Can Taking CBD Oil Strengthen Your Immune System?


Cannabidiol (CBD) has become the primary focus in various medical sectors. It has been used in oncology for certain cancers, in sexual health to boost libido, mood, and balance hormones for menopause. And now, we take a look at CBD for immunity. Does CBD help boost the immune system, and how exactly?

Cannabidiol has quite an impressive medical portfolio. CBD oil health benefits spread across multiple medical sectors, all currently using CBD products as therapy and medication. So, what exactly is its connection with the immune system?

The Immune System Interaction with CBD

The body’s immune system is the defense against foreign and harmful antigens and microbes that may cause diseases and infections. This system consists of a sophisticated network of organs, tissues, cells, and muscles that work in unison to protect the body. The white blood cells have the biggest job in the system. They identify the harmful pathogens, neutralize, and eradicate them from the body.

One more thing the immune system does is get rid of the body cells that are malfunctioning and pose a danger to the body. It achieves this through a process called apoptosis, cell death, to avoid their spread through multiplication.

The compound Cannabidiol can bind with the endocannabinoid system, also known as ECS. The ECS plays the role of maintaining a balance of several body functions. It is liable for homeostasis in the body, and it helps in processes like temperature, hormonal, blood sugar, and blood pressure regulation, among others. The body also releases endocannabinoids, which regulate cell functioning in the immune system.

Wondering how to strengthen the immune system? CBD oil and the immune system function to reinforce the ECS to perform better. And CBD products from CBD Shelter help with this.

CBD Properties that Strengthen the Body’s Immunity

CBD Oil for the Immune System
In all, CBD oil for immunity is beneficial.

A CBD dosage has the power to suppress some bodily responses that can be potentially harmful to the body.

For starters, CBD for immunity helps stifle the production and the functioning of cytokines, chemokines, and t-cells. This suppression is particularly life-saving for someone suffering from an autoimmune disease such as lupus. Cytokines have the job of signaling body molecules to inflame in response to an infection. Chemokines are responsible for leading the white blood cells to the location infected, and the t-cells are the fighters. When it inhibits the production of the cytokines, chemokines, and t-cells, it means that the body refrains from attacking the healthy body tissues and cells, which is prevalent in autoimmune diseases.

As an immunosuppressant, it’s perfect as therapy and treatment for an autoimmune disease.

Secondly, the immunosuppressant feature helps deal with cancerous cells, which multiply and spread further in the body. CBD prevents proliferation, which is rapid cell growth. In the same way, it also notably promotes cellular death, ideal for killing these cancerous cells faster.

As an Anti-Inflammatory

The body inflames or swells up as a response to injury and infection. This reaction is a positive effect that prompts the body to start the healing process of the affected area.

Here is how the process works:

The swollen tissue quarantines the harmful cells into one place as the body sends its fighters to fix the issue. The swelling effect is the blood vessels dilating, increasing blood flow, which sends more oxygen and nutrients and simultaneously flashes out the damaged tissue and cells.

It sounds like a positive effect, right? But here comes the problem:

Inflammation can cause harm to the surrounding body organs and healthy tissues. The toxins may cause more damage. However, CBD ensures that this does not happen. The inflammation timeline is reduced because the healing process is fastened.

How to Take CBD Oil for Immunity Strengthening

For starters, you must have a reason to use the CBD. If you have an autoimmune disease, then get a doctor to prescribe the best products and tell you what strength CBD oil to use. The same applies to everyone else who wants to use CBD for an immunity boost.

In all, CBD oil for the immune system is beneficial, but the bottom line is this: get a doctor or expert to advise you before usage and acquire the products from a trusted seller. What was your experience in taking CBD for immunity? Share in the comments.

Author’s Bio: Rachel H. is a medical researcher who has specialized in studying the benefits of CBD. Focusing on the immune system, CBD has two significant advantages that she has put across in this piece.

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