sweeter ingredient to infuse your treats? Try cannahoney! Honey also works well as an infuser for cannabis. This is great for those recipes that do not need cooking oil or cannabutter.

In addition, honey works well as a sweetener; you would not want to add butter or oil into a warm cup of tea. Personally, one thing I enjoy doing with honey is adding it into a bowl of cereal in the morning. How’s that for a wake and bake?

Our Recipes That Use Cannahoney:

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Cannabis Tincture

Making Cannabis Tinctures
Making cannabis tinctures can be easy, yet time-consuming.

Of course, not only foods can be infused with cannabis. Drinks can be as well. As with food, any drink out there can turn into an (drinkable) edible. All you need is that one infused ingredient, and that ingredient is often times a cannabis tincture. Tinctures are very popular, and were actually the primary way of ingesting medical cannabis in the United States until 1937.

These tinctures do contain alcohol, but will not get you drunk when consumed. Instead, they will get you high. One of our recipes that includes these tinctures will make cannabis vodka, which will in fact make you become intoxicated. Another recipe, on the other hand, is for some simple pink lemonade, that is just like the regular stuff but infused with cannabis.

Our Recipes That Use Cannabis Tinctures:

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Cannabis Bowl
Flour turns green when infused with cannabis.

Last, but not least (unless you despise flour), we have cannaflour. Flour is used in many recipes and those that require it can be infused with cannaflour instead.

When making this cannaflour, you can create wheat, oat or other types of flour. If you cannot decide on which to create (same as with the canna oil), first find your edible recipe and figure out which flour you will need. Then you will know ahead of time, and you can make plenty for multiple batches. The good thing about flour is that you can store it for later for future recipes.

Our Recipes That Use Cannaflour:

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So that was five common edible ingredients that are used to turn any food or drink into a cannabis edible. Here at Reefer Post, we have tons of edible recipes all over the site. Check them out and save them for later if you find any that you enjoy! Then, figure out your base ingredient needed and get to cooking. Or, if you have your own recipes, simply make that one infused ingredient and make sure to include it in your final product. Thanks for reading!

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