CBD Flower vs THC Flower: A Comparison

Cannabis flowers are typically made marketable by being dried and cured. CBD and THC, both flowers, are harvested from the same cannabis strain, Sativa. Both forms of flowers look and smell the same, which makes it very easy for amateurs to mistake one for the other. 

You can imagine THC as an evil clone of CBD because the key difference between these two buds is not noticeable on the surface.

THC is intoxicating, and CBD isn’t. CBD flower comes from hemp, while THC flower comes from marijuana plants. As a result, THC is typically associated with marijuana. The former is popular because of its health benefits but the latter is for its ability to provide a “euphoric high”.

What is CBD Flower?

CBD flower, or hemp flower, is derived from the plant Cannabis Sativa. It gets that name for, if you haven’t guessed it yet, having a high amount of CBD present in it. This plant has two main strains: marijuana and hemp.

Cannabinoids that are high in THC come from the marijuana plant. Hemp plants also contain THC, but the amount is almost nonexistent. Hemp flowers contain less than 0.3% THC, while marijuana plants contain over 30%.

CBD is made legal in most of the states owing to its therapeutic properties and non-psychoactive-ness. Basically, it’s not a drug, but it can mimic a drug.  CBD flower can be absorbed via the skin (tinctures and/or oils), vaped, and added to your personal favorite snack or even your toothpaste. You name it!

What is THC Flower?

THC Flower

When compared to CBD flowers, THC flowers are highly potent. Their psychoactive compound ensures a high that almost ascends you to another dimension. 

The marijuana flower or bud is the consumable part of the plant. It contains a high amount of tetrahydrocannabinol (spell checker saved my arse), ranging from 10% to 30% THC or even more. 

The other cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes, and their varying chemical make-up provide different grades of potencies. It is absorbed the most while smoking or vaping. THC tinctures are also available in the market. You can ingest it orally or even apply it topically for mind-altering effects. 

The Effects of CBD Flower

The effects of CBD flower can vary from person to person. It’s mostly described as being mild, pleasant, and lightly relaxing. Cannabis strains often complement each other. Many people worry that CBD might make them high because it comes from a hemp plant. But rest assured, cause it does not impair your thinking, motor actions, or judgment at all. Did you know that a lot of athletes turn to CBD products due to their therapeutic properties? 

Over a hundred cannabinoids can be found in a hemp plant, but THC is the only compound responsible for intoxication. In recent years, more variations of THC have made noises among the cannabis community (learn about Delta-8 THC, Delta-9 THC).

For some, smoking CBD is like drinking water. For others, it’s like relaxing on a massage chair. Many users feel a high sense of relief after smoking it. But it is not overwhelming. The benefits of CBD can be thought of as an unburdening process. Like something is lifting off the rocks off your chest, calming your racing mind. 

THC, however, provides a completely different experience. Something more marijuana-like. Beginners are recommended to start with D8. Delta-8 is a less potent version of the Delta-9 variant. Newbies steadily report feeling buzzed, uplifted and being more chatty and animated than usual. Some of them also notice an increased appetite. Despite having a mellow high, D8 has side effects. They include dry mouth and red eyes. Flowers will hit hard and fast if you are new to this. So you’re advised to go for tinctures or gummies first. 

There are weed agencies where you can get your perfect mix of THC with CBD flower. They are TaylorMade for you and adjusted to your needs. That’s how a lot of stoners are getting off these days. THC can give you a very potent and intoxicating high. That’s why you should never drive or operate heavy machinery while on THC products. Anyways, the actual potency varies from person to person, depending on their previous THC administration.

Legislation of CBD Flower and THC Flower

Each state in the U.S. approaches cultivation, distribution, use, and criminalization rules and regulations for marijuana and CBD flowers differently. The legislation for recreational and medical usage varies. Here’s a brief overview–

State Legal Status
AlaskaLegal (up to 1 oz)
Arizona Legal (up to 1 oz)
California Legal
Connecticut Legal 
Delaware Legal
Georgia Illegal, decriminalized in some cities 
Hawaii Illegal 
Illinois Legal
Louisiana Illegal 
Maryland Legal
Massachusetts Legal
Michigan Legal
Minnesota Legal
Mississippi Illegal 
Missouri Legal
New Hampshire Illegal 
New Jersey Legal
New Mexico Legal
New YorkLegal
North Carolina Illegal 
North Dakota Illegal 
Oklahoma Illegal 
Oregon Legal 
Pennsylvania Illegal 
Rhode Island Legal
South Carolina Illegal 
South Dakota Illegal 
Tennessee Illegal 
Vermont Legal
Virginia Legal
Washington Legal
West Virginia Illegal 
Wisconsin Illegal 
Wyoming Illegal 

Best CBD Flower Strains

You can choose them based on various factors such as personal preferences, desired potency, and specific needs. We have listed some of the top-tier stuff down below–

  1. CBD kush Autoflower
  2. Stephen Hawking kush
  3. Harle-Tsu
  4. Ringo’s Gift
  5. Sweet and Sour Widow
  6. ACDC
  7. Plain Jane: Hawaiian Haze CBD Flower
  8. Cannatonic
  9. Absolute Nature: Bubba Kush CBD Flower 

Best THC Flower Strains

Here are some of the strongest THC flower strains according to recent sources:

  1. Gorilla Glue #4- THC Content: 25-28%
  2. Chemdawg– THC Content: 15-20% 
  3. Girl Scout Cookies – THC Content: 18-28%
  4. Sour Diesel– THC Content: 19-25%
  5. Jenny Kush– THC Content: 29-42%
  6. White Widow– THC Content: 18-25%
  7. Strawberry Banana – THC Content: 22-26% 
  8. Afghan – THC Content: 15-20%
  9. Blue Dream – THC Content: 17-24%

Recreational vs Medicinal Use

CBD vs THC Content: Recreational cannabis usually contains a combination of THC and CBD, depending on the levels of these cannabinoids. Medical cannabis contains higher levels of CBD and is sought after for its therapeutic properties. The general amount for recreational purposes is up to 1 oz, whereas for medicine, one can possess up to 8 oz (230 g).

Cannabinoid Content: The majority of both medical and recreational cannabis is high in THC and low in CBD, according to one nationwide study. On the other hand, medical cannabis may contain higher levels of CBD because it can’t make you high.

Chemical Differences: THC is the primary intoxicating ingredient found in cannabis, while CBD is not intoxicating but does have medical uses. The majority of both medical and recreational cannabis is high in THC and low in CBD, according to one nationwide study.

Purpose: We all know that recreational marijuana is used without medical justification. It is mostly made with strains containing higher levels of THC so that it can ascend you to a higher ground. On the other hand, medical marijuana is used for symptom alleviation. They are high in CBD and low in THC.


The main difference between CBD and THC Flower is their unique chemical makeup (and don’t forget their legal status). Recreational marijuana is mostly used so people can have fun. Because let’s state the obvious: drugs are fun!

It’s important to note that the potency of THC in marijuana can vary depending on the growing conditions, genetics, and other factors. Quality control is a big one because there are no authority figures like the FDA to warn you about your safety. Your wellness is in your hand. So have fun, but responsibly.

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