The Cartsdom Roulette Review

In recent years, smoking with a wax pen has become very popular. They are portable, easy to use, and very discreet. However, as demands for these wax pens rise, more and more people are finding it difficult to store many wax cartridges at once. Luckily, a fairly new product has risen in the cannabis community. This product has fixed the need for cartridge storage. It allows for many wax cartridges to be stored at once. Let me introduce you to the Cartsdom Roulette.

How It Works

The Cartsdom Roulette is ideal when it comes to storing wax cartridges. Not sure what a wax cartridge or pen is? Check out our post on them that will give you a better understanding:

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As stated above, wax pens are becoming very popular. The rise in popularity allows more cartridges to be sold on the market, therefore increasing the chances of someone owning multiple cartridges at once. So, instead of leaving them just anywhere, you can leave them inside your Cartsdom Roulette. Here’s how it works:

This product can hold up to seven cartridges at once. That’s a lot of wax! If you have even more than that, then why are you not using them? Anyways, the Cartsdom Roulette not only lets you store the cartridges but can also dispense them. It works similarly to a revolver gun, and the inside even looks as such. The barrel can be spun around and will shoot out whichever cartridge is chosen.

Inside a Cartsdom Roulette

Additionally, since you can choose which cartridge you want, you can also randomly choose one. It’s like playing roulette but with wax (hence the name of this product). If your wax cartridges are not labeled, then who knows which is which? You could have some ideas, some sativas, some super strong ones, some not-so-strong ones, and just mix them all up. Then, you randomly pick one and that’s what you’ll be smoking on that day!

Along with the revolving storage that holds six cartridges, there is an additional spot on the bottom that allows for the seventh to be stored. This spot is completely separated from the others, allowing for one unique storage spot. It can be used for a cartridge that is currently in use. Or, if you have one that you don’t want to mix up with the others, then you can store it here.

Bottom dispenser on a Cartsdom Roulette


This product sounds cool, right? If you like to use wax pens often, then this can be very handy for you. But what are the actual benefits of using a Cartsdom Roulette? Luckily, we’ve made a list of them. Check it out:

  • won’t lose them
  • protects them from cracking and leaking
  • allows them to not overheat

Have you ever thought about that wax cartridge that you just purchased, and were looking forward to using it, but now you’re simply looking for it? Then, you realize, it’s lost. That’s the worst, especially when you are on a tight budget. Now you might have to go and buy a new one. Unfortunately for some, it’s not that easy. Some cannot afford to lose a cartridge. That’s where the Cartsdom Roulette comes in. You can use it to keep all of those cartridges in one place. Just make sure you don’t lose the Cartsdom Roulette, or you could be in some deep shi*!

Another issue with leaving wax cartridges out in the open is the possibility of them cracking or leaking. A broken cartridge is never a good thing, certainly when you just bought it. There are many ways that a cartridge could crack or leak. One way is simply by dropping them. Another way is by sitting on them if you left them in your back pocket. That way is even worse, cause now the inside of your pockets are stained! Luckily, it is near-impossible to break a cartridge that is inside a Cartsdom Roulette. Unless you like to shoot it with a gun or blow it up or something. But day-to-day activities will not be able to break those protected cartridges.

A cartridge that is too hot is never good. When the wax inside becomes too hot, it becomes much more liquified, and this allows it to burn up much quicker. Also, hot wax hits can be harsh on the lungs. Keeping your cartridges cool allows for a smoother and more comfortable smoking experience. The Cartsdom Roulette is made of high-quality anodized aluminum, which naturally stays cold. The inside also stays cold, preventing the cartridges from overheating. Neat, right?

The Review

Now, we get to the official review. What did I personally think about this product? Would I recommend it to my viewers? Let’s find out.

When I first picked up the Cartsdom Roulette, I noticed that it was a bit heavy. But then I realized that this heaviness is necessary for protecting the cartridges. At the time, I had three full cartridges on me. So I put two in the top part and the last one in the single dispenser on the bottom. The one on the bottom was the one that I wanted to use first. I would take it out, use it, then put it back on the bottom. This way I quickly knew which one was in use.

Cartsdom Roulette Top Dispenser

I enjoy Cartsdom Roulette because it gives me a single place to store all of my wax cartridges. Before, I would leave one on my wax pen battery, and the others in a ziplock bag. The problem with this is that if the bag came into direct sunlight, my cartridges would overheat (as explained above). Now I don’t have to worry about this, which is nice.

Should my viewers check this product out? I think if you smoke wax cartridges often, then yes. It is a good purchase if you always have some cartridges on you. Even if you only have one or two at a time, it keeps them protected and in one spot.

That’s all for this review! What did you think about the Cartsdom Roulette? If you would like to learn more about it, and possibly get one for yourself, click the link directly below. Thanks for reading!

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FAQ: Cartsdom Roulette Evaluation

Q1. What features make Cartsdom Roulette stand out from other online roulette games? 

A1. Cartsdom Roulette includes innovative features such as a built-in camera, leaderboard rankings, a 3D wheel, and multiple game types. This makes Cartsdom Roulette a unique gaming experience not found in other online roulette games. 

Q2. Is Cartsdom Roulette available to play for free? 

A2. Yes, Cartsdom Roulette is 100% free to play and no download is required.

Q3. How long does a game of Cartsdom Roulette usually last?

A3. A game of Cartsdom Roulette typically lasts around 5 minutes, although it can be faster.

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