What Does it Mean When a Weed Bowl is Cherried?

After a long, hard day, there’s nothing like a nice bowl of cannabis to wind down and relax. Smoking bowls can be quick, easy, and effective. This method of smoking cannabis has been around for centuries, yet one major aspect of it has not been talked about much. One aspect that can heavily impact the bowl, depends on the user’s actions. Even so, not much has been said about when a bowl is cherried.

Think about it. If you frequently smoke bowls, then you probably have seen a bowl that is cherried before. That’s just how easy it is to get the bowl cherried. Oftentimes, you don’t even have to try, the bowl might get cherried on its own!  But when it does become cherried, you can choose whether it stays this way or stops altogether. The choice is yours. But first, you need to know why you may or may not want to keep a bowl cherried. Then, you can have fun with them, and get super high while you’re at it!

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What Is A Cherried Bowl?

So what does it mean when a bowl is cherried? Well, you’re about to find out!

A bowl such as this occurs when the bowl remains lit even without the need for a lighter. The flame will catch on to some herb to begin, then slowly spread throughout the bowl. This typically happens at the beginning of the bowl, as there is more herb for the flame to catch on to. Also, these bowls usually occur in the direct center of the bowl, if it was packed properly.

cherried cannabis

How is one of these bowls even possible? Well, this depends on many elements. First, the herb must be finely ground, as it is much easier for a flame to catch on to smaller pieces compared to one big piece. Secondly, the bowl must be packed tight. If there is too much space for air to travel inside your bowl, getting it cherried may be difficult. And lastly, these lit bowls require just the right amount of airflow. As you do not want too much air, you also do not want not enough. Air must be inhaled from the bowl for it to have a chance to catch on to more herbs and keep going.

Now that you know what a cherried bowl is, you may be wondering “Why would I want this to even happen?” Or maybe “If this makes my bowl burn faster, how do I prevent it?” In some cases, you may want to prevent it. However, in my experiences with cannabis, I have always aimed for bowls like these. Let me tell you why.

Why Keep It Cherried?

There may be a few reasons why you would want to keep a bowl cherried. Even with this, the first point says it all. That can be your only reason for keeping a bowl cherried, or the exact reason that you don’t.

You can get high quicker

This is it right here, folks. Smoking a cherried bowl can get you high much quicker. It’s simple: the bowl stays lit without going out, and you can smoke it much faster. Some cherries last for several rotations! This means you can start a bowl like this, pass it while it’s still cherried, and it may get passed a few more times while cherried! If this occurs, the lit bowl is usually out of weed when the flame goes out.

The high you get may be stronger

The first point made above brings us to this second point. You may think that smoking weed fast is bad, but in fact, it can get you a stronger high than taking your time with it. Think about exercising. If you take longer breaks in between reps, you won’t get as good of a workout compared to taking very short or even no breaks. Smoking weed works very similarly! Try smoking a bowl faster than you usually do and I bet you feel a stronger high!

Less light means less butane

Unless you are using hemp wick, then you want to avoid continuously lighting your weed. All lighters work by burning butane, a gas that is harmful when inhaled. Every time you hit a bowl, joint, blunt, or another form of smoking weed while sparking it with a lighter, you are inhaling a small amount of butane. While this tiny amount will not directly affect you, long-term inhaling of butane could cause some problems down the road. Smoke cherried bowls so you don’t have to use a lighter as much!

What do you think? Do you want to smoke cherried bowls, or would you rather let the flame die out so you can keep relighting the weed? The choice is yours, I’m just here to show you the benefits of a bowlcherries! If you do want to smoke these, below are some tips on how you can start and keep a bowl cherried.

How To Keep It Cherried

For keeping that bowl cherried, you’ve come to the right place. I’ll even tell you how to start getting a cherries bowl! It’s super easy, and all you need is your weed, a lighter, and your bong, pipe, bubbler, or another smoking piece.

How to start a cherried bowl

  1. Make sure you break down your weed very finely. I suggest using a grinder instead of your hands. This way, your weed is broken down into very small pieces, which makes it easier for a cherried bowl to continue flowing.
  2. Pack your bowl very tight. To maintain this type of bowl, the flame must be able to jump from small pieces of weed to other small pieces. Make sure there are no gaps, and not too much air is passing through. The more you do it, the easier this will become (practice makes perfect).
  3. While using your lighter (or hemp wick), spark the bowl in the direct center. This way the cherried bowl can spread out in any direction, making it easy to do so.

How to keep it

  1. Don’t let the bowl sit for too long. By this I mean do not leave it unattended for even a minute or two, as the flame will just go out. As mentioned above, a small amount of air must be inhaled from the bowl to keep the bowl cherried. In other words, someone must always be hitting the bowl to keep the flame going.
  2. If you can’t take it, pass it on. Many times I have underestimated a cherried bowl. By looking at it, I figured it had maybe two or three hits left in it. Then, after my fourth hit, I couldn’t take it anymore. I needed a break from puffing. So, instead of letting the cherried bowl go out, I passed it to my friend who finished the bowl for me. Sharing is caring.
  3. Avoid wind! If you are smoking outside and it is very windy, getting a cherried bowl may be hard. Even once you get it, the wind can put it right out. Try smoking indoors or out of the wind if you want to keep a bowl cherried.

After reading all of that, you may now be a master at keeping a bowl cherried. Your friends will be in despair since they have not read this post yet. You, a newly-titled master of the cherried bowl, show up and bring hope back by puffing away at the bowl. Your friends are amazed at how you keep the bowl cherried for so long. You say “it’s nothing,” and smoke the rest of their bowl without them realizing.

That’s all for this post! Make sure you show your friends so they can master the art of these types of bowls, too. Thanks for reading, and happy smoking!

FAQ: What Does it Mean to Cherish a Weed Bowl?

Q. What does it mean when a weed bowl is cherried?

A. When a weed bowl is cherried, it means that the bowl has been pre-lit and the embers remain smoldering inside, ready for just a few more puffs to finish off the bowl.

Q. How do I know if my weed bowl is cherried?

A. You can tell if your weed bowl is cherried if there is a visible burning ember glowing at the bottom of the bowl. 

Q. Is it safe to smoke from a cherried bowl?

A. Yes, it is generally safe to smoke from a cherried bowl, as long as you light the bowl carefully so as not to burn yourself and make sure it gets fully extinguished after you are done.

Q. Is a cherried bowl more efficient than an unlit one?

A. Generally speaking, a cherried bowl is more efficient than an unlit one since the embers that remain already contain THC, which can give you a stronger hit in fewer puffs.

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