The Perfect Christmas Gift For A Stoner

For those of you reading this post on the day that it was published, today is Black Friday. This day is remembered by some to be a day of discounts, money spending, and recovery from yesterday’s feast. To others, it may just be another Friday. But for the majority of the people on this Earth, this time of year is that of preparing for the biggest holiday (depending on our culture): Christmas. This holiday usually represents one main theme: gift-giving. Of course, there are many aspects of Christmas and other holidays around this time, but who could forget the presents? Not stoners, and we’ll show you great stoner gift ideas!

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Stoners love Christmas. I mean, come on, the holiday season is the perfect time to get down on some serious munchies. But some stoners look forward to those presents: whether they are giving or receiving. Do you have any stoner buddies (or even family members) who you want to give a gift to this year? Why not get them a stoner gift? But, more importantly, what is the perfect gift for a stoner? Let’s figure this one out.

How To Gift A Stoner

If you are choosing to gift a stoner, with a stoner gift in particular, you need to know exactly what it is that they may want. Do they already have a grinder? Check. Do they struggle to find something to roll up on? Check. Does their lighter constantly go out? Check. Every stoner has his or her needs.

Find out specifically what it is that your stoner pal needs. You can start by figuring out which way of using weed is their favorite. Do they prefer to make edibles and eat their weed? Maybe they prefer to dab? Or do they smoke regular flowers, but do they like glass such as bongs and pipes? What about joints or blunts? Learn about your stoner friend. I mean, if it is your stoner friend, then you should already know what they like about being a stoner.

One year for Christmas, I was gifted a grinder from a good stoner buddy of mine. Before this, I would always talk about how nice it would be to have a grinder since I always broke down super sticky weed that got all over my fingers. I seriously had no idea he would go out and buy me one. The cool thing about it was that it was Christmas-themed. It also came with a Kief catcher, which is another bonus. Today, I still own the grinder, but the color has worn off. Here’s a picture of it today:

Small Grinder Collage

After you figure out what it is that your stoner friend wants/needs, you can begin searching for the perfect gift. Below, I have put together a list of some of the best stoner gifts, for all sorts of stoners as well.

If your stoner friend is into making cannabis edibles, then this may be a good idea: cannabis leaf-shaped cookie cutters! There are many different edible recipes that these cutters can be used for. Also, think about Christmas cookies. Many people who celebrate the holidays love to make and eat Christmas cookies! Why not shape a few of them like cannabis leaves? Check out our recipe for cannabis-infused Christmas cookies below:

Cannabis-Infused Christmas Cookies Recipe

While cookies during the holidays are nice to have, so are cookies in general for stoners. Like, what stoner doesn’t crave a cookie when the munchies hit? And the good thing about cookies is that there are tons of different types: which is great for those with allergies or even those looking to make some healthy treats.

Cannabis Leaf Cookie Cutters

Click here to check out these cookie cutters!

Besides cookies, there are other edibles you can shape using these cutters. This deal comes with three cookie cutters, each a different size. Also made with stainless steel, so they will surely last a while!

420 Christmas T-Shirt

Nothing says Christmas like an ugly Christmas sweater. Better yet, how about a 420 Christmas sweater? Well, in this case, a 420 Christmas t-shirt. Even if you don’t want to get this shirt as a gift (or for yourself), just check out the design at least. It’s so cool! Any stoner would appreciate that.

420 Christmas T-Shirt

Click here to check out this shirt!

Who needs candy canes and Christmas trees when you have joints and bongs? Why put Rudolph’s face in the middle when you can have a big weed leaf instead? And, why say “have yourself a merry Christmas,” when you can say “have yourself a marijuana Christmas”? If you asked any of these questions, then you may be down to rock this shirt. I certainly am.

4-Piece Alloy Grinder

Let’s get back to grinders real quick. To some stoners, grinders are so essential. Why use your hands when you can use a reliable, trustworthy grinder instead? Using your hands can make them all sticky and dirty anyways, and who wants that? There are some benefits for using your hands instead, but we’ll save that for another post.

What are the benefits for breaking down weed with your hands? Click here!

As I mentioned above, I was gifted a grinder for Christmas a few years ago. It was honestly a great present, because it was the first grinder I ever owned. Sure, I have owned and used grinders after this one, but I still own it to this day. For some reason, I don’t think I will ever let go of that one.

4 Piece Alloy Grinder

Click here to check out this grinder!

Unlike other grinders, this one is quite unique. First off, it’s a 4-piece grinder, meaning it has 4 separate pieces. The top is the cap, that you twist to grind up your weed. The second piece is the grinder itself, with the teeth that break down the weed. The third piece catches the small bits of weed that get broken up. It also has a screen on it that leads to the fourth piece, which is a kief catcher. So, the grinder can catch every bit of weed you grind up (just like mine I showed above). It even comes with a small scooper to easily add and remove weed from it.

And let’s not forget the giant weed leaf on the front of it. Overall, this grinder is one of the best on the market today. Made from high-quality alloy, it will even last you many years of use. Any stoner friend would love to receive one! I sure would, just saying.

That’s all for this post. Which was your favorite? Or, better yet, which would be the best a gift to a stoner friend? Let me know! I hope that no matter what you celebrate this time of year, you have a great time with those that you love. Thanks for reading, and happy holidays!

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FAQ: The Ideal Stoner Christmas Present

Q: What is the best gift to give a stoner for Christmas?

A: The best gift to give a stoner for Christmas is something that reflects their tastes; this could range from a new vaporizer, a cozy cannabis-related gift, or something unique and fun like a silly board game. 

Q: Are there any unique gifts that would make a great Christmas present for a stoner? 

A: Yes, many unique gifts could be perfect for a stoner, such as a bong with a built-in ashtray, a humorous book about cannabis culture, or a customized stoner mug.

Q: Is there a way to surprise a stoner with something special without breaking the bank? 

A: Yes, there are many great gifts that you can give a stoner on a budget, such as a subscription to a cannabis-related magazine or a DIY cannabis-themed spa kit.

Q: Where can I buy Christmas gifts for a stoner? 

A: You can find lots of great gifts for a stoner online, in head shops, or novelty stores. Cannabis dispensaries also often have a great selection of cannabis-related gifts that would make an excellent present.

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