Cannabis and Caffeine: A Good Mix?

Most of us enjoy a nice cup of coffee in the morning. Nothing beats a nice cup of joe to help wake up. Some people even prefer an energy drink or a shot of energy (such as 5 Hour Energy). Either way, caffeine is being used to stimulate the body, helping one get the day started. This is very common, and happens all around the world!

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But what about those stoners who drink caffeine in the morning, and also wake and bake? Those who end up getting both cannabis and caffeine in their system at the beginning of the day. Is this a safe thing to do? By safe, I mean is it healthy, or can it cause some sort of harm? After all, caffeine is an upper, while cannabis can be a downer (if smoking an indica strain). An upper and a downer are never a good mix, but what about the case of cannabis and caffeine? If it is safe, does it offer any benefits? What are the best practices for consuming cannabis and caffeine together? Find that out, and more, below.

Is It A Good Mix?

Caffeine can be consumed in several ways, including through coffee, energy drinks, medication, and others. Caffeine is the most used “drug” in the entire world! Humans consume more caffeine than cannabis, tobacco, and even alcohol. With that being said, many stoners are likely to consume caffeine as well. But is consuming caffeine every single morning a good thing? In low doses, it can offer some health benefits. If you drink only one cup of coffee every day, then you are on the safe side and can enjoy a few benefits. However, if you drink more than three cups of coffee every day, then you are at risk of the harm that caffeine can impose. Keep your caffeine consumption low and you will be fine. When it comes to cannabis, well, of course, there are many benefits! Have you read any of our posts?

Now let’s talk about combining the two. What would happen? Would you get the boost from the caffeine, the relaxation from the cannabis, or a bit of both? There hasn’t been a large number of studies done on this topic, but there have been a few. And they all lead to interesting details.

One study in 2017 was done by testing the effects of caffeine and cannabis in six groups of rats. In each group, the doses of both cannabis and caffeine were changed. After 21 days, the brain tissue in the rats had seen increases in certain neurotransmitters, such as glutamate, dopamine, certain enzymes, and more. Rats treated with more caffeine than others saw an even greater increase in these neurotransmitters.

A Rat Chewing On Some Weed

But what does this mean? After all, the test was done on rats, and not humans. Well, the fact that caffeine and cannabis combined increases dopamine says a lot. Dopamine is responsible for giving you that rewarding feeling when you do something pleasurable. It is more of a “feel good” neurotransmitter. Caffeine and cannabis, both together and separately, increase dopamine levels. Therefore, drinking coffee and smoking weed together will make you feel good.

In 2014, another study took place on squirrel monkeys and the effects of cannabis and a substance known as MSX-3. This substance gives off effects very similar to caffeine. The researchers gave each monkey some THC, then allowed the monkeys to choose whether they wanted more or not. The monkeys were also given MSX-3 but in different doses. Monkeys with lower doses of MSX-3 did not care for more THC. However, monkeys with higher doses wanted more THC. Those results suggest that low doses of caffeine can enhance your high, while high doses can have the opposite effect.

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Another function that is affected by combining the two is memory. A study done in 2012 on rats showed just that. Cannabis alone can impair one’s memory. In this study, it was found that even a low dose of caffeine with cannabis-impaired memory even more. This again suggests that caffeine can increase the effects of cannabis.

Other than the points made above, there has not been enough research done on this topic to get a clear answer. You must remember that each test was done on small animals, and none on actual humans. However, we do know that it is much better to combine caffeine with cannabis by only consuming a low dose of caffeine. But which should you consume first?

Which First?

With personal experience, and the small amount of studies that have been conducted on the topic, there is some information on which you should consume first. To be fair, this is not a big deal. You could consume either first and gain very similar results. However, if you must know which to use first, then we’ll tell you.

Think about which you enjoy more. Do you like caffeine or cannabis more than the other? Whichever one you chose, use that first. The first one you use will give you only the effects of that substance. When you consume the other, it is only added to the already-activated effects. Say you enjoy caffeine more since it gives you a boost. Once you consume caffeine, you will get that boost and only the effects from the caffeine (obviously). When the cannabis is consumed after, you will not get a high by itself. The effects of cannabis will mix in with the boost from caffeine. You can also try vice versa. Consuming cannabis first typically offers a stronger high, but there are benefits both ways.

Best Practices

Now you want to try mixing cannabis with caffeine. After all, why not try it out? Especially if you haven’t already, you may end up loving it. Below, we have put together the best practices for consuming cannabis and caffeine together.

Start small. If this is your first time trying, then start with low doses. You can always scale up, but cannot scale down. Start small and see how your body reacts first before consuming a larger amount.

Use a sativa strain. When choosing what type of cannabis to use, I highly recommend using a Sativa strain. This is because Sativa strains are more similar to caffeine compared to Indica strains. Sativas also offer a boost and are known to be used in the mornings and during the day.

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Wake and bake. You could, of course, combine these two substances at any time of the day. I wouldn’t recommend it at night, however, since the effects will keep you awake (unless you work the graveyard shift). The best time of the day to combine the two, possibly, is in the morning. In the cannabis world, we call that a wake-and-bake. Add in some caffeine to that morning and you’ll surely start the day off right!

The Cannabis and Caffeine Mug

If you enjoy combining caffeine and cannabis or are interested in trying it, you’ve got to check this thing out. It’s a wake-and-bake coffee mug! You can use it to consume both coffee (caffeine) and cannabis! Check it out:

Wake and Bake Coffee Mug

As you can see, it mostly looks like a regular coffee mug. However, there is a bowl sticking out of the front. The bowl travels through the side of the mug and up to the handle. On the edge of the handle is a mouthpiece. This means you can smoke bowls out of this mug! Cool, isn’t it?

Luckily, the smoke never comes in contact with the coffee (that wouldn’t taste too good). You don’t have to mix your caffeine and cannabis. The smoke travels through the side, and you cannot even see it. You can also have coffee in the mug while you smoke bowls. Seems perfect for wake and bakes!

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That’s all for this post. What did you think about it? Drop a comment down below. Thanks for reading, and enjoy that mixing!

FAQ: Is Cannabis and Caffeine a Good Combination?

Q1. What are the potential benefits of combining cannabis and caffeine? 

A1. Combining cannabis and caffeine may provide an uplifting sense of well-being, improved focus, better cognitive productivity, improved mood, and enhanced energy. 

Q2. Are there any potential risks of mixing cannabis and coffee? 

A2. As with any combination of substances, there is a potential risk for overconsumption, which can lead to unpleasant side effects like increased anxiety or paranoia. 

Q3. Is there a recommended way to take cannabis and caffeine together? 

A3. It is recommended to start with small doses and increase gradually, so you can see how your body reacts. It’s also important to consider the time of day and how it may affect your sleep. 

Q4. What types of cannabis products are best for mixing with coffee?

A4. Depending on the desired effect, cannabis-infused products with high CBD and low THC such as tinctures, edibles, teas, vape pens, and capsules may be ideal for mixing with coffee as the effects are considered to be more calming and uplifting.

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