Can Cannabis Give You A Hangover?

Most mind-altering substances (such as alcohol, tobacco, cannabis, etc.) come with a variety of side effects. These side effects can either be positive, or they can be negative. Want to learn about some of the side effects that come along with using cannabis? Then click right here!

One thing that can also come along with using a mind-altering substance is a hangover. Believe it or not, alcohol is not the only substance that can leave you feeling uneasy in the morning. Some other substances can leave you with a hangover as well, but it won’t be the same as a hangover from alcohol. With that being said, can cannabis leave someone with a hangover? If so, what would that hangover feel like? If you believe that you have experienced a hangover from cannabis, then you can read below to learn more about it and how to prevent the next one.

Can Cannabis Give Off A Hangover?

So the big question is: can cannabis give off a hangover? The answer is yes, but not a hangover that is overwhelming or too painful. Instead, cannabis hangovers have their symptoms.

If you are familiar with alcohol and have gotten drunk before, then you probably know what a hangover from that feels like. If you drink too much, then the hangover can be worsened. Alcohol hangovers can result in nausea, vomiting, headaches and/or migraines, and many other negative effects. Fortunately, cannabis hangovers are not exactly like that. They may not be as extreme as an alcohol hangover. However, for those who are not used to it, it can be a very uneasy experience (especially when you have to go to school or work).

Pothead Hangover Joke

Even though cannabis can cause a hangover in the morning, it is not a very common occurrence. If you are an experienced cannabis user, then you would have to use more than you are used to, which can be difficult for someone who has been using it for years. However, if you are a rookie user and are not used to its effects yet, then you could end up using too much one night and feel that hangover the next morning.

On that note, new cannabis users have a much higher chance of getting a hangover compared to experienced users. This is due to what we know as tolerance. Tolerance can determine how high you get, how long you will be high, how that high will feel, and how you will feel after that high. That includes getting a hangover. The higher your tolerance is, the less chance you have of experiencing a hangover.

Want to learn how to build your tolerance up? Click here!

Symptoms Of A Cannabis Hangover

If you are unlucky and do experience a cannabis hangover, then there are some things that you can expect from it. Those who have gone through these hangovers have explained what symptoms come along with it. Some are not that bad, while others could be a nuisance. Now, you most likely would not experience all of these symptoms at once. If so, then double-check the cannabis that you are using and make sure it is legit (especially if these symptoms worsen and you need medical attention). If the hangover does become very serious and you cannot stand it anymore, I highly suggest you stop using whatever strain or type of cannabis that you are using, and find a better one.

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Here is a list of possible symptoms that come along with a cannabis hangover:

  • brain fog
  • dry eyes
  • fatigue
  • headache
  • nausea

How To Get Rid Of That Hangover

If you are still reading, then you have either experienced one of these hangovers or are just curious about them (which is fine, too). Now that you know what the symptoms of a cannabis hangover are, it’s time to figure out how to get rid of them. There are several things that you could do to get rid of a hangover, such as:

Get active. 

Go outside and go for a walk. Or jog if that suits you better. Or, if you have one, use a treadmill. The point is to get some exercise and get your body active. Cannabis hangovers can cause your body to feel tired and drowsy. Fighting that by getting active can wake you up and improve your mood.

Eat healthy and stay hydrated. 

Instead of a bag of Hot Cheetos, go for some fruit. Instead of a pizza, try some salad. Healthy foods can help cure a hangover. Also, very importantly, stay hydrated. One reason why some people experience hangovers is because they do not drink enough water. Staying hydrated may even prevent a hangover from starting in the first place.

Take a cool shower.

This can heighten your senses and awaken your mind. Cool water is good for the body to help it nourish. And if you have been sitting down all day smoking weed, clean yourself while you’re in there, too.

Try a stimulant.

Caffeine can also fix that tired or drowsy feeling. Consume some if you are fighting a hangover and struggling to stay awake. You could have some coffee, or you could even drink an energy drink. Just be careful not to drink too much caffeine, as it is addictive. Reefer Post does not encourage the continuous use of caffeine, only when it is needed.

How To Prevent The Next One

Now that you got rid of that cannabis hangover, you probably want to prevent the next one, right? Hangovers are not something that a cannabis user strives to achieve (unless you’re into that or something). So, without further ado, here are some ways that you can prevent yourself from getting a hangover from cannabis:

Drink plenty of water.

Just as stated above, being hydrated could get rid of and even prevent a hangover from occurring. Simply put, you need water to survive. Even if you do not use cannabis at all, you can still get sick and feel uneasy if you do not drink enough water. So, if you only take one point from this whole post, let it be the fact that you should drink plenty of water.

Eat healthy foods. 

Again, this was stated above (for a reason). Eating healthy foods compared to junk foods can not only prevent a hangover but could also lead you to a healthy lifestyle. There are even some healthy foods that can improve your height!


Another excellent point made above, exercise is also a great step towards a healthy lifestyle. But this post is not about becoming healthy, it’s about avoiding hangovers. However, those who live healthy lifestyles typically enjoy cannabis much more and do not even worry about experiencing a hangover.

Use good quality cannabis. 

Whether you are smoking, eating, dabbing, or drinking your cannabis, you should always use some good quality. Bad-quality weed could be the whole reason why you are experiencing those hangovers. Click here to learn some tips on how to determine the quality of cannabis.

So, do you think that you could avoid a cannabis hangover now that you’ve read this post? If you have ever experienced a hangover like this, please share your story in the comments below. Thanks for reading!

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