Strain Review: Chemdawg

Chemdawg is a cannabis strain that will go down as a famed and exceptional strain. Those who have tried it cannot deny the fact of why this strain is so highly regarded and sought after. For the stoners who have not tried it, I highly recommend doing so. Unless you are a cannabis rookie; in that case, go with something less potent.

The hype built around Chemdawg can be backed up by its outstanding performance. Not only is it a powerful strain itself, but it has contributed to the cannabis community by creating some other very notable strains, as discussed below.


Known to some as Chemdog, this strain is a hybrid but leans more toward Indica genetics. While both Sativa and indica effects are present in the strain, the slight dominance of indica helps bring down some of the strain’s potential to energize.

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The exact origins of this well-known strain are unclear, as seems to be the case with a few other great strains. There are, however, some speculations about its origins that can be found in numerous sources. One rumor that seems to be widely accepted is that at least one of the parent strains of Chemdawg is a Thai landrace strain.

While some users stick to Chemdawg itself, many seek to use some of its child strains. After all, it is arguable whether this strain is most notable for its potency or the potency that it gave to other strains. Two very popular strains that it helped to create are Sour Diesel and OG Kush.


As mentioned before, Chemdawg is not suitable for rookies. Not only is it very potent but it also comes with a heavy body high (thanks to its part-indica genetics). THC levels in this strain typically stay around 15-20% with a 19% average. 22% THC is the highest level that has ever been tested in Chemdawg.

Common effects from Chemdawg include:

  • Euphoria
  • Creativity
  • Happiness
  • Relaxation

Unfortunately, as with most other strains, Chemdawg comes with some negatives. Dry eyes are almost guaranteed after smoking this strain. Additionally, many (but not all) users have reported receiving cottonmouth after smoking this strain.

Medical Benefits

As popular as it is, Chemdawg is more of a recreational strain than used for medicinal purposes. However, the benefits are still there. Here are some of the conditions that can be treated by simply using some Chemdawg:

  • Pain
  • Stress
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Nausea
  • Insomnia

Compare the effects listed above with these medical benefits. Do you see how Chemdawg could treat stress or depression? It makes you happy! How could it treat pain? It makes you relaxed! Insomnia? Again, relaxed. We should have added boredom to the list, too, since it can even bring about some creativity.

Flavors and Scents

If a Chemdawg user does not love the strain for its potency and effects, then they most likely love it for its unique blend of aromas. Not only is it unique, but it’s also very pungent. This is one of those strains that people standing far away might say “Did someone step on a skunk?”

Certain terpenes in Chemdawg contribute to some of the strain’s flavors. These include tastes of herbal, citrus, and even peppery.

What gives Chemdawg its pungent odor? It’s possibly the strong diesel-like aroma that flows from the buds. In fact, as a parent strain of Sour Diesel, Chemdawg gave that strain its diesel-like smell, and even part of its name.

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That’s all for this post. What did you think about Chemdawg? Does it seem like a favorite, or maybe a hit it then quit it strain? Just remember, when you hit that Chemdawg, those heavy effects may come around and hit you back. Thanks for reading!

FAQ: Strain Review: Chemdawg

Q: What type of strain is Chemdawg?

A: Chemdawg is an Indica-dominant hybrid strain that was originally bred from a cross between Chemdog and a strain yet to be identified. 

Q: What are the effects of Chemdawg? 

A: Chemdawg produces an uplifting, cerebral buzz that can be both calming and energizing. It can also provide relief from pain and other ailments. 

Q: What type of vodka do I need to make cannabis vodka? 

A: Any good-quality vodka will work for making cannabis vodka. However, grain-based vodkas such as potato, wheat, or corn vodka will produce a smoother taste. 

Q: How do I prepare the stems?

A: Preparing the stems for cannabis vodka requires removing any large pieces of bud, then breaking up the stems and mixing them in with the vodka in an airtight container. Be sure to leave enough space to shake the container periodically.

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