Cannabis Tincture vs Edible: Differences and Benefits

Cannabis tincture vs edible: Both cannabis tincture and edibles serve as alternatives to smoking or vaping, and edibles have been more popular of the two. These two kinds of consumable cannabis have a lot of differences in terms of dosage, method of consumption, and potential benefits.

In this post, we will discuss cannabis tincture vs edibles by outlining their differences and benefits. Let’s get started –

What are Cannabis Tinctures?

Cannabis tinctures are cannabis liquid extracts made by steeping cannabis flowers or concentrates in high-proof alcohol or glycerin. This method extracts the active ingredients, which include cannabinoids such as THC and CBD, resulting in a powerful solution.

Cannabis Tinctures

There are two primary types of tinctures: CBD and THC.

CBD tinctures are extracts from hemp, while THC tinctures derive from marijuana. Therefore, CBD tinctures have a higher level of CBD. In contrast, THC tinctures with high THC levels give you a better high.

Sometimes, there could be tinctures that consist of both CBD and THC.

Methods of Administration

Tinctures can be taken in two different ways: sublingually or topically.

The sublingual method of administering tincture means applying it under the tongue and waiting for 60 seconds before swallowing. Taking tincture in this way helps it enter the bloodstream directly, making you feel the effects very quickly, usually within 15 minutes. Ingesting tinctures topically usually takes more time to set the effects.


One of the advantages of tinctures is how precisely you can control the dosage. It’s recommended to start with 2.5 – 5 mg of THC and work your way up to get your desired dosage. Here is how you can determine the amount of THC in your tincture:

  • If you have 1200 mg of THC tincture, then every 0.25 ml of the product will contain 10 mg of THC.
  • 1200 mg of 1:1 tincture will have 5 mg of THC and CBD in every 0.25 ml of product.

While it may take around 30 minutes for the tincture to start showing effects, it usually reaches its full development in 2 hours. The effects of tincture typically last around 4 hours.

Potential Benefits of Cannabis Tincture

THC tincture may be used to relieve stress, and tincture with a higher level of CBD can also have the same benefit, along with the ability to treat pain.

Potential Benefits

What are Cannabis Edibles?

Edibles are culinary products that have been infused with marijuana or cannabis, such as brownies, candies, gummies, chocolates, and drinks.

THC, the main component in marijuana, is responsible for the psychoactive effects of edibles.

In terms of onset time, duration, and how the body processes THC, consuming edibles differs dramatically from smoking.

The cannabis components used for making edibles are extracted in two ways: hydrocarbon extraction and ethanol extraction.


A single dose of a THC-containing edible can last for four to twelve hours.

Increase the dosage to roughly 20mg or two servings for a more extended impact, with effects potentially lasting more than 12 hours. Higher THC concentrations require more processing and removal time, resulting in a longer stay in the system.

While edibles provide a better way to precisely manage the dosage compared to smoking, you can control your consumption even better with tincture. Moreover, tincture can be used to make edibles.

Potential Benefits of Edibles

There could be several benefits to taking edibles, such as –

Comparison between Cannabis Tinctures and Edibles

Let’s have a look at a detailed comparison between tincture and edibles:

Cannabis Tinctures and Edibles
Tinctures work very fast, as they can reach the blood vessels right after consumption, giving you an instant high within 15 minutes.Edibles take longer to show effects since it is consumed through food and need to be broken down in the digestive system
Taking tincture sublingually will give you a quick effect but won’t last as long.Edibles last longer in your system as they are taken orally.
Controlling the dosage of tincture is very easy, as you can get tinctures with different levels of CBD and THC.While controlling the dosage of CBD and THC in edibles is much easier than smoking, it is not as precise as tinctures.
Due to the consistency of effects, tinctures are more expensive than regular cannabis products.Edibles tend to be cheaper than tinctures.

Benefits and Considerations of Cannabis Tinctures

One of the primary reasons why many prefer tincture over other methods of taking weed is its discreet consumption and fast effects. By taking it sublingually, you can enjoy the effects of the product in only 15-20 minutes. Moreover, it is faster and easier to consume than smoking.

Tinctures allow you to control your dosage well, and you can make edibles from them that have the right amount of CBD and THC.

While the effects of tinctures appear fast, they do not last too long, which can be both an advantage or a flaw, depending on the consumer. In addition, such extracts are more expensive than other cannabis products.

Benefits and Considerations of Cannabis Edibles

Edibles act as enjoyable delights that slowly kick in and last for a long time. They are the perfect alternative for people who cannot smoke marijuana for respiratory or other issues. Moreover, it’s much easier to estimate the dosage as store-bought edibles have the dosage information written on their packaging.

However, if you are looking for something fast and discreet, edibles are not going to be the answer. They take longer to get you high as the THCs need to travel through your digestive tract first before getting in your blood.


While both cannabis tinctures and edibles can provide discreet methods of consuming weed while allowing you to control your dosage more precisely, they have fundamental differences that we have already shown above. At the end of the day, you will have to decide which one you prefer based on your goals and research.

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