Cannabis and Exercise: How To Combine The Two

As you may know, there is a stereotype commonly associated with cannabis: it makes you lazy. This, however, is not always the case. Sure, there are those who get high and lay around all day eating chips and watching tv. But there are those stoners who use cannabis to become productive, creative, and in many cases, motivated to exercise.

In fact, recent studies have found this to be true. Cannabis may help someone become motivated to workout, or better yet, get a better workout in. It may also help with recovery, and dealing with that lovely pain the next morning after working out. There is even more to this, and reading this post could be a stepping stone to help you exercise and get high.

Do you use cannabis to exercise? If so, do you prefer to use it before or after you work out? While there are ups and downs to both, different people like different ways of exercising. Which are you?


Using Cannabis Before Excerise

Cannabis consumption before exercise can offer a number of benefits. Anything from motivation to a longer workout. From a better workout to a fun time. It depends on the person, but cannabis before a workout may get you to get up to get started.

First of all, go for a sativa strain. These strains are known to be used primarily at the beginning or during the day; while their counterparts, indica strains, are better used at night. Sativa strains promote productivity, creativity, and even focus. These can all help you get motivated and started working out.

Many cannabis users who choose cannabis before a workout claim that it makes working out much more fun. The focus, it seems, tends to shift from the strenuous effort needed to a more playful activity (almost like being a kid again). Some say it no longer feels like working out, only a fun game. If you are someone who finds no enjoyment out of exercising, try some cannabis first, then see how you feel about it.

Have you ever heard of a runner’s high? This is a natural phenomenon that occurs after running for awhile. The runner typically feels “high” and many people run just to get this feeling. Well, a high from cannabis is actually not much different than a runner’s high. In the way that the brain reacts to each high, they are practically the same thing. Both release compounds in the endocannabinoid system to make you feel good. Using cannabis before going for a run can be like getting a runner’s high, but starting out with it.

One thing to keep in mind is that cardio workouts may reduce (and possibly remove) your high from cannabis. Sweating is known to bring down a high, since it allows major cannabinoids (such as THC) to be released from your body through the sweat. The more you sweat, the more you may possibly reduce your high.

Using Cannabis After Exercise

If you prefer to use cannabis after a workout, then keep reading. There are many reasons why this may be better than before. Again, it depends on the person, but many people do not like to workout high. They prefer to get high and wind down post-workout. Personally, I do too.

To relax after a nice workout, you’ll want to go with an indica strain (unless you work out in the morning). Indica strains go for the body, and relax it completely. They allow users to leave stress and anxiety behind, to simply forget about the past and worry about now, which may be desirable after an intense exercise.

A recent study has found that using cannabis after working out helps the user recover from the work out much faster. In other words, the pain the next day will not be as bad. Soreness and aches are another reason why many people avoid working out. Some also take pills or other drugs to cope with the pain, most of which are more harmful to your body than cannabis. Trying some cannabis after a workout may lead to less pain and even a healthier lifestyle.

Besides recovery and rest, there is one more thing cannabis can help with after a workout. That is appetite. Some people like to eat after they workout. Some need to eat afterwards. Many diets and healthy lifestyles require certain levels of calorie intake, carbs, protein, etc. (I am no dietary specialist, do not take my dietary advice). There are those out there who try to keep up with a post-workout meal, but may find themselves struggling to gain an appetite. For some, exercising may upset the stomach. Cannabis can help with that, by bringing you the munchies and helping you chow down.

The Facts

Now, you may be thinking “so all these facts sound good and all, but how do I know they are true?” Sure, you are right for not believing everything on the internet. But the internet is full of tried and true information, and false information is bad for business. So, with that, here are the facts behind the claims made above.

In 2019, a survey was taken in states where cannabis is legal. In that survey, 8 out of 10 cannabis users reported that they use cannabis either before or after a workout. Also in that survey, 67% claimed that they use cannabis both before and after working out. Those who used cannabis an hour before exercising claimed they could work out longer (about 40 minutes on average). None reported negative effects of using cannabis with exercising.

The stereotype that cannabis makes people lazy is completely false, and this research only proves that. People who claim to use cannabis to help them exercise only speak good of it, for a reason! Even with this, many decide to ignore the benefits of cannabis and not work out at all.

About half of all American adults are not getting the recommended amount of physical exercise. For many of these Americans, cannabis can help improve that. After all, the number one excuse for not working out seems to be the lack of motivation, or the lack of enjoyment, both of which cannabis can help with.

Lastly, here’s some science. THC, the main cannabinoid naturally found in cannabis that gets you high, is known to act as an anti-inflammatory, as well as activate dopamine and other “feel good” receptors in the brain. This allows THC to sort of mimic a natural runner’s high, as explained above.

While exercising, the body naturally produces a small amount of other cannabinoids, possibly as a way that the body eases and distracts itself from the pain associated with physical activity. So, your body is already producing cannabinoids, cannabis only increases this number!

As for recovery, well that’s where CBD comes in. CBD is known to decrease inflammation and muscle spasms. This major cannabinoid can also relax the body, helping you get through the next morning.

That’s all for this post. Hopefully you enjoyed it and even found some of it useful! Let me know which you prefer: cannabis before or after a workout? Thanks for reading!


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